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  1. Yankees will pay cole what's necessary. He needs convincing on whether to go home to LA or come to NYC. Reminds me 2009 off-season with CC.
  2. If anyone believes that marijuana shouldn't be legalized, but is fine with alcohol being legal is a coward. Just legalize weed and build regulations around it as with alcohol.
  3. people want to continue to let the health insurance companies screw us. Privatized healthcare is a scam. Healthcare is a right.
  4. Mod snow in forest hills. A bit windy, not 3-6” but it’s something.
  5. Moderate snow in downtown brooklyn, sticking on cars and colder surfaces but slushy accumulations on the road and sidewalks.
  7. Hrdps looks to cool the column quicker for nyc, low East as well ?
  8. It’s time. Been time. The science backs it up, and revenue speaks for itself.
  9. Trump is worse than william Henry Harrison and he only served a month in office.
  10. And man do we eat good. The best thing about thanksgiving is the spinoff Friendsgiving. Lol
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