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  1. While it has nothing to do with the virus the doomsday clock was moved the closest its ever been to midnight
  2. Sub 1000 just outside the bm pretty pretty pretty good spot at this juncture
  3. I hope the upstate areas do well but what a kick in the nuggets if 100 miles north gets 40” and the coast gets 5”
  4. Really not that far off from something decent next weekend for most of the metro. Hopefully a fun week of tracking coming. Don’t need to much to go right with a active southern jet and we are in the “heart” of winter. I’m sitting at just 5” think there’s a decent shot hit 20” after a is said and done
  5. 2.3” dunellen surprisingly slightly more than the 2.0” in watchung. Finally broke the 5” mark.
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