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  1. 44* with a wind chill of 32* in gusts of 22mph plus here. Feels like late Oct early Nov
  2. I had a mixture of sleet,wet snow and rain from about 3PM until 7PM. Temps did not rise above 38* yesterday. Now I am 50*
  3. Solar wind speed: 407.2 km/sec density: 6.4 protons/cm3 more data: ACE, DSCOVR Updated: Today at 1424 UT X-ray Solar Flares 6-hr max: A0 1400 UT Mar31 24-hr: A0 1400 UT Mar31 explanation | more data Updated: Today at: 1400 UT Daily Sun: 30 Mar 19 The sun is blank--no sunspots. Credit: SDO/HMI Sunspot number: 0 What is the sunspot number? Updated 30 Mar 2019 Spotless Days Current Stretch: 5 days 2019 total: 58 days (65%) SOLAR MINIMUM CONDITIONS ARE IN EFFECT: The sun has been without spots for 5 consecutive days and 58 days so far in 2019. Solar Minimum is underway. Many people think Solar Minimum is boring. Not so. This phase of the solar cycle brings extra cosmic rays, long-lasting holes in the sun's atmosphere, and strangely pink auroras.
  4. Just had a snow mix with rain shower for about an hour here. Temp down to 36* winds gustING to 25mph range now.
  5. Intense tstorm just rolled through hail and lots of lightening
  6. Mods - for some reason I cant post in the Teleconnections thread so i am putting this tweets here - I am looking for an explanation to this map and if anyone has any exerptise in what they are saying. i know that the cycles of teh sun, planetary alignments and our spaceship we call earth are all interconnected to these cycles.
  7. About 1/2" of snow sleet and zr. All rain now. Add this to the yearly totals. March so far has provused 14" of white gold!!
  8. 24* for my low Solid 5-6" snowpack Up to 41* feels like spring Outdoor ice rink done for the year. Sunday front mix bag again for my area.
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