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  1. Through Feb on this model - take with a grain of salt at this juncture From Ben NollEnlarge this image Click to see fullsize
  2. Nice Pattern if it come sto fruition - wavelengths shortening and we have teh trough over Greenland retrograding as does this huge ridge and West Coast trough. Good sign for late Oct and early Nov.
  3. Retrograde trough. Interesting pattern.
  4. Saturday/Sunday cold front come though and more fall like tempsEnlarge this image Click to see fullsizeFrom perspective weather on tweeter image
  5. Talk about Meridional Jet Structure.
  6. Upstate NY in Franklin by Oneonta 52* here now. Beautiful fall night and trees are changing bigly up here.
  7. Nov may get interesting but what does that mean for Dec and Jan? Recovery of the PV usually but can we just weaken it, knock it around a bunch and keep it this way for a duration of time this winter?? Remains to be seen.
  8. Momma Mia look at the deceleration of these winds at this level......IF TRUE!!
  9. Cloudy and cool again today with spotty drizzle, misting at times. Feels like NW - Seattleish?!
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