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  1. I sign write here and now for this superbowl part tres......with blood!!
  2. Coming around the bend - look at that extension - look purdy to my little eye
  3. Pasquale hang in there bud teachers and friends up there say the same even out in Warren County its tough. It was a frikcing ice storm on Sunday but no mention of this - used a WSW which to me was not accurate.
  4. Feels like deep winter outside with snow blowing around and cold. Oooh wait its 12-3 LOL!!
  5. Late on the report here peeps. Mugs in Hillsdale, NE NJ reporting 3" total accumulation at my abode. The issue was the temps being above freezing until 7PM last night and teh bands that were heavy somehow lightened up when they got to my neck of the woods or "just a bit outside" Had an early dismissal (some schools had off) and a delayed opening - been teaching 28 years and in school for 45 years and NEVER have I had nor seen of this after Turkey Vacation here in NNJ. Sign of things to come.
  6. @NSFW Weather Guy made this call with teh banding last night - great call kid. Moderate to heavy snow here - getting out early - what a shit show getting 1500 people out at one time with parents picking up tehir cherubs and 17/18 year old 1st time drivers leaving too.
  7. NiceEnlarge this image Click to see fullsizeEnlarge this image Click to see fullsize
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