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  1. This doesn’t look right to me. 20mm falls as all snow in se pa. Should be closer to 8 if using 10:1.
  2. The h5 setup is just not conducive for a strong coastal. An earlier transfer, ok. You’re a free thinker which is good but a post like this is basically suggesting that you are expecting the look at h5 to completely change in less than 120 hours. So with suggestions like this you need to lay out your case, otherwise, like what was said above, posts like this are not helpful.
  3. Someone correct me if I’m wrong please, but I think it’s ok to share an ecmwf map that’s already been shared. Like if Maue or someone else tweets a 360 eps map or posts it anywhere besides behind a paywall then that pic is fair game.
  4. System 2 looks pretty good on FV3 fwiw. Looks like maybe a 3-5 type thing from sw connecticut down to northwest burbs of Philly.
  5. Haha yea maybe. But going to bed expecting the storm to miss and waking up to blizzard like conditions added some points. So that winter gave a lot of us something we’ll never forget. In that regard it saved the winter.
  6. That winter wasn’t far from being historic here in the northwest Philly burbs. That was a La Niña winter with lots of blocking. Just missed the late December storm that hammered jersey/nyc area. Philly did ok. The March one that you mentioned as well. Had a nice hit in early December, early February and had frequent lighter events.
  7. Yea it’s not hard to imagine this progressing into a very favorable pattern. Especially since gefs have mjo moving into phase 8 around this time.
  8. We know it’s not a great model, but does anyone know how the icon does at resolving thermals? How it handled the thermals in the November storm etc.
  9. Best guess is way off in southeast pa. Very clearly a rain sounding.
  10. Ukie slp track looks similar to 12z to me. Might even get a hair farther north into WV.
  11. Analogs due show a risk of a prolonged period of freezing rain.
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