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  1. Is it still a fair question at this point? The economy isn’t going to do well again until people go out and spend and live their lives normally which isn’t going to happen until we get through this.
  2. I found myself observing people in a busy Wawa yesterday. People were sneezing, coughing, not covering their mouths, seemingly getting as close to people as possible. If people aren’t taking precautions now they aren’t going to. My takeaway from this...its going to explode very quickly around here.
  3. Found this interesting for those that may be on immune surpressing medicines and concerned. Got this off of stat news.
  4. Not having an 850 low run up west of the apps would be a good start.
  5. The European and gfs show a streak of precip across pa, northern delaware and south jersey as northern stream energy works through Saturday night. The gfs is too warm for snow but the euro puts down a nice 1-3” snowfall. Could be an interesting feature to watch as we enter meso range.
  6. I’m interested to know as well. I asked maue yesterday but haven’t received a response. Good to see gefs will be upgraded soon though.
  7. Lol this is really silly. It’s obvious I was saying I’m not buying the 2m temps. That’s literally the point of the post.
  8. You’re going to double down on that @SnowWolf87? Lol ok well here is my quote...Im clearly saying I’m not buying the 2m temps. Said nothing about 0° 850s overcoming mid-upper 40s in Philly. And my point? I’m not taking gfs thermals verbatim at 252. That’s all. But good luck if you are.
  9. Never said it would. Don’t misquote me. I said I’m not buying the 2m temps verbatim. Are you?
  10. The gfs has philly in the mid to upper 40s in this frame at the surface. No chance that would happen with 850s around 0 and a 978 offshore while mod-heavy precip is falling.
  11. Wayne did really well in Feb/March ‘18. One storm in particular resulted in a really narrow area of Delaware and Montgomery counties outperforming surrounding areas. But yea they’re ~500’ elevation helps greatly in marginal events as well.
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