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  1. Out of the 11 million masks a month , 4 million are made here. 3M is a US Domiciled business and just enjoyed a huge tax repatriation holiday. They operate under the protection of the US. So yes, those should come back. Again, if you're lobbying to have much needed PPE s get shipped around the world 1st and your argument is predicated on well the POTUS should just force other companies to take up the slack, you lose me. GM couldn't flip their plants fast enough so in stepped F and GE. USA 1st, the others can go to other Chinese manufacturers and buy PPEs
  2. Canada and close allies are free to sign their own DPA as well as buy from China India or Mexico etc. I can't justify sending US manufactured PPE anywhere but the US 1st.
  3. Don, we can't have it both ways. We can't scream that we don't have enough PPE here yet let others eat while our workers starve. We have been a caretaker and world policeman of the world for 80 years. I am sorry, there's a shotgun wound to this nation and bandaides will not fix it. We will be the 1st to help the world once again when we can. Right now we need to help the homeland or this great experiment will cease to exist.
  4. We have spent Trillions keeping all of Europe safe since 1945. We have proven our friendship.
  5. When are people going to get this through their heads, this POTUS although insane , campaigned, ran and has Governed to this very point. America 1st and that we are too dependent on China and cheap labor for our very security. The paradigm has changed. It has too.
  6. No this is the crux of the article. Sorry, I have no issues with this.
  7. I propose that China forgives the notional amount of the debt that the FEB compiles bailing out the US Economy.
  8. Don, when the masks drop in an airplane they tell the adults to put theirs on 1st. You're no good if you're dead. The US has to care about the US. It's one of those times that we have to save ourselves.
  9. Valley Forge Normandy Apollo 11 Cold War win Killing of Bin Laden A turning point is coming. I promise you.
  10. 1st you put 15 million people out of work. Then you will prepare for this , https://www.fox5ny.com/news/store-owners-boarding-up-buildings-across-manhattan And lastly massive poverty will ensue from a depression.
  11. Spain. Nightmare. Caution / video contains lots of bodybags. So warning if that bothers you. https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/harrowing-video-shows-coronavirus-medics-21806540
  12. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-8184997/Doctors-worldwide-say-malaria-drug-best-coronavirus-treatment.html
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