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  1. Sun made an appearance here. Now it's back to cloudy and winds picking up again.
  2. Winds picking up a bit here under this heavy rain band.
  3. Tropical downpours and lightning here. What more could you ask for? lol Winds are light though.
  4. California and Texas with 100+ deaths reported today. That's why the death rate, albeit lower due to NY and NJ no longer making up most of them, at this point should still be high enough to for people to take this seriously. The numbness argument is such a cruel and especially with a disease with the precautions we know can prevent the spread as we have seen in Europe that have also contributed in lowering the high mortality rates they had.
  5. Weekend reporting really lags. 993 deaths today reported via worldometers.
  6. Not opening Indoor Dining/bars might prove to be the smartest move, cause man it would have been havoc...
  7. I feel that NY will see a second wave, but more of hill than a mountain.
  8. Still crazy to see only 13 deaths in NY, after seeing 800 in one day in April...what a turnaround, but what a price we paid.
  9. There was also that article on the NYT about Covid depleting immune cells in some parallels to HIV. Still so many unknowns on the long term effects for sure.
  10. I definitely don’t see deaths at the 1500-2000 per day rate like in April...for many of the reasons mentioned. Although I still think we will see a peak of 700-900 deaths per day In a few weeks. I hope not, but even those #s are still high. Need deaths to be in in the single digits like in many European countries or the low 100s. Any Amount of deaths is tragic but we are speaking in relative terms...
  11. Word, I echo this question lol. I was born and raised in the Heights, a great community. Live in Queens now.
  12. Taskforce press conference tomorrow for first time in two months...
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