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  1. I am talking about the past 2 weeks and going forward until around New Years. After that, I agree, it looks much better.
  2. I hate the Pac on the latest runs.
  3. Euro verbatim is a massive ridge in the east that would produce very anamolous positive temps.
  4. Have some wet snow mixing in with rain here.
  5. Agree, but most of our storms here are usually in small windows.
  6. AG3

    Possible Elongated Squall Line this evening?

    Nice snow squall rolled through here. Whitened some of the cold surfaces.
  7. Nyc ended with 6.4”
  8. This. Euro had sleet and the snow maps calculate it as 10 to 1. Plus I don’t think the Euro consistently had Suffolk County LI receiving as much snow as they received. FV3 did.
  9. FV3 was perfect as well.
  10. The Euro did not have the snow for the Jersey Shore and LI. Only the FV3 did. FV3 nailed this storm. It was easily the best modeling we had.
  11. Not seeing any sleet at the moment. Pure light snow.
  12. Back to moderate snow here. Might make a run at 6”.
  13. I think 5”-6”. JFK 4.5”-5.5” LGA 2.5”-3.5” Based off the metars. Yes, LGAs measurement is a joke. Let’s see.
  14. Wow. Just about 5” here now.