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  1. OMG that is just tragic!! Sorry to hear this news and how true.
  2. Beautiful map. How many this year?? More digital snow, my snowblower nor my back can take anymore. Small window there as the PNA ridge seems to happen then.
  3. This is awesome!! Better winter weather than up here LOL!!
  4. 16* for my low this morning and areas just South of me at my friend in Hackensack said his thermometer read a low of 20*. Not to much but with about 2" of white frozen on the ground by me and none by him may have helped.
  5. @Snowy Hibboand @Armando S Thank you very much for the explanations and outlooks. So we have a winter period albeit small coming up if it traverses as best outcome as possible, possibly.
  6. Nudged NW by about 20 miles. Not a good set up but any snow is good snow.
  7. I am to believe a split flow is a good pattern and hence his 7-10 days of high impact wx. Thanks for the input and well wait to to what CCB, Analog, Webber, DT or Dualjet have to say to this.
  8. Interesting can some of the experts weigh in on this tweet? WTH does this mean in layman terms please.
  9. Funnny, I posted this as in winter observations - game changer from now on as to who is right!!
  10. 12* for my low BRRRRR> real deep winter feel again this morning . Mods move this if you wish but dont know where to put this. This is a game changer for us forecasting - not to be the poor little brother any more?? What ya'll think???
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