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  1. This would be the most confusing and greatest storm in one run. Shredded out look though
  2. From JB latest analogs for this winter another cold March This would be a royal kick in the nuts but not uncommon. All the torch talk may be muted. Let the seasons be the seasons. Not sold on a hot summer .....yet.
  3. Tom will do thanks and looking to learn the why and what to look for in the future. I am sure it is a phenomenal write up. ThanKS for taking the the time to do and share as always.
  4. I forgot how nice a winter storm was even if it was sleet, to me it was still cool. I am looking at he possibility of some.minor events next week. The window is closing on us here for winter and everyday we punt to AN is a day lost in the call of mid Feb to mid March sorry. We have a lot ground snowfall wise to make up and need a few 6-10 to help us out with a ghostly houdini N NAO. A bit frustrating reading that the window is down to 2 weeks basically for the NAO to go N. This was talked about ad nasuem since early Jan that we'd be seeing such around the end of Jan with the ssw, then early feb, then now, now it's late Feb. 2011-12,1994-95 with LR models. PAC JET not Weak NINO like but more Nina like. It will be interesting to see the research on what happened this winter of such promise.
  5. Just had the squall move through, not to crazy bit 15 minutes of snow as nice to see.
  6. 33* was my high last night HRRR nailed this temps wise. No delayed opening - here is one for ya - custodians left at 8PM and said the place was wet with some small patches of ice - temps are rising to 34* (mind you this is Western Bergen County). I said to the snow removal head - you guys are come into an ice rink at 6AM, they said no we are fine. At 6AM they were panicking cause they did not call a delay opening - the place was an ice rink with everything frozen over. Temps never got above 32* here. They had the town come up at about 7AM with the liquid salt melt (they call it) to do our property - took till 7:20ish to complete - meanwhile school hr is at 7:40 LOL!. Roads were meh overall but the schools lots and sidewalks were ice. Meanwhile most schools called a delayed all around - all it takes is one kid and BAM! Day still counts if delayed 90 minutes. Anyway onto the next one.
  7. Measured 3" of snow and sleet 31/31 now light zr drizzle
  8. I am like 6 miles S of you here in NNJ
  9. 31/31* here with light freezing drizzle about 3"
  10. Thank you and pouring sleet her e still at 26/24 This sounding is a bad sitch with that warm nose for my area
  11. Pouring Sleet here at 26/24 hanging tough!! FROM SROC on another board and a member here Was this expected modelled at this point??
  12. 1.5" of wintry preicp on OTG here in my drivewaySleeting moderately25/22
  13. WOW EURO - phase 8 doing its dirty work and NAO going N = a nice couplet!! We are all reporting this storm Geoff!
  14. Still pouring sleet here holding at 24/21