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  1. The 30 to 40 hour precip ideas on the models have me thinking, overrunning then backside phase. Feb 03 ish ?
  2. I think it's because the EPS comes off Hatteras. The GEFS takes a more direct route, doesn't dig as much and comes off the Delmarva. So it's just quicker.
  3. The GFS is full day faster than the Euro. 40 hours of precip.
  4. This is a better mean and again it's only 24 hours.
  5. There's a closed low coming through the OHV and transferring probably near the Delmarva. It's a Miller B. I have no further details 6 days out.
  6. Yeh and that's like 3 hours off That was a tick away from a major league system. I think the ridge will maintain itself, we need to keep a closed low in the OHV ( Only 5 days until its there ) and the rest is up to luck. But man what a set up.
  7. This is how far this was off from being a 36 hour monster. I will leave the reference there.
  8. I just don't want any L off Asbury .. Keep to Toms River and then crawl that bad boy to the BM
  9. Dec 2020 just a little colder. We will not have that coastal front develop like the Euro saw a week out because that was an ESE gradient. That's not present this time around , which means NYC prob holds it snow.
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