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  1. Excellent post kaner. Quick question if herd immunity really is coming to the level of 60% by summer how do we go about dealing with the over 65 population that haven’t gotten it and don’t have the antibodies?
  2. Wow I can see why so many turned on you yesterday. Some parts of this post just reek of elitism. We all know we need to get back. The country simply may not be ready. You think there will be 50 people sitting together in a office in north or central jersey in 3 weeks let alone nyc. You think murphy or Cuomo will allow that?
  3. I love it I’ve worked every position front of house server, bartender, manager, gm. It’s exhausting, the hours suck, you work every holiday but restaurant people are my people.
  4. 50% if not more of our business is 55 plus. We are around $85 ppa for dinner. I agree with the distancing though. I think everyone Paul just wants to make sure we do this right. We reopen too quickly and in three weeks cases start shooting up again we are back to where we are
  5. I’m lucky enough to work for a place where the owners own two extremely successful restaurants in nj. They are also feeding long tenured staff everyday and paying our health insurance in full. Know many aren’t so lucky
  6. This imo is just asking for lawsuits. My thoughts and talking to the owners and this is restaurants only is that we reopen June 1st with 50% capacity. If things go well you go to 75% and hopefully after Labor Day your back at 100%
  7. There’s so many parts of this that I disagree with. The one point I ask though is how do you have age restrictions. I’ve worked in fine dining for 20 years. I’m the gm. Am I going to be standing by the door asking for drivers licens s from everyone who walks in. And let’s say 60 is your cutoff. Say a couple comes in and one is 58 and the other is 60 what do I say? Just want to see how you think this will work
  8. One of my moms best friends is in a medically induced coma and on a ventilator on jfk in Edison. Her husband called 911 yesterday as she was having severe trouble breathing.
  9. Horrible news the model being so far off. Jeez. So the model was off by 100%. It’s scary here in nj as social distancing esp in the lower socioeconomic areas do not be adhering strictly to social distancing. Nightmare
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