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  1. I agree maybe push that out til the 13th. After that too many things need to come together.
  2. I meant more of the help we are getting with the pacific but yes just need to hold this look through the weekend and we could be onto something. As someone posted earlier 3/1 - 3/10 is a very good time to get a 6” plus storm. Today has def kept us in the game for that. Just need to keep holding through the weekend
  3. Geoff I do think this setup is different than the other teases we have seen so far. Hopefully this time next week we are gearing up for a big storm
  4. In other news temps are busting way low today stuck at 43 had a high of 53 forecast
  5. Been thinking this for a while hope we don’t have a close miss
  6. The one thing I think models are keying on is a real chance for a true coastal sometime between the 2nd and 5th of march
  7. The fv3 never fails to be snow eye candy. A 30 plus hour storm lol I don’t know why I torture myself and continue to look at the fv3
  8. I’ll continue saying what I’ve thought for weeks. We will get one secs+ sometime between 2/28 and 3/7. This place will be rocking and rolling
  9. I’m not even shoveling the drive 50’s tomorrow will take care of that
  10. Some real nice fluffy flakes in dunellen right now. Street is whitening up again
  11. The funny part is when most people left work around 1 conditions, at least around here, were much worse
  12. 3/8/18. 18” plus in six hours in Berkeley heights. 13” at home in dunellen
  13. The few days right around 3/5 historically are very good for snow I think. Unc?
  14. It’s kinda weird how the public reacts to snow based on how the season goes. Lot of stuff shut down today or places closing early. For a couple inches? Really? Seems like years that we’ve gotten a lot of snow a 2” storm in late February is treated very differently.