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  1. Check out unv, bgm, and buf radars. Legitimate lake effect going on right now.
  2. Radar looks like an area of rain may be trying to train along the I 78 corridor in the next few hours. Time will tell.
  3. Watch for supercells... discrete cells are already developing across Bucks. Berks, and Lehigh counties.
  4. The polygon almost looks like it would include Somerest and Union, as well as Staten Island. but not Hunterdon. Appears OKX did not accept it when they coordinated.
  5. Bad driving out there right now. One of those days where you need to drive as close to the center line as possible.
  6. Severe watch just issued for Philly Metro and surrounding areas.
  7. CAPE is pretty simple to calculate, so it's probably as simple as the 3K NAM just having much higher dew points.
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