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  1. I understand the mods letting a lot go in this thread. It’s one of the reasons I love this site. But Anthony says one minute it’s over Biden won let’s move on, to posting random tweets from god knows who. A left leaning centrist who is spreading the message of the country to come together and using doctors scientists and policy makers to fight covid is not scary.
  2. I lean left but consider myself extremely open minded. It terrifies me that someone as close minded and so guilable is being paid by tax dollars to serve and protect
  3. It’s ironic that the only news sources screaming fraud are oan, breitbart, gateway pundit etc. Don’t people realize that if there was widespread fraud every major news network in the world would be covering it and screaming for it to be exposed? It’s nonsense and the still president of the United States sits and does nothing while a virus rages and ravages the people of his country. The man is one big fat orange clown
  4. Middlesex county local jackpot ha never happen
  5. Dude just stop don’t you think if there was a shred of credibility to this that every real news network would interrupt programming. It’s only the fringe right, OAN, gateway pundit, breitbart, it’s purely false click bate nonsense. I have a lot of trump supporter friends and family and nearly all of them think trump has gone way to far. It’s time to concede the country needs to move forward
  6. Nina’s if you can get some blocking even in a not so great pattern can produce a ku. I know I’m in the minority but I’d certainly take one hecs that we can track from a week out to getting nickle and dimed to just below average snowfall
  7. Cnn has already mentioned this numerous times in the last hour try again
  8. Never going to happen. He will kick and scream to the very end. The true definition of the petulant child who has never been told no
  9. Say all you want about Hillary Clinton. She fully expected a win, lost every swing state, and when it was obvious it was over, she took it like a grown woman and accepted defeat. The peaceful transfer of power is a cornerstone of our democracy. It every refutable news source calls pa tonight it’s over. He will never shrink into the shadows though
  10. 600 votes or so when the Supreme Court shut the final vote down if I remember correctly. Watching all of that unfold in my first election I could vote in, plus being in college with a nerdy group of friends I was mesmerized by the whole thing. Florida being called prematurely. Gore called told to not give the concession speech. Truly fascinating.
  11. Nyt has Georgia 68% Biden now anyone care to speculate what’s going on?
  12. Heading over to get tested. Been coughing a lot since yesterday and have diarrhea. Hopefully it’s my fall allergies
  13. Some small branches snapping in the backyard in dunellen
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