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  1. Yeah I don't know how it's anyone's fault people are self medicating
  2. I know this is petty but you can't accuse others of spreading misinformation and then doing so yourself
  3. One thing I noticed is that Democrat governors said federal government has been doing a good job. The media is not.
  4. Maybe Rachel should use her air time to show positive stories and posting information that people can use to get food and groceries for the elderly instead she rather divide the nation in time of crisis despicable
  5. We get it you hate the guy can we just move on. The message is pretty clear from everyone in government this virus is serious and no one is denying that.
  6. Rachel Maddow is a political hack can we please stop sharing this nonsense and stick to important information
  7. Saying the president shouldn't have aired press conference's during a national crisis is dangerous and a complete embarrassment
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