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  1. benchmark for DC for me is 1" Anything more is gravy
  2. While i mostly agree I do wonder if the somewhat minor pattern change that has and is allowing cooler/drier air to sink in from the north has changed the orientation of the ridge we have seen dominate the summer. It might not exert as much force as before. But days away and more to resolve.
  3. gotta go with lower snows at least for the DC crew as there are some temp issues until the storm gets coastal and temps crash. Kuchera maps ftw.
  4. That EPS @90 looks to hauling butt away from the coast tho
  5. Mappy will tell you i make great snow maps
  6. considering the euro was showing a southern slider OTS two days ago, this run seems like a vast improvement.
  7. if by 0z the euro does hint at more of a phase I don't think anyone can honestly say that the euro led the way on this storm. #murica
  8. Ukie precip is 2"+ in many places along the coast. wet af
  9. the 330ft wind maps on the Euro are just as impressive
  10. it would def be a winter saver if it happens for the folks near DC
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