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  1. Analog96

    2019 Mets

    Steven Matz is the most schizophrenic pitcher I have ever seen. He can go out there and roll off 4 or 5 good starts in a row, then he'll go out and get absolutely drubbed.
  2. It's warmer out there. I am stuck at 69. Since you're further east, you probably had more sun.
  3. 69/62. Just noticed that the enhanced risk now extends into western NJ.
  4. I didn't know they had such low highs forecast out there. That's just a stupid forecast.
  5. Before calling bust, let's see what happens over the next few hours. 40 minutes ago, I was 69, now I'm at 68. It may just level off now.
  6. What I don't like is it seems like a lot of players have the attitude that they don't care and they don't exactly call a team meeting or anything. Now neither you or i know what goes on behind closed doors, but when a manager has a team meeting, they usually announce it. I don't mind losing a game because your starting pitcher got killed or because the opposing starter dominated. But when you lose because of stupid mistakes and lazy play, that can't be excused by a team of the Yankees' caliber.
  7. Now we are getting the Modoki conditions we were supposed to get during the winter LOL!
  8. Analog96

    2019 Mets

    I don't think it was the price tag, as in dollars. Teams are willing to spend money. It was the number of years that scared teams away.
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