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  1. But if you're talking about the specific situation with George Floyd, I have no idea whether the four other officers present couldn't tell the other guy to get off of Mr Floyd after he complained about not being able to breathe. And if that didn't work, I imagine four of them could have pulled him off.
  2. That is a difficult situation. Nobody wants to turn in a co-worker. Nobody wants to be "that guy". But why should a cop with 12 complaints about him still be allowed to work? Now, I know the PBA is a strong union and maybe it was nearly impossible to fire him, but couldn't they reassign him to a desk job, so that he didn't interact with people? If you have a supermarket cashier, for example, who constantly receives complaints from customers, but is too far along in the union and really hasn't done enough to get fired, you might reassign them to a department where they don't interact with people.
  3. Like any other profession, 98% of them are good. It's just that being a bad cop has more impact than being bad at a lot of other jobs.
  4. And even if you opened everything at this point, I don't think the virus would reach it's "maximum potential". First, you have people who are too afraid to go out anyway. Then you have people who wear masks and people who would practice social distancing.
  5. just barely kissed 80 here, now down to 76. Montreal can keep that heat.
  6. Only 72 here. Just close enough to the ocean to keep it cool.
  7. It has nothing to do with the stutter. In fact, I don't even notice a stutter. If you watch Biden speak frequently and don't think he's in decline, I really don't know what to tell you. Sorry.
  8. High was 74 here in elizabeth today. The long range gfs has me in the 90s again. I am not putting any stock into that. I'll believe it when it's inside 4 days.
  9. There isn't much that can be done about corporatism. It is part of capitalism. And unfortunately, when Home Depot sells something, they can afford to sell it much cheaper than the mom and pop hardware store. Some of the smaller stores survive on good service, and some people are willing to spend a few extra dollars for better service. But as far as the whole corporatist attitude, there isn't much anyone can do about it. What used to be enclosed malls is now in more, but smaller strip malls. It is what it is.
  10. The sameness is a turn off if I go on a vacation. When I can, if I go on a long trip by car, I try to avoid interstates in some areas, especially away from the big cities. It makes certain travel more interesting. Now if I am in a hurry, that is a different story.
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