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  1. 2 years ago most of the experts went cold very snowy and it was awful one of the worst winters in memory. last year everyone went warm dry and we had for most of the nyc metro one of the most memorable months ever with a hecs thrown in. You never can tell. Heck even 15/16 which was beyond warm had one of our great storms ever. just saying that we may get a feel on how at least the beginning of the winter is going to play out as always there will be many surprises. I’m thinking a early season mecs in early December to get the holidays in swing
  2. Finally turned off the ac hopefully for good. Hopefully in 2 months we are fully tracking.
  3. Unc always appreciate the knowledge and history you bring to the board. Can you post snowfall for those winters?
  4. Feel we are extremely “lucky” this didn’t come in 3-4 hours earlier. Carnage and loss of life and property would have been worse
  5. Very UNCONFRMED report that bears and lions as well as other animals have left their enclosures at turtle back zoo in west orange
  6. Finally back home in dunellen. The amount of abandoned cars is absolutely crazy. Saw a new 911 not on the side of the road but in the center of the road abandoned. Must have passed 20 abandoned cars
  7. Well it’s a sleep over at work in watchung the 3 who left 2 came back and the other ones car is flood damaged
  8. 3 ways to get from watchung to home in dunellen all 3 roads are completely flooded
  9. For the first time through blizzards, ice storms, hurricanes, I’m legit stuck at work in watchung
  10. Many roads are impassable in the watchung Warren area. I may be sleeping at work
  11. Laplace is going to make a run at 20” of rain. This is a 30,000 person town may not be much left tomorrow. Very sad
  12. I love New Orleans. Insane they are going through this again. Prayers to the people riding it out
  13. Some context would be great when making a post like that thanks!
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