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  1. This is about what it looks like here as well. Disappointing
  2. Very Large flakes here now. Starting to accumulate. Nothing brings me more joy than snows here. Everyone is happy.
  3. I have this unfortunate feeling it is about to rain... alot....
  4. Could somebody explain this short burst of changeover to snow, that then changes back over to rain for another few hours on the NAM? I've seen this take place a few times on the models. Everything happens for a reason.
  5. Saturday Evening exams were just cancelled at UNCC. This is a logistical nightmare, I have no idea how there going to handle exams since we will likely be out most of next week and have a sizable commuter population.
  6. The difference in the strength of Mondays precipitation between the GFS and CMC is significant.
  7. It's somewhat incredible to me how seemingly consistent the models have been so far with this storm. Yet forecasting has been a nightmare regardless.
  8. I'm just about 30 miles due north. Every bit of that is going to be valuable
  9. Extremely nervous for next round of models given the northern trend and what the NAM has been showing. Crazy to me that this thing is 48 hours a way all of a sudden. Finals really warp time
  10. Also worth noting the 3-Day State record is 50 inches. Haven't seen any numbers close to that. (Yesterdays 12Z Euro had 42 NE of Asheville)
  11. Was just looking through 3-day snowfall records for NC. A few are definitely up for grabs in Western NC.
  12. We shut down for a week after 6". I have no clue what this would do. Ice threat going to be considerable as well.
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