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  1. Yeah I’m not sure I fully understand the side that plans on not getting the vaccine. To each his own, I suppose, and maybe I don’t properly understand the science of vaccines, but in my mind that’s a major piece of the way out. I’ll be there for mine as soon as it’s available.
  2. Man this is short sighted. I have taught high school history for 14 years. This March-June was the hardest I ever worked. My wife was floated to a Covid floor and to overnights for 2 weeks...which turned into 6 of course. So while remotely teaching my 140 students, homeschooling my kinder son and caring for my 18 month old daughter, ALONE, I had to keep it all together. I’m sure you know some who mailed it in...but it’s a shame you don’t know more teachers that went through what I did (or significantly worse).
  3. Fantastic morning at the beach at Sandy Hook today with my wife and 2 and 5 year olds. Got there early (8:30) and left around 11:30. Tons of room, everyone respectful of social distancing guidelines. Was getting busy when we left. I know it was early and not yet Memorial Day but I feel cautiously optimistic that most people will be able to do this safely if they choose. Guess we’ll see.
  4. Just heard Murphy is closing schools for the remainder of the academic year.
  5. Sorry to hear this. One of my best friends lost his father to it in Florida over the weekend. In his early 70s. Immediate cremation. Maybe they can have a memorial service in a few months. Just awful.
  6. Hey man. I don’t post much but have two kids of my own in NE NJ. 2 and 5. Have to cancel the big guy’s birthday party so I feel you on Disney. But I’m letting the kids play. I get one of them could be patient zero, but it could also be me. I teach 140 high school kids every day. My exposure is significantly down since our closure. And my kids were in daycare classes of large numbers. A walk to the park or a play outside with a few neighborhood kids for me is a small slice of normalcy during this chaos. A calculated risk and all. Just my thoughts.
  7. Ugh. That one most of us in NE NJ lament for turning to sleet from the peak of the storm all the way through. Think I got to maybe 6-7” of snow before god knows how many of sleet. But, still a great and fascinating storm to track and learn from.
  8. I’m at 4-4.5 in Clifton, NJ. WSW for 5-10. I’ll probably verify. Perfect at the 4-6 they had me at before upgrading. So, there has been some marginal, localized...success. Especially for dec. 2.
  9. Jack had illustrated earlier 4 distinct atmospheric features canceling each other out on the GFS leading to a sort of stall. I haven’t taken a look at the same features on the Euro but I’m wondering if the Euro slows down so much for similar reasons, and if so, if this idea is gaining any momentum. Thanks all!
  10. Looks like the GFS finally caving to a Euro southern trend 8 hours ahead of a (non) snow event in February.
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