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  1. Do you guys think DC could get a quick thump of 1-3 / 2-4? CAD looks impressive.
  2. btw HRRR and RAP Preformed horrifically for this storm..... both way to warm and amped and now they are correcting to a thump in DC. At 12z today they had no snow.
  3. Thumping right now in Kingstowne VA. Easily 0.5"+ per hour rates
  4. Models correcting NW but they will tick back a little, typical HRRR and SREFS being over- amped.
  5. HRRR has 30-40 dbz band at 1 am...... should be 1" an hour rates for an hour or so.
  6. HRRR looking nice.... now shows 0.15 - 0.3in qpf throughout the Mid-Atlantic.
  7. The models are absolutely terrible for this storm. I don’t know even have a good estimate for the amount of snow DC will receive.
  8. HRDPS wow. Shows 2-3" hour rates over the mid- Atlantic.
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