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  1. In three to four weeks, this battle will be a distant memory as we begin fighting over who has the highest snowfall totals on the short range models. It's all relative Jesus Mother of Snow Miser - this talk is D_I_R_T_Y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. amugs

    Stratospheric Discussion and Forecasting

    Dr Cohen Even if it isnt the wave 1 and wave 2 attacks from reading this thread are doing teh dirty - I am in the camp of an elongation. Scottie above made a great point that the Scandi block looks to rejuvenate itself thus causing more perturbation on the SPV. A full split can be risky as we saw in 2011-12 from what I can recall. From PV Foecast - nice charts here - IF I am reading this correctly the zonal winds at the end - and just going by this chart - reverse at 60N - or ?? Please educate if you will. Fascinating work here gents and privileged to be able to post (what little I can contribute) with such tremendous collaboration of weather minds.
  3. Tom, It finally listened to u and the rest of the weather geniuses here! Why would it do otherwise!
  4. Joe Renken said BSR at play here - 2002 incoming?? Push that east about 100 miles and KABOOM - wishcasting I know here
  5. PB - the MJO wave isnt as strong as once thought or saw by models to project forward. Good call and other drivers are at play here as well. Still like use shuffling and moving to a more wintry pattern around the 18thish before Xmas - white Xmas - BSR at play possibly??
  6. In Isotherm, SnowHibbo, and others here We Trust you looking at models that can't find snowball in a blizzard lately. They showed s frickin HECS pattern for days and now this. They show a mammoth pattern for December after our HECS in November (for Nov it was). EPS has been not done well this far out so take it with a grain of salt The look yes sucks but give it time after this period and we'll see where we are at. Let the pattern happen, reshuffle and setup. From all that I have read and seen as far as other parameters around this space ship we call earth around the 17/18th is when start to see the pattern turn more conducive for us weenies. AAM, GWO, FT, EAMT, NINO, Solar, and Santa's Reindeer flatulating point towards this at this time. Time will tell.
  7. PV gonna be slapped bigly from PV Forcast out of Norway.
  8. That's even worse for those folks. This would be a crippling storm for them if it comes to fruition!! That Banana high was progged last week to be up in CAN if I recall correctly now it in upstate NY, next it'll be in NNJ. Meh taking a break until Friday. Will post about the PV and LR stuff until then.
  9. amugs

    Banter Thread: Winter 2018-19 Edition

    Very interesting information
  10. To brighten up the mood going forward here:
  11. Great work Geoff keep it up!!
  12. Nice jump north - 4 -5 more of these and many on this board will be smiling. @PB GFI your reasoning is logical and substantial to us here FROM PV Forecast out of Europe: GOD BLESS THIS from DR Butler: SICK LOOK GUYZ LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. InterestING to see this. Did anyone post this here? If so my apologies