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  1. Always need to mute the tv and give my complete attention when reading @Armando S and @Isotherm posts. Even then I’m googling stuff
  2. Hopefully in two months from now there will be 300 members on waiting for the oz runs.
  3. When would everyone say was our last great winter 13/14? Last winter was the closest to probably a true rat, 15/16 probably should have been then the stars ligned up and we got a hecs. Trying to remember when our last legit secs + happened in December. Been a long time
  4. Slightly off topic but I can’t wait to be tracking a hopefully great winter with all you freaks.
  5. Kind of amazing after what seemed like years with very little March snow places in northern nj have 50” in the last 2 marches
  6. The second March storm I believe it was the 5th you could actually watch the snow melting while it was snowing heavily. Got a foot plus between Friday to early Monday morning and it was gone other than small piles by Wednesday.
  7. Finished with 23.6 in dunellen about 4” short of average. And yes got 6.2” in November and 12.4” in March
  8. Anyone have any good Charleston web cams?
  9. Seems like the general public and even the weather community is feeling Dorian fatigue. Anyone letting their guard down in south or North Carolina would be foolishness. Sincerely doubt we have seen the last surprises with Dorian
  10. Been waiting to hear on this. What he saw I can’t even begin to comprehend
  11. Anyone want to talk about the euro?
  12. North Carolina gets rocked on the gfs
  13. Can’t stress that with John putting that on his Twitter he must give some credence of that scenario happening
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