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  1. You’re selecting 1 hour p-type product which only goes out to 90 hours. You need to be selecting 6 hour p-type product to go through the entire run.
  2. He's referring to 2018 - 2019 winter November snowstorm
  3. Later this afternoon into tonight is when this storm likely retrogrades back and we get winds to some extent.
  4. Rain kills power here again…
  5. New normal "rain days"? School closures so far since Murphy issued state of emergency. I bet a lot more are coming early tomorrow morning.
  6. @CCB!if those HRRR winds verified after all that rain power outages would be crazy.
  7. Full retrograde on 00z HRRR wow
  8. Until models resolve the meso low track we won’t know the true wind potential.
  9. I’d toss 12z NAM’s low location based on EPS this morning…
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