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  1. I wear that title proudly. And don't play the victim card after your Mcmansion comment bro. And it's a Mansion, not a Mcmansion Table for 2 please, thanks.
  2. NYC under David Dinkins was a disaster. It took Guiliani and Bloomberg 16 years to clean it up It will take BDB and the next idiot to wreck it.
  3. Hey Mr. waiter, please list for us the top 5 major U.S.cities where leftist policies have worked ? I will wait for your response And I grew up in Park Slope in the 70s a place you wouldn't have ever had the balls to venture. We would have carved your ass up.
  4. Dude, how much thought did you put into this reply ? Liberal policies as stated, bad tax policies and high crime follows when people flow to the burbs. Chicago has one of the highest tax rates in the country and is in the top 20 cities in terms of murder per capita. Those are not #'s to be proud of. You only need to look at Detroit, New Orleans and the next 20 and see that Dems own them.
  5. I don't think you know the rich history of places like Detroit, LA and Chicago etc. They have turned them into carnage. Wealthy people have fled these cities to escape policies. NYC is next if they elect another leftist
  6. Read the last post. How do you think they devolved into chaos? It's 100% policy related that end up dislocating those they pretend to care about. They have trapped those citizens in a never ending cycle of poverty.
  7. NYC is going the way of the cities I mentioned. Median income decreased in all those cities over the years because the tax policy and attitudes towards crime favor those who buy into leftist policies have pigeonholed those constituents into voting for free sht. People with $ flee those policies and those cities fall apart. NYC will be no different if they elect another leftist
  8. Dog whistle ....Lol, you can't call NYC and it's increase in taxes ,crime and the disdain towards law enforcement trash now ? Lol. Just stop with garbage. NYC is quickly becoming a sht hole, like Newark, Philly, Detroit, Chicago etc. You know what the common denominator is broski ? Bleeding heart stupid leftist policies not skin color.
  9. Yeh, they don't understand the difference between the 2 strains. SARS CoV-2 was not in the vaxx, they are idiots. I do however think having younger people come in contact and resolving is the best way to build immunity. Having people locked up hurts mental health and stress lowers ones immune system. The whole thing is a cluster fck
  10. You are allowed to live in LI or Westchester. Learn to commute and have a better quality of life. But I think you said your GF will not move right ?
  11. Just don't elect an AOC type or the city will die. Who are the front runners for the next Mayoral race ?
  12. Turning people from NYC away was smart too. Travel out of NYC helped incubate the Nation. Should have put a wall around that hell hole. People can't leave fast enough and If you're a HNW individual get out while you still can NYC will be Detroit in 10 years if this Mayor is re-elected.
  13. That sentiment is not shared with many in the country, in fact the opposite is being played out all over the nation.
  14. The head ICU nurses at Mercy told us that they were instructed from the beginning about wearing eye coverings and it is an absolute necessity when coming in close contact with the virus. That's why I posted on this 12 days ago the virus just needs a passage way to enter the body.
  15. By Federal I assume you mean Democrats in large part too correct ? You realize you couldn't shut anything down in Mid February right ? You couldn't even shut travel down in mid Feb for that matter if it was up to the House.
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