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  1. Noticed that as well. Trying to wrap around and phase quicker too. Theres still a inverted trough but not north anymore. If storm was located more north, everone would be involved
  2. Trends thats all... low is further south and high pushing down allowing more frozen precip at first
  3. Nam already initialized north by 10-15 miles..toss
  4. Just something to note. Andrew was “ supposed” to make a more right turn 3 days before landfall. Never really did
  5. Not that it really matters but JMA has it going into florida
  6. These models are not handling the strength of this storm right at all.. its all observation from here
  7. Windshield wiper in effect. Correction will be determined by tomorrow night.
  8. HWRF predicting at 934 pressure 30 miles off Florida with a mini eyewall inside a giant one. It also is handling current strength and position well. Once it hits bahamas and into gulf stream nothing can stop the intensification. Even if it does stall/slow down, upwelling wont do anything. The gulf stream is constant warm water current that is deep. It will only fuel it more. Major hurricane status by noon tomorrow.
  9. GFS south by about 50 miles. Ridging isnt more amped but the High is more south pushing Dorian closer to FL
  10. Getting a little Harvey feeling about this (not that intense tho)...if storm moves fast enough into Florida it will stall near coast and finally move out. But needs to get there first. With no steering pattern past bahamas it will all depend on momentum from before
  11. Icon still ripping through bahamas into west palm area
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