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  1. This is what could have been if only a 1,000 miles east...
  2. This map updates at the end of every month. Hopefully we can get a couple more storms to wash these negative departures away. Also those 2 other storms probably made this map look a lot better but like I said it updates at the end of March.
  3. Looks like power grid is starting to fail in NW, NJ due to the cement snow...
  4. My grass measurements are even more impressive then the snowboard... All I got to say is wow @CCB!
  5. This snow is paste. Starting to break branches around here. Could have some power outage issues.
  6. @CCB! I’m rocking here in Chester... This measurement was taken about 20 minutes ago. Easily over 3 inches now!
  7. Was talking about NW, suburbs not NYC... Deblasio barely closes schools for snowstorms.
  8. Everyone think schools will be closed in NYC metro area tomorrow?
  9. What are your guys thoughts on Southern Morris County?
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