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  1. Seems like as a state were almost done with this. but the next 24 will be the worst here in charlotte.
  2. Would it be possible to see a gif of that or just a few more images.
  3. Really not enjoying that we get to say this every 12 hours when the most important model runs.
  4. Worth noting that in this scenario charlotte doesn't receive to much rain. But has already had a rainy couple weeks and should receive 1 or 2 more inches before the storm. The ground is saturated and those winds alone will cause many many problems.
  5. UNC Wilmington has issued a voluntary evac. https://uncw.edu/news/2018/09/Alert-UNCW-Issues-Voluntary-Evacuation-for-Students,-Starting-at-12-p.m.,-Monday,-Sept.-10.html
  6. I'm trying not to be alarmist. But I already feel as though people are not taking this seriously enough.
  7. North Carolina is home. Its my family's home. I have family and friends all over the state. I dont ever plan on leaving. This is the first major hurricane I have ever followed closely. I am terrified and hoping each run that something shifts. Not ready to give up hope yet. But it seems like its time to start getting realistic and prepping. This sucks, a lot.
  8. Looks like only one solution without landfall. Interesting to me how set apart Georgia landfall situations are.
  9. Still about a 3.5 degree spread out to 78 hours...