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  1. Midnight rainfall total of 1.17"... see what else we get overnight now.
  2. Very possible, just received report of 58 MPH at Battery Park.
  3. 0.75" of rain from round 1. Will probably get over an inch after the 2nd round moves through. Just another rain event in 2019.
  4. But yeah, it has weakened somewhat now. It will be interesting to see if that is far enough south to get Union County. But even if it's not, it looks like the line has solidified a bit.
  5. There were downed trees and wires reported along the path of it.
  6. The old people years ago would call it "heat lightning". Of course, we know better than that.
  7. Finished with 0.19 here... wind was actually more impressive than the rain this time.
  8. Yeah me too, a line is nice, because then everybody gets something.
  9. Much further north is going to have a lot more clouds until considerably later in the day.
  10. Watches probably going up. Even mentions possible tornadoes.
  11. Nobody should even be looking at anything regarding winter just yet.
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