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  1. I mean it makes logical sense the QBO Index would continue to go deeper into negative values since it's usually a 27 month cycle. Some of those predicted values are near 2017 - 2018 winter QBO values which is very interesting to say the least...
  2. @Mr. KevinYou're seeing the lag effect at 50mb as it has to propagate down from 30mb... The dataset I posted was the 30mb QBO index values. Regardless if you read off the 2021 monthly values you can see that overtime both are going in the negative (easterly) direction...
  3. Looks like a positive this winter is that there will be a strong negative (Easterly) QBO assuming it doesn't "break" and have an anomaly reversal like 2016 and 2020...
  4. First time in recent memory I've seen a snowy forecast from Old Farmer's Almanac...
  5. Holy crap LLJ is cranking now…. Big gust just blew patio umbrella out of the table hole.
  6. The rain alone just took out the substation that supplies power to my street and surrounding streets…. Didn’t even need wind to do it. Shows how so much rain can eventually cause infrastructure damage.
  7. Nah it would have to basically go due west at this point and that ain't happening lol...
  8. NNW movement confirmed...
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