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  1. Ol Man winter wants one more shot at winter come mid month for the Ides of March and the MJO going to Phase 8 then 1 GEFS EURO
  2. Winds are howling here. Relentless the last hour here.
  3. 37* and a cold rain yuck, snowpack about 5-8"
  4. @Peakbagger46 may I share your maps? This is the gift that keeps on giving!!!
  5. Your opinion which I do respect so please do the same in response to my opinion as what is a standard on tjis boars/forum. Grazi Mille.
  6. B+ so far. No severe/arctic cold and a lacking January hurt. 52" on the season is 16" above my average and had 13 days wintry precipitation for February. If March can pull of a banger then it may tick up a notch.
  7. Wavs of warm and cold - kind of like Dec?
  8. Next week need some amplification the the western ridge and we can get a banger around here. From Will C
  9. Interesting look with TPV over GL and sends a wave under it, interior look here. Then as it moves out midweek is when we may see some storm action. Last stand for ol' man winter?
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