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  1. Ends up looking a bit better than 0z, feels like the Euro is still adjusting.
  2. Ive never once posted something like that lol
  3. *tony* ”i miss the gfs from a few runs ago when it had a strong miller a”
  4. These are the kind of solutions we want to see at this range. Takes me back to all the big storms where all models were a miss at this range. Overall setup is the best we’ve had by FAR this winter. I’m intrigued.
  5. As long as the signal is there it’s fine with me. Don’t want anything showing a hit to be honest at this point.
  6. Anything that doesn’t show a driving rain is a positive in my book.
  7. There’s absolutely no cold air to be found. Until we get a shakeup upstream it’s going to be hard to get snow outside of the mountains.
  8. I’d say well into the long range as well. Seems like a pretty hard pattern to dislodge.
  9. Very few have anything meaningful for our area. There need to be some pretty dramatic H5 changes for this to be anything other than rain here. A track inland from Delaware to NYC is not going to work.
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