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  1. The amount of liquid with this one is remarkable. Going to be a serious thump for some on the NW side of the H7 low.
  2. There's the HVN-ISP mix line concern. I think this run actually make a lot of sense. NYC special, lol.
  3. I wish I had the time right now to get into the nitty gritty. Crazy busy, but definitely think this NAM run is more believable...
  4. I think the EPS snow tool does a great job highlighting things. Details for sure not, but I like the I-84 jackpot zone down into N NJ.
  5. I was just thinking this. Had a client call me from SE CT and he actually (with no meteorology background) simply asked if there was any similarity to the storm that was progged to give SE CT 8" and they got I think 1" --> rain. It is March, and coastal areas (especially ISP-HVN eastward along the coast) need to remember that.
  6. I've been on the "I-84 special" train for a while, and fully expect mixing in SE areas, but agree the GEFS is being over analyzed. I think eastern PA into New England should do quite well. No shortage of moisture to work with in classic Miller B fashion...
  7. Ok ok ok. I'm back. This one looks interesting. Favoring interior of course, but can't rule out some accumulation even closer to the coast if things break right. Should be a fun few days track upper level features!
  8. Makes you appreciate how things come together when there's a big one - really does take a lot with many things possibly going wrong!
  9. I've been on the warmer side of the envelope all along, and personally I don't like this set up from NYC to BOS. Could envision NW CT into NC MA doing well, though!
  10. "Titanic Trio". I approve. Looking forward to it!
  11. One thing on my mind in this pattern is suppression. This is an incredibly delicate pattern in the NE, IMO, with a lot of moving parts. Cold is pretty much a lock I think, but these snow chances on OP data will be all over the place. If I were in the NE, I would feel pretty good about the pattern going forward though
  12. I agree! I just tweeted (follow me @EdValleeWx ) that if anything, suppression may be a possibility. However, that quasi-west-based NAO is mighty tasty IMO.
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