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  1. After the cutter , we will get cold. Looks like we feel the effects from p 1 2 3. For roughly 2 weeks before we break.
  2. New call. March 15 - Dec 15 AN Ha. 2 week window peeps , I will call to see the river card.
  3. I did say Feb would be epic and that was spot on for the U.P.
  4. One of these days they gona throw one through the hoop.
  5. Yeh , I am inclined to think this evolution happens. I can`t see the actual SW 3rd ? 5th ? or just later yet. ( if ) . But I am in.
  6. I love seeing these move W to E with a SW rolling underneath. If I can maintain a height rise here / move that HP over the 4 corners , then that will help get that trough axis in a good spot. I like the period a lot for our biggest snowfall of the year. ( This would be my 3rd , I like the period a lot ) . Wana know how the 1st two ended ? Ha.
  7. I am curious , what was your forecast for yesterday ? I def missed it bud. Mine was 2 to 4 in CNJ with 75 % of the precip being frozen as the W to E movement / banding would mitigate mid level warming and the B/L would stay in tact. To your other points here , when I see that negative sitting there E of Hawaii , the natural long wave barroclinic zone will lay up closer to the E/C , ie OBX. A - 5/6 SD EPO bulging towards HB and not back towards Asia is key , that`s going to force the trough underneath. Today`s 12z day 5 - 10 will give you a chance to block and force SWs underneath.
  8. That 5 day mean center is there Maybe it's at 75 , but that's right there. You will force the cold over the top.
  9. I certainly don`t like the window right behind the backboard. Someone didn`t think that through.