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  1. High today was 88. 0.53 in the bucket. Now 6.03 for July. Loudest thunder I ever heard this afternoon. House felt like it moved on the foundation!
  2. 2.02" of rain. Peak wind 41 MPH. Not bad.
  3. Yeah maybe, since it started east, but we'd likely change over.
  4. This track in winter most would have changed to rain.
  5. It also initialized at 12Z, which was 3 hours ago.
  6. 11 AM 60 MPH winds, 170 mi S of NYC moving N 12 MPH
  7. The only thing is we would have had better warnings. This is a great track for a strong TC to track into NYC. The thing is, I have seen storms follow similar tracks. Irene and Floyd followed similar tracks. But I do not remember any storm developing north of 35N. Most of those cyclones were already mature cyclones.
  8. Winters here have come in cycles. I grew up in the late 1980s and early 1990s. December was often shoeless in those years. Aside from 1995, this continued until around 2000. From 2000 until 2010, a lot of Decembers had snow. Since then, many decembers have not had snow. Many of the winters that do not have snow in december have snow in march or April.
  9. Yeah I think the worm may be starting to turn regarding our recent dry pattern. I think we'll be getting into a more moist pattern. Also, as we get deeper into summer and ocean temperatures warm, you start seeing more thunderstorms flare up along the sea breeze boundary.
  10. I hit 89.7 yesterday for about 10 minutes and then an hour later it was 84. Still debating myself whether I should even count that. It can't be much cheaper than that!
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