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  1. Wonder if most or all of us have seen our last 90’s til next May or June
  2. Personally love the fall even though it’s “boring” weather. A mid October day in the mid 60’s with the leaves changing is great. One of the reasons I still live here the metro really does have a great 4 seasons
  3. Not a drop 10 miles to your north still partly sunny in watchung
  4. Seeing the stones tomorrow night at Met life weather should be perfect
  5. The clouds actually gave the central air some time to work down to 75 here. In three years never can I remember it just not budging lower it was actually hot when I got home last night at 80
  6. 84 in dunellen at 12:15 am Central air is at 78 and not budging lower. My friend is having a huge bbq tomorrow told him to expect everyone in his house all day lol
  7. Loudest thunder I’ve heard in years here in dunellen can feel the floor shake it’s so loud
  8. Hanging on to moderate to heavy snow heard sleet for a minute 5.4” on the board
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