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  1. Jack had illustrated earlier 4 distinct atmospheric features canceling each other out on the GFS leading to a sort of stall. I haven’t taken a look at the same features on the Euro but I’m wondering if the Euro slows down so much for similar reasons, and if so, if this idea is gaining any momentum. Thanks all!
  2. Looks like the GFS finally caving to a Euro southern trend 8 hours ahead of a (non) snow event in February.
  3. Any time! Long time lurker, minimal poster, but learning a ton and that will change.
  4. I think that’s fair. I teach in South Orange and live in Clifton nj. I think widespread closures across most of the northern half of the state, despite the early precipitation cut off. Historically much more likely to close than in the city.
  5. I think the speed of this makes the timing less favorable. I think it’s on the table...but it’s entirely within the realm of possibility that whatever accumulates has done so by 2-3am and that’s it.
  6. 4.5 in Clifton. Have to say Upton did a great job with this, at least IMO.
  7. If those trends continue would that portend enhanced frozen implications for further north into the Metro area?
  8. Yep. Here in Clifton, NJ took me from 2-4 and .1 of ice to 3-5 with .1-.2 ice. Still WWA though.
  9. Potent storms firing. Good for additional latent heat release. Bad for snow.
  10. If I had to guess, the Euro cuts the parachute chords, then pushes us off the cliff with a smile.
  11. Can the PV replacing the -NAO actually serve some of the same benefits that a -NAO would? CAD signatures? Pseudo blocking? Slow the flow etc?
  12. Anyone know what this guy’s deal is? He’s been pulling this for three years.
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