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  1. Yeah, even the total rainfall for the next few days has gone down...can’t get anything exciting it seems. The rubber band will snap eventually. We were due for a couple clunkers in a row, but even i never thought this year would be this bad.
  2. I expect March to be more of the same. No reason to expect otherwise.
  3. It’s amazing how stagnant this pattern is. Run after run after run is the same exact pattern the entire run. Remarkable!
  4. Truly the worst winter I’ve ever experienced. At least 11/12 had the October storm. This winter had absolutely nothing.
  5. Go figure when we need a more amped wave, models shear it out. This winter is the worst I’ve ever experienced.
  6. The AO forecast today no longer has that free fall after...now maintains it at strongly positive levels and some members even spike it again toward the end lol
  7. Guidance is doing exactly what i knew it would...turns every day 10+ wintry event to a driving rain once inside day 10. Record warmth and flooding looks to be the rule for the east coast this month.
  8. Wonder if some wettest Feb records will be set. That’s a lot of rain coming this week and going forward this month.
  9. And the GFS/GEFS have it going into 4/5 at high amplitude.
  10. Need some major changes. Will they happen to give an opportunity in March? Maybe. I’m holding out a tiny bit of hope per Iso’s forecast. But for now the shades are closed.
  11. What have you seen this winter so far and from the guidance going forward that makes you think it’s going to snow anytime soon?
  12. 5 rainstorms and counting on the GFS so far...sheesh!
  13. FWIW, weeklies continue the -PNA/++++AO/++++NAO through week6.
  14. 2/3 and it feels like 5/3...hopefully we go right into spring. Absolutely gorgeous out!
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