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  1. I wish I was up Massena for this. The NAM 30`s them.... Honorable mention , Lake Placid.
  2. As the center gets stuck in N/E , strong enough W winds prevail for about 24 hours. Pretty good stretch
  3. Most of the heavy precip ( 1 inch on the NAM at the battery ) is off to your west and wind gusts are 35 mph between 4z and 7z sustained winds at 2m are 25 mph for 8 hours 23z to 7z That is not flooding the battery IMO
  4. Kudos to the CFS seasonal. It never gave up on that look.
  5. Don`t quote... Get this on the EPS day 5 - 10 and I will honk.
  6. Take a look at a map and you will see that easterly flow comes in directly off the Atlantic. Theres no land mass S of the Long Island right ? So easterly flow is warm and the natural boundary sets up at just to the South of Long Island. That flow travels west and by the time it reaches is NCNJ , the first boundary over land it encounters is the Driscoll bridge, keyport etc. Now look at NE flow , the flow comes off New England, that's a colder direction, it's not traveling over a warm source but a colder one. ( a land mass ). Whenever you see easterly flow you can kiss the Jersey shore goodbye and it starts at the Driscoll bridge.
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