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  1. Lots of things were "never the case", yet society evolved for the better.
  2. Too many weenies hitting the refresh button again.
  3. I get it, I just prefer seeing the "better models" show this lol
  4. But do we really WANT the GFS and ICON to show a big hit right now?
  5. Because the strength of the low is only one component of the evolution of a storm. The President's Day storm was not much below 1000 MB anywhere and produced widespread two foot totals.
  6. The dream would be for that low to stall off Delmarva, not ACK, but I'd take snow showers for days LOL
  7. If the sounding was 33 at the surface, -7, and -6 at the two critical levels, it shows rain.
  8. Ok I guess that was the wrong time frame posted.
  9. Do I see Albany getting nothing on the NAM?
  10. It is snowing in DC right now. You honestly can't even look up surface obs?
  11. http://sirocco.accuweather.com/nxssa_r1_h_500x620d/r1h/inxr1Kunva_h.gif
  12. The dew points are going to be near 20 degrees when this starts and some of the meso models are dumping 1/4" liquid in a couple hours. It isn't going to be in the mid 30s
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