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  1. Mod snow here, no issue sticking. Beautiful out. I'm in Forest Hills, Queens.
  2. What's the start time for the thump? I want to make sure I'm in Manhattan and not in Queens for the start of this.
  3. This winter has been a BUMMER so far...lol hey if we on the coast can salvage 1-3” this weekend man whatever lol
  4. It's a tie between January 2016 and Boxing Day for me.
  5. The NAM and EURO looked good. The GEFS looked better. I’d say this is trending in the right direction.
  6. What a nice surprise to get multiple snow squalls today. Very fun.
  7. Can confirm that round 4 has commenced here in Queens.
  8. I was running and then the snow came like a wall. Blizzard like conditions sheesh
  9. Waiting for the squall line to approach in downtown Brooklyn. Ominous clouds rollin in
  10. Even though pavements are wet every other surface is covered with snow. Nice to wake up to.
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