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  1. MattyICE

    Little Storm that could ( April 02 Threat)

    7” in Clifton in NE NJ
  2. MattyICE

    Little Storm that could ( April 02 Threat)

    Over 4 inches in that NJ band in Clifton. Will see 5 easily.
  3. MattyICE

    Mid/Long Range Winter Pattern Discussion

    Next week’s blizzard broke it!
  4. NE NJ. Eastern Passaic county specifically. Nothing but flurries since 4:30pm.
  5. Clifton, NJ - eastern Passaic County. 10” as of 7:00pm.
  6. man would we kill to see a 979 LP near that position under different circumstances...jeez...
  7. Probably a rookie question, but at some point ao and nao indicies this anonymously negative must mean the risk of suppression, no?
  8. MattyICE

    2/16 Weekend Threat

    6.5 in Clifton at 10:00pm.
  9. MattyICE

    2/16 Weekend Threat

    5.5 on the ground in Clifton after 4 hours of snow.
  10. MattyICE

    2/16 Weekend Threat

    2 inches in Clifton after 2.5 hours of snow. Sustained .8/hour rates.
  11. MattyICE

    2/16 Weekend Threat

    God, look how fast. Shame there’s no blocking. This shuts down before midnight. 3-5 more hours to get what we’re gonna.
  12. MattyICE

    2/16 Weekend Threat

    Right to moderate snow in Clifton nj at 4:45.