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  1. And for those not familiar with how the next week should unfold, the models will probably lose the storm and even break the block down in the M/R which will lead many to the ledge along with sad and angry posts. But the natural progression is to set you up, excite you, drop you, have you run to the only model that still shows the solution you want only to bring the storm back 3 days prior. So enjoy the ride.
  2. Even the much maligned RIMM plots on the GEFS bias correction agree with this. Nice.
  3. This was yesterdays Euro. Does anyone have the new day 9 - 14 ?
  4. I agree with this. ( at least in the temp dept L/R in the east ) .
  5. Yes , I ripped this from you last year and kept it and then JB gave you a shout out. But I believe it was 10 days prior. But if you say 3 to 5, it`s your map.
  6. That`s fine by me, I can`t wait for a cold week prior to Christmas. My 5 year old is going to love it. ( cough cough me too ) .
  7. I think that`s the pre loading pattern 10 days prior to all of them. It was the only one I had archived, so maybe there`s 2 in our future...
  8. With the trough leaning back off the WC like that and a block right over Greeland , I dont see something cutting kicking the ridge up like that. Deep trough in Europe, 70/70. That will get fixed.
  9. Look at that block on the N/W shore of H/B. That period has it all.
  10. OOOOOH look at where at that negative is off the W/C. One should be kissing the E/C there if we just slow that N branch down. Ridge axis really close to Boise. Close. Have to get the S branch out quicker or the trough stays POS tilted, but I like that.
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