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  1. Of course, the pv is strongest in january. Just like the bermuda high is strongest in July. Positioning is more important than strength.
  2. I think it started at amwx when they fractured into regional forums. I was always against that
  3. Do you think he was being racist? I most certainly do not. Calling someone a good speaker is a compliment. Biden's remarks years ago about Obama were a lot more racist.
  4. A cutter to Cleveland wouldn't even work for many in Ohio. That would be like a storm tracking over I 95 for us.
  5. Yeah things look a little better again. Models are going to keep flopping like fish out of water for a while, I think.
  6. In two days, those signs will look completely different. That's why I don't flip with every model run.
  7. That was always too early for anything other than a couple inches.
  8. Sometimes a little back and forth is necessary to keep those countries in check. I don't want to go to war with them, but you at least need to let them know they don't have free reign to do anything they want, either.
  9. I can agree with part of this. Unemployment numbers are great! But if wage growth is so small, a product of unemployment numbers being so great can be people who have multiple jobs because they're not making enough at either job. That's always a problem, but there may not be a real good "fix" for it either.
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