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  1. I'm not really making a winter forecast this year, as I have stated, but just playing around with analogs, and not going into too much detail, I think this winter will largely be near normal.
  2. Can you even understand what that mush mouth is saying half the time? Then there's Pelosi, who seems like she had so much botox she has almost lost the ability to speak.
  3. I have always proposed a five term limit for members of the house and a two term limit for Senate. But what politicians are going to approve that? I'll tell everyone a story. My father graduated High School in 1964. My city, Elizabeth, NJ, has no term limits on mayor. There have been TWO mayors since my father graduated High School. The current mayor is up for reelection. Because anyone with a (D) next to their name will win in Elizabeth, regardless of their policies, the only mayoral election that really even matters is the primary. He won the primary 3 to 1. He is
  4. She is much, much better than Chris Wallace. I thought she was going to be bad, because she has a long history with Democrats. But she is doing a good job.
  5. Yeah -90F or so would require nearly constant dry ice, and actual submersion under dry ice. 0F or so is no big deal and are standard freezers.
  6. But can universities that are privately owned be forced to research this?
  7. To keep something that cold, you'd need to keep it submerged in dry ice. For most faciliites, that would be a challenge. It would be nice if they could get it to tolerate 0 degrees F, which would then be a conventional freezer temperature.
  8. -90 would be extreme cold. I wonder if they can get it to the point where it doesn't have to be AS cold. Otherwise, good luck getting it to some remote places in the deep south.
  9. So ship it in dry ice. Companies can ship steaks across the country in very hot temperatures and it arrives fresh and non-damaged. How cold does this really have to be?
  10. Yeah, I mean everyone he picked was solid. OF COURSE they are right-leaning. Who the hell is a Republican going to pick? A liberal?
  11. I hope you're right. From signs this fall, it also seems like we'll be dry for weeks at a time, but when we get a storm. it could be a good sized one.
  12. It is a lot easier to get away with that sort of thing in a country like China or Russia.
  13. I think the big question is if it's really child pornography and if Joe was involved at all. If he wasn't, then it probably isn't that big of a deal, since Hunter is an adult and can do things independently of his father.
  14. yeah, i do not know how anyone could possibly think that. My father is 74 and had major heart surgery. He has some mental effects as a result of the surgery. He is A LOT sharper than Biden.
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