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  1. I think the final lake effect squall is through.....all in all ended up with about 7”+! Amazing what living next to Lake Michigan can do.
  2. It certainly has.....took a while to get started but mid January on has been extremely active both in the temperature and snow department. Just want to say thanks for the engagement in this Midwest thread.....while I am not a degreed meteorologist by any means I am a big fan of climate and weather and this site allows to me to learn an incredible amount about how all of these atmospheric forces work together to create our weather patterns. Truly amazing how all the signals might point to amazing potential for a snowy pattern but sometimes it just doesn’t work out. Feeling for the East Coast.....hope it can turn around for you guys final weeks of the season.
  3. Could squeeze out up to 4” into tomorrow afternoon then Tuesday night/Wednesday morning looking quite interesting as well. GFS been locked in on a decent snow storm for our area for a while now.....
  4. About an inch.........snowed from 8pm-11pm then switched to freezing rain for the remainder of the night. Might squeeze out an inch or two this evening on the backside of the storm system, however main concerns are the predicted 40-50 mph winds with some ice still on trees and power lines around here.
  5. My magnolia tree looked wild this morning! We didn’t even get the brunt of the ice accretion but with those winds coming later today and snow showers I am preparing for some power outages.
  6. Looking potentially sloppy at the my area about 20 miles north of Chicago precip starts late Monday afternoon as snow and maybe a bit of freezing rain, but has potential to remain mostly all snow through most of the evening. Interested to see this afternoon/evenings model runs. Cannot stand when these storms rain/snow lines are so close to the area!
  7. Looking like a wild week ahead for the Central US. This first system Monday night thru Tuesday keeps getting a bit more interesting based on the model trends. Thursday-Friday storm system looks like a potential beast. I know I shouldn’t be taking anything that far out too seriously, but I can’t help it!
  8. Truly amazing how quickly things can 80+ degree temperature swing from last Wednesday to this Monday in many Midwest locations(some nearing 100 degrees). This week has featured snow, freezing rain, and heavy thunderstorms amidst persistent dense fog due to the rapid snowmelt. The 2 foot snowpack is almost gone besides the large snowpiles which I assume will remain into Spring in some areas. Currently 37 degrees with light rain/mist and will wake up tomorrow morning to 25-35mph winds and a temp of 5 degrees. High of around 10 tomorrow and potentially below zero tomorrow night. Very interested in how the Monday-Wednesday period shakes out in regards to who gets rain vs. snow dependent on the low track. It appears the 12z GFS has shifted that Low south a bit, but as we all know anything that far out will fluctuate with time.
  9. Ice Storm Warning starting this afternoon for the Chicago area. Looking at possibility .25" of ice accretion or more this evening. Been almost 9 years since we had an Ice Storm Warning in my area! Looking ahead it appears the Chicago area is in for some messy weather as we will be right on the Rain/Snow line for a few upcoming storm systems. Exciting times!
  10. Rockford broke all time record low at -31 last night. Chicago ORD only got to -21(only)...........slowly inching towards the 0 mark today and in all honesty it feels like a heatwave. Of course cannot break out of this arctic spell without a little snow to cap it all off. 2-4 inches tonight before the real warmup begins in the Chicagoland area. Over 50 by Monday with rain before Winter comes back Mid-week.
  11. I am at -23 air temp with a -51 Wind chill at the moment. Winds gusting to 25+.
  12. Looks like we are on track to break the record "low" high temperature of -11 Degrees with a forecast high of -14 on Wednesday. Still seeing -23 or so for low Wednesday night, but of course those temps can easily fluctuate dependent on conditions. Regardless, I will be venturing outside on Wednesday morning for a stroll just to take in some -50+ wind chills. My wife thinks I am crazy.......
  13. Ended up with close to 5 additional inches after the latest storm. Now preparing for the Deep freeze. Model trends keep getting colder and -27 in reach?
  14. Winter Storm Warning for me in the northern suburbs of Chicago. 1-2” per hour rates expected overnight before relaxing a bit tomorrow morning. Looks like 6”+ inches before the barbaric cold comes Tuesday afternoon-Thursday afternoon. Wednesday high of -12 with lows potentially surpassing -20 both Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Still amazes me that this is run of the mill type cold for some areas of Minnesota and the upper Midwest. I have seen reports that a strong blocking signature is developing and could equate to a fun February for the eastern US. When that type of blocking signature establishes itself how does it typically affect midwestern winter weather patterns?
  15. Am I hearing of a slight southward shift with the Euro for next Wednesday/Thursday with regard to the PV? Regardless, will be preparing for some nasty cold Tuesday-Friday of next week.