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  1. Spotless Days Current Stretch: 11 days2019 total: 85 days (57%)
  2. Wash, rinse repeat is this pattern as I am concerned and see. Blocking over the Greenland region will keep the heat mid Atlantic on south maybe we can seek out in NNJ and NYC a couple days of 80-s but the flow looks like it will suppress this. This maybe the battle zone of temps. Just my .02$
  3. Pete I think we'll see temps in the 70* range for NYC maybe an 80* day but no big heat since it will be mainly below CNJ at this point more like DC area/region up through SNJ. I agree we have a wet summer with some very humid miserably sticky days due to all this soil moisture content for the NE region. Some like to equate this to heat, not in my book though.
  4. 45* after a low of 40* and 2.52" of wetness in since Saturday midnight
  5. 43* here windchill of 41* With 1.4" of rain
  6. From our own Dr Cohen. Showing lots of blocking in the AO and NAO regions just too late for us snow geese this time.
  7. 34* for my low this morning with patchy frost
  8. 44* with a wind chill of 32* in gusts of 22mph plus here. Feels like late Oct early Nov
  9. I had a mixture of sleet,wet snow and rain from about 3PM until 7PM. Temps did not rise above 38* yesterday. Now I am 50*
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