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  1. Halloween 2019 was certainly one to remember here in the north burb's of Chicago! Received about 5" throughout the day with a hard freeze overnight(temps dropped to about 18 degrees in my location). Appears we may have a cold start to November as well...........I am a big snow fan, but this may have been a bit too early for my liking.
  2. Welp, Winter is not over. After 5" on April 14th we are now under a Winter Storm Watch with potential for 4-8" of wet, heavy snow in the northern burbs of Chicago. Models keep trending heaviest axis of snow south into Norther tier counties of Illinois.
  3. The storm signal for next Thursday-Friday looks quite impressive for the Central Plains and Midwest. I know we are a ways out but the fact that it is showing a Blizzard in the central plains and potential for some snow(accumulation?) in Northern Illinois is amazing for mid-April. Just when you think winter is long gone..............
  4. A monster Central Plains storm indeed! Some of the videos taken out in NE and CO during the brunt of the storm were incredible.....almost like being in a Category 1 Blizzicane. Heavy rains in Northern Illinois yesterday and rising temps throughout the night resulted in waking up to 57 degrees this morning. When I didn't hear the furnace firing up at its normal time this morning I was wondering what was happening! Of course all good things must come to an end.......Thunderstorms firing into this afternoon before temps drop back down to the mid 30's by Friday morning with potential for some snow showers. Overall, it appears Winter has finally ended and in all honesty I am ready for it to be over. The stretch from Mid January through Early March was a wild one for the Central US and being able to interact on this site has been a very rewarding experience. Looking forward to following along throughout the severe season.
  5. Waking up to a -5 degree air temp with a wind chill of -22 on March 4th is a bit ridiculous, especially with minimal snow cover. High today of 10 degrees with a slow moderating trend throughout the week. Congrats to all(well most all) Northeast posters on finally getting a nice snowstorm! Who ended up with the highest totals?
  6. I saw that the Michigan City, IN Lighthouse hit 72 mph yesterday.
  7. Central pressure of this storm currently at 980mb. High Wind Warning was extended through 9pm as we are still seeing 50+ mph gusts. Wind field is very impressive with this storm!
  8. High wind warning in effect through tonight.....gusts 55-70mph. The ongoing blizzard in IA, MN, and WI is impressive. Lucky I ended up in the warm sector with some big storms last night......always strange dealing with heavy rain, thunder, and lightning with snow cover. Everything is now re-freezing and our low tonight is forecast at 6 degrees. Wild end of February into early March looking likely with potential for some historic cold hitting the Midwest(lows below 0??). The snow cover now looks like a moonscape with the glaze on top.
  9. I think the final lake effect squall is through.....all in all ended up with about 7”+! Amazing what living next to Lake Michigan can do.
  10. It certainly has.....took a while to get started but mid January on has been extremely active both in the temperature and snow department. Just want to say thanks for the engagement in this Midwest thread.....while I am not a degreed meteorologist by any means I am a big fan of climate and weather and this site allows to me to learn an incredible amount about how all of these atmospheric forces work together to create our weather patterns. Truly amazing how all the signals might point to amazing potential for a snowy pattern but sometimes it just doesn’t work out. Feeling for the East Coast.....hope it can turn around for you guys final weeks of the season.
  11. Could squeeze out up to 4” into tomorrow afternoon then Tuesday night/Wednesday morning looking quite interesting as well. GFS been locked in on a decent snow storm for our area for a while now.....
  12. About an inch.........snowed from 8pm-11pm then switched to freezing rain for the remainder of the night. Might squeeze out an inch or two this evening on the backside of the storm system, however main concerns are the predicted 40-50 mph winds with some ice still on trees and power lines around here.
  13. My magnolia tree looked wild this morning! We didn’t even get the brunt of the ice accretion but with those winds coming later today and snow showers I am preparing for some power outages.
  14. Looking potentially sloppy at the moment......in my area about 20 miles north of Chicago precip starts late Monday afternoon as snow and maybe a bit of freezing rain, but has potential to remain mostly all snow through most of the evening. Interested to see this afternoon/evenings model runs. Cannot stand when these storms rain/snow lines are so close to the area!
  15. Looking like a wild week ahead for the Central US. This first system Monday night thru Tuesday keeps getting a bit more interesting based on the model trends. Thursday-Friday storm system looks like a potential beast. I know I shouldn’t be taking anything that far out too seriously, but I can’t help it!
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