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  1. It's possible, because I think less people are getting tested now than at the height of the pandemic.
  2. This. Don't punish those who did the right thing.
  3. And where would he waive his no trade clause to go? And he would have to play the field if he goes to an NL team.
  4. A surprise 0.02 fell yesterday right around dinner time.
  5. Yeah I mean unless you get an incredibly rare breakthrough case, if you're not vaccinated, you're doing it to yourself.
  6. Personally, I'd prefer, if we have a Nina, for it to be at least low-end moderate strength. Analogs for when you have a weakening and very weak La Nina are not good. However, as we know, SST is not everything.
  7. I'm not wearing a mask really anywhere anymore, BUT of course, I am fully vaccinated. And all I can think about when I see these numbers about the delta variant, is thank God we (in this area) are mostly fully vaccinated. I cannot imagine what this would be doing in this area if we did not yet have a vaccine.
  8. I don't remember the year. But I do remember a process like that happened one year right around julu 4. We had a big Canadian high move in with some nice cool weather, and then it shifted offshore and we roasted
  9. A lot is going to depend on the overall severity of the cases, not just the case numbers, and how many more people get vaccinated.
  10. Well I didn't say it is justified. I just said based on that data and it is incredible.
  11. They may actually have natural herd immunity.
  12. That almost makes more sense given the pattern we've had- higher humidity but lower temps and we ride the ring of fire, with thunderstorms.
  13. Why in the world would you take antibiotics, which kill bacteria, for a virus? You're doing more harm than good, by killing good bacteria and not touching the virus. You should look for a new doctor.
  14. I'd bet we're in the ring of fire, given the way this summer has gone so far.
  15. Yeah my point is that's probably more comfortable than we've had with all this humidity, taken literally.
  16. 98 with a heat index of 101 doesn't even seem that bad compared to what we just had.
  17. I wonder if Ozzy Osbourne had covid in Feb 2019 On 6 February 2019, Osbourne was hospitalised in an undisclosed location on his doctor's advice due to flu complications, postponing the European leg of his "No More Tours 2" tour. The issue was described as a "severe upper-respiratory infection" following a bout with the flu which his doctor feared could develop into pneumonia, given the physicality of the live performances and an extensive travel schedule throughout Europe in harsh winter conditions.[154] Pneumonia targets the airway and breathing and is typically fatal in elderly p
  18. Yeah, after you get better, it takes quite a while to build up. I was trying to go heavy on the protein shakes and vitamins and it did help.
  19. I was never worried about dying when I had it, mostly because I was still eating. But I was concerned that I was never going to feel "right". And when you're sick for a couple weeks like that, it takes a while to get to full strength, even after you feel "better".
  20. I guess mild flu like symptoms is just supposed to mean symptoms that are similar to the flu, but less severe. We have to use terms that people are familiar with.
  21. Of course, but the point is that the average American is not scared when they hear the word flu, the same way they are when they hear the word COVID. I'm healthy, with a good immune system and have no immunocompromised people around me, so I don't bother getting the flu shot, mostly because it's not all that effective anyway. I also almost never get sick. But I got it in 2018, and I knew I was going to get it. Some fool at work leaned on my desk and was breathing on me, telling me how bad he felt. I told him to go away and go home, lol. I had the flu after that and had 103 fever for
  22. Yeah prescription only, and I'd bet some doctors may be hesitant to give it just as a preventive, unless you have a compromised immune system.
  23. The only problem with drugs like Tamiflu is that you have to catch it early enough. Like you said, take it as a preventive when someone you know has it. If you take it too late, it isn't so effective. But regarding flu, a lot of the reason I think people won't wear masks for the flu is perception. As we all know, perception and reality are not always one in the same, but if you mention the flu to most people, the thought is "I'll miss work a few days". But if you mention covid to the same person, they'll want to run to the hills.
  24. Asians have worn masks in their home countries for a long time. I can give that one.
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