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  1. Well NW Vermont does well. A solid 10-12” but mixing edges further Nw into central and eastern VT. Winter Season Snowfall and or Ice | 2019-2020 Nov 7-8th: 3.7” first widespread snow accumulation
  2. Our drive from NW Vermont to SE Maine Yesterday. Interior Vermont still encaged in snow and ice for the most part.
  3. Well winter roared up here in NW Vermont last night. Classic surprise - out of no where - thumping of heavy dense snow. Most of it fell in 1 hour over Chittenden County.
  4. Living up here in NW Vermont. Originally from the Philly area, so it’s harsh for me to witness what you guys are going through. Maybe the SOI will drop and the models will adjust and you have a better outcome by next week.
  5. Always expect the unexpected. Keep those snow boots handy.
  6. Embrace all of this snow and never forget how dynamic storm was and how it delivered. When life gives you lemons ...
  7. Bring it up the coast this time and add interior New England. NW Vermont would be nice over into the Dacks
  8. I lived in Drexel Hill 1980-1996 - probably close to the area you are talking about.
  9. Stay positive because it can flip back. We all know the models will go insane, so pull back and try not to get too emotionally attached to a spectacular model run.
  10. We are in the January Thaw so I wouldn’t worry too much.
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