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  1. Think we may see some fujiwara solutions yet.
  2. Been exposing my 6 year old son to more and more of this hobby/passion (profession for many of you). Looking through satellite imageries and radars and the like, looking at Twitter feeds, and NHC advisories - he put it together and asked if anyone would die from this. I hesitated but was honest and said it was nearly certain, and the real question was how many. It was a sobering exchange and just personifies the beauty AND fury of it all. Regardless, my thoughts are with anyone who has family or friends in the path
  3. Ugh. Imagine how beautiful this would be in January.
  4. At this time nothing more than minimal impacts would be expected. Not an issue for Philly.
  5. Anyone smarter than me want to weigh in with regard to pivoting? Happening soon? Location? Etc.
  6. 11” in Clifton where Passaic and Essex counties meet in NE NJ
  7. Maybe true. But I laugh when people say stuff like this. As if our hopes and wishes have anything to do with actual trends.
  8. On it’s own sure. But I think the guys have highlighted well that this is multifaceted. And multiple trends happening at the same time in dynamic fashion rather than static fashion lead to a great (maybe not fit all?) solution. Other factors include better PNA ridge strength and orientation as well as a sharper and deeper eastern trough as well as jet dynamic. Plus more. If those things stay the same then sure more confluence could be bad. But, they aren’t.
  9. These meso models are going to NUKE us sometime between tonight and tomorrow night.
  10. Yeah I’m not sure I fully understand the side that plans on not getting the vaccine. To each his own, I suppose, and maybe I don’t properly understand the science of vaccines, but in my mind that’s a major piece of the way out. I’ll be there for mine as soon as it’s available.
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