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  1. Actually the same one. I was going to go with a Davis, but my wife got me it for xmas. It feels kind of cheap, but it seems to have good reviews. It was easy to set up. Good luck installing. The worst part after installing would be going back up to change batteries, so dont make it too hard for yourself.
  2. Almost fell off my roof trying to put up my new weather station. Decided against it for that location for now since the roof it too steep. Temporarily placed it on top of my shed on a pole mount. Only problem there is trees near it screw up the wind measurements. I'll figure somewhere else out once it is warmer in the spring.
  3. One warm day and people start opening up their pools, smh
  4. Just about reached light snow here for the moment, but qualifies as the 2nd hardest it has snowed here this year. I guess heavy flurries. That person not cover their pool?
  5. Doubt it, but several years Richmond has gotten more snow than NYC.
  6. His wife just had a baby a couple days ago. Pretty sure he is busy. Not many posts elsewhere either.
  7. Coating of sleet and ice here as well. Best event since 11/15!
  8. It is only max .2-.3 on that chart and the other map is between 1-2", so this really isn't much.
  9. I saw a post about this somewhere, maybe American or twitter, where something like 34 out of the last 52 weekends had some sort of precip. I'm sure someone can find that data, I am probably off a bit. It was crazy high though.
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