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  1. Merry Christmas from Vermont
  2. clags

    Mid/Long Range Winter Pattern Discussion

    Always expect the unexpected. Keep those snow boots handy.
  3. Embrace all of this snow and never forget how dynamic storm was and how it delivered. When life gives you lemons ...
  4. clags

    Mid/Long Range Winter Pattern Discussion

    Bring it up the coast this time and add interior New England. NW Vermont would be nice over into the Dacks
  5. I lived in Drexel Hill 1980-1996 - probably close to the area you are talking about.
  6. Euro is holding firm, good news.
  7. Stay positive because it can flip back. We all know the models will go insane, so pull back and try not to get too emotionally attached to a spectacular model run.
  8. clags

    The Banter Thread

    We are in the January Thaw so I wouldn’t worry too much.
  9. Hey I’m way up here in Northern New England’s Ski Country in NW Vermont. We need a pattern that can deliver up here and the next week or so could be very beneficial for us, I just wish we all could get snow and hopefully we all will and that includes the East Coast.
  10. Looks like we could still have snowfall during this thaw period, especially NW. it is the coldest part of winter so above normal can still support snow depending on the track of course.
  11. 59 here with snow almost gone.
  12. clags

    Wintry Weather Potential January 13-14th

    The Euro is colder and has more widespread snowfall accumulation than the GFS. About 10-12” for many areas in the interior... Ice further east.
  13. clags

    Wintry Weather Potential January 13-14th

    Actually the latest GFS tracks further east allowing the cold to come in. 12z GFS