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  1. Yankees turn third triple play in a month.
  2. I think the problem here is that people have just become accepting of how it is.
  3. I would if it meant something. Unfortunately, I live in a city (and county) with total one-party dominance and in a city that elects mayors for life.
  4. JFYI to everyone: radar may be inaccurate across EPA south of I 84 and WNJ, due to KDIX failure.
  5. If you get above normal activity, a Bermuda high, and warm SSTs, that would be a good recipe.
  6. My father used to own property in Grand Junction, CO. They are forecast to reach 107 this week. The highest all-time reading there was 106, and records go back to 1893. so it is pretty extreme.
  7. My first choice would be Adams, then Yang, then Donovan if those were my choices.
  8. Yang and Adams definitely seem like two of the more "sane" candidates anyway.
  9. At least cloudier and perhaps rainier, although I am not sure on the latter yet.
  10. Cold front looks to be stalling hundreds of miles north of model projections. This could throw a monkey wrench into the forecast for the next couple of days.
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