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  1. This has been discussed for years and was part of his campaign to do list. It is about friggin' time IMO. This country's infrastructure is ailing and knowing various engineers in many different facets this would be a godsend to literally rebuilding us. Everything from our power plants to our electrical grids to our transportation systems to our water systems (fresh and sewage) we need an overhaul. Many peeps maybe pissed at the inconveniences of delays but in teh end we will be better off. I just hope they don't pork barrel this and play politics (which we know will happen)!
  2. Peeps hope you r all safe and healthy. My sister's coop building president in Chelsea (NYC) died this past Sunday to COVID 19. She was 61 and in good health. very sad and now all the residents in teh coop are being "asked" to self quarantine for 14 days by the cities health dept. Crazy times indeed.
  3. Yes and texted Joe and he said MUGS ARE U HIGH, I WENT TO ER AND THEY TESTED ME POSITIVE FOR CORONA AND THEN SAID , SINCE U HAVE NO OTHER BAD SYMPTOMS BESIDES THE FEVER (Slight cough) WE ARE SENDING YOU HOME. If it gets worse come back but we aren't admitting unless you cant breathe. My apologies if I may have led you all down the wrong path.
  4. I know I said the same @PB GFI @CCB!. He had a 105* fever for about 2-3 hours from what his wife and it came down to 103* after the bath and rubbing alcohol bath. AGin he was told by his PCP if he had difficult breathing that they would turn him away. I said Joe f that dr go straight to the ER. Anyway not a counted statistic and we have MANY unaccounted folks with this around. Here the story on the kid from Cliffside Park mild symptoms that escalated to say the least - was sent home due to mild symptoms. https://www.northjersey.com/story/sports/high-school/darren-cooper/2020/03/30/cliffside-park-nj-baseball-coach-ben-luderer-dies-coronavirus/5087780002/
  5. A few stories to share here: A 30 year old athlete and baseball coach at Cliffside Park HS passed today due to the virus. No previous medical history - a fn bull of a guy. A 50 year old father of two from Freeport LI, Fireman and avid cross trainer passed this weekend as well - my friends sons roommates' dad = devastating. A teacher who my works at the HS in my wife's district, and this is where teh numbers are false and not the FIRST no rteh last person to have this happen to - her husband has had a fever for 12 straight days adn a cough, his fever reached 105* and called his DR and they said yuo most likley have the virus but don't go to he hospital stay sheltered at home and take a warm bath adn alcohol rub down to help control the fever, IF it get any higher call 911 or if it lasts more than 8 hours ten go BUT they may send you home since you dont have to be intubated. He is a 36 year old avid athlete in prime shape. His wife now has the symptoms and his kids have had mild symptoms BUT they are not counted as a statistics in this because they are told they have it but unless yuo can't breathe dont go to teh hospital and stay home, tough it out. So many first hand experiences even my BIL had similar fever 101-102, cough for 4 days and was told the same in NY state - Westchester. He turned teh corner but is still in isolation in his home. So the stats aren't true overall and there are 8 such folks who I personally know are not counted that have this (been told by PCP) that I know but aren't or wont be tested! Just self quarantine so as to not spread it How about the report from Wuhan that they believe tens of thousands - 40,50K died in that city alone? Wouldn't doubt it! https://www.newsweek.com/wuhan-covid-19-death-toll-may-tens-thousands-data-cremations-shipments-urns-suggest-1494914 And in Italia they are doing the same as here with those who are infected - unless yuo can't breathe stay home - we facetime with our exchange student from two years ago who lives outside of Venezia yesterday afternoon. He said they have been told this for days that the virus is still spreading but the hospitals and medical places in his words are over run still so he said he knows many that have the virus but have not been tested. Everyone's fear there is a second spike,wave. Hope and pray for the best. And when i see first hand this dwindling down from my own sources I'll believe it.
  6. Massive thunderstorm here an hour ago - sick CTG lightening, loud overhead thunder and hail size of nickels with torrential rains picked up .50".
  7. So true. Don't trust their reporting methods or mostly anything they report. Time will tell. Hope they don't get the rebound or dormant recycling. Out at Penn State moving my son till August from his apt. A frigging ghost town. Did food shopping out there once I read we may go to a lockdown here at 2PM. At the same time Gov Wolfe put them on shelter in place starting at 8 pm. The supermarket went from a little busy to a rush as we were checking out!! Got gas for $1.79 cash!! Cheaper than here $1.90 around the corner from. And made the 240 mile trip in 3 hrs and 5 minutes door to door .... saw not one trooper. Traffic was light as expected. NYC is going to be a MASH unit the next few weeks and if we gets these 15 minute tests going Inwould expect numbers to rise quicker since you won't have a 3-5 day lag for results if this makes sense. May niecesxollegw roommate father passed today from COVID 19 today. 53 yr old asthmatic, moderately. Tested positive Monday , hospital Tuesday and downhill from there. Now James Dolan, MSG owner of Knicks and Rangers has tested positive.
  8. So true but he took their word for what they said. That is what POTUS stated. Now we know we can't trust some of our own companies for such, sad to me. So I had to students lose their fathers to cancer last night! Perspective of life. Each father was 51 and they succumbed to cancer. They can't even have a funeral for Gods sake!!
  9. Wolfe, Lakewood, Muncie and up by Woodbury Commons have a BIG issues with these folks not adhering to this and they have clusters of infection. They beat to their own drum and need their leaders to step up. I am sure they are going to rake in the stimulus money in these areas as well as the sect in Brookaleen! Police by me have had to patrol and break up basketball games and kids with parents playing at local playgrounds. They put up police tape to ward off these areas. They even went on FB, twitter and made this announcement.
  10. Very generous of you and your firm PB!! We need more folks to step up who can. Our school and I helped contribute gave 1500 pair of required gloves, 150 face shields and goggles, 200 maskes and gowns(?)to the county to give to area hospitals. From a freind he said this is about 2-3 days worth for Valley hospital.
  11. One of my students who father is an importer for Deciccio Italian products said me two weeks ago there is NO PASTA OR SEMOLINA coming from overseas what's in the pipeline is it. He told me today there is a massive shortage of pastas, SEMOLINA products, and other Italian products. Nothing in sight. In yesterday's presser he said schools closed until April 17. He and only he will open schools when he sees it's okay and if he can this year.
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