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  1. This band is producing moderate to heavy snow and has whitened all roads, including main roads.
  2. For NYC itself the failure was not the temps. It was the lack of precip. Model consensus was for 1"+ of precip. LGA and NYC ended with under .50" of precip. Subsidence ended up right over the city.
  3. Meteocentre comes out 11:45am and the French site already has limited maps out.
  4. ??? Last December had 2 now events totaling to 8"-12" for the NYC metro and area. Last January had 11"-15", including an event on Jan. 4th, which dumped 6"-12" areawide. This winter has had 0" in December and 0" in January so far.
  5. Oh. Sorry. You know I think you are one of the best forecasters in America.
  6. Im already over this winter bud. So I dont care. For me, any winter that doesnt snow from Dec. 1 to late January or early February is a joke. Unless it's multiple Hecs, of course.
  7. The EPO has been the killer. Models, especially the EPS, have continuously modeled for a -EPO in the long range and it has failed every time, inside of 144 hours. Whatever shots of -epo we did get were transient. I'm hoping we truly see this change in late January or February, but I need to see it to believe it.
  8. I don't trust any modeling product, whether its the ensembles, MJO plots, or weeklies. My experience over the last 15 years, says none of them are accurate. Ensembles I start to trust at around hour 180, if they are consistent, and operationals inside of 120 hours. Anything past that is fantasy land for me.
  9. Thanks everyone. Yes, my wife gave birth on Dec. 28 to a beautiful girl. Came 5 weeks early. She's healthy and home now. Sleepless nights have begun.
  10. NYCs previous 30 year average is around 30” right now.
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