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  1. manny10293

    ***Winter Countdown Thread 2018-2019***

    Bruce will be a big one. Those from Lyndon State will agree.
  2. manny10293

    Mid/Long Range Winter Pattern Discussion

    Thoughts on severe weather picking later this month and into May? All has been fairly quiet thus far.
  3. manny10293

    March 20-22 Winter Storm Threat Part I

    What do the EPS members look like for the center of low pressure at hour 72?
  4. Are there official number for Central Park, Newark and Philly KPNE?
  5. Just starting to really get going for me!! haha
  6. manny10293

    Snowfall Contest - Win a 33andrain hat!

    Central Park, NY - 8.8 Newark, NJ - 10.2 Philadelphia (KPNE) - 7.7
  7. manny10293

    March 7-8 Redemption threat

    Burlington's take on the storm.
  8. manny10293

    Wintry Weather Potential January 13-14th

    What do some of the earlier frames look like? Trying to pinpoint where the sweet spot will be for ice accumulations.
  9. manny10293

    Wintry Weather Potential January 13-14th

    The GFS trending a tick NW for the second straight run. I'm back in the game for fair ice accumulations.
  10. manny10293

    Wintry Weather Potential January 13-14th

    Can you show this further north into VT? Just curious what it's depicting.
  11. manny10293

    Wintry Weather Potential January 13-14th

    Can someone post some EURO images?
  12. manny10293

    Wintry Weather Potential January 13-14th

    The NWS in Burlington is still talking about the potential icing threat but has toned it way down compared to last nights forecast discussion. Based on the latest runs it looks like the low pressure system moves in too quickly, not allowing the cold fronts passage to filter enough cold air down to keep northern Vermont in a mostly freezing rain event. They still show decent ice accumulations but not quite as hard core as previous runs have shown. Should be interesting to see if we can get the front to speed then stall, or the storm system to slow down a bit, to allow more cold air to filter down at the lower levels to keep freezing rain locked in until the low pressure system passes just to our south. Thoughts?
  13. manny10293

    Wintry Weather Potential January 13-14th

    NWS in Burlington talking it up.
  14. I wanted to start this thread about the storm potential on the 13th and 14th. The GFS has had run to run consistency on this storm while the EURO has recently shifted east, but still brings the storm furthest west. The atmospheric profile looks to be incredibly complex during this time with the the potential for cold air to return at the surface in parts of the northeast while warm southwest winds remain aloft. Both the CMC and GFS seem to have bought in on a significant icing event for northern New England and upstate New York. There is still mountains of time for details to be ironed out but being a resident of northern Vermont I am very excited that the potential exists for a significant freezing rain event.
  15. and a map depicting the various centers of low pressure for the members?