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  1. Was a lighting show in queens earlier tonight. Def one of the best storms of the summer.
  2. Heavy snow. Prob heaviest of the night so far. Winds have picked up too
  3. Pouring snow. Conditions deteriorating rapidly.
  4. It's coming down heavily now in uptown Manhattan.
  5. Still wet on the pavement, but it’s also snowing at better rates.
  6. Snowing in uptown manhattan. Car tops covered and grassy surfaces too. It’s def not raining in Harlem.
  7. Light snow. White rain still, but that's expected.
  8. Flurries/light snow here in Northern Manhattan.
  9. Game on 6-8” in NYC. Let’s go. March has been a lifesaver the last two years.
  10. 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 were magical winters. I was 17-18 years old. 2010-2011 is still unmatched in my eyes. What a stretch that was.
  11. Thank you! Still coming down at a borderline heavy clip. Feels like a mid January storm.
  12. Snowwwww. sorry I know there’s a gallery.. but we’re snowing in nyc!
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