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  1. Aj Fasano

    Rant N' Rave (Banter) Thread

    Yeah i know. Its my last winter in Northeast i want the most storms possible its frustrating. But this is a good spot 7 days out at least
  2. The only problem with this run was the low over the great lakes stealing the cold. But this is one of so many possibilities of what can happen. Dont stress until Thursday all i gotta say...
  3. Following OP models run to run 7+days out is not the best at this moment. So many moving parts, Euro 00z run had a coastal runner on Monday now it is a huge low off NC on Tuesday. Models picking up different energy pieces from the Pacific its a mess. Wait till Wednesdays system goes through and itll sort out.
  4. Snow in Gulf of Mexico lmao
  5. We dont want every model to have a full out MECS 7 days out..Good ensemble signal is key and then watch it unfold. Lets keep the noise down and let it brew. 4-5 days out is go time. We kill ourselves everytime this happens. But all we need is once
  6. Yeesshh thats a wild ice storm for just NW of I-95 corridor...3-5” of snow plus 2-4” of sleet on top of 0.5-1.0 inch of ice... Nam serving up power outages anyone want em??
  7. Baby steps. Its correcting the amplification and latitude of the storm. Eventually it will catch onto the cold air. Tomorrow models might go south but actually just become colder in general. More sleet risk i feel like.
  8. And then the RGEM joins the club..nice shift south
  9. The trend in the icon is significantly improving... much flatter and progressive same with Nam. 0z models off to a hot start..(well you know what i mean)
  10. Gonna be some busts on this snowfall tonight for northern parts. Coast could see more
  11. So whose ready for an all snow event to track? If we can even get one..
  12. Lets see what the precip map is...that low is at benchmark lol
  13. I mean dont really take 18z models seriously.. however you cant discount it entirely. If the gfs holds 00z like this it could be that way. GFS isnt garbage but it isnt always right. If Euro 18z trends towards that as well dont be surprised to see 00z follow suit. Lets be reasonable with this.