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  1. Hanging on to moderate to heavy snow heard sleet for a minute 5.4” on the board
  2. So I was doing my walk around the block when the 40dbz was overhead you could watch it accumulate. Then it stopped completely for 30 seconds picking up again may have a touch of sleet atm
  3. Really picking up now fat flakes bordering on heavy snow
  4. Here we go bout 5-6 hours of bliss. This is what we wait for. Enjoy it everyone!!
  5. Bout to get real in here snow boots coming on for the first time this winter
  6. Nice. And whoever has the great radars keep throwing them up. Thanks!!
  7. Actually snowing harder here than radar would indicate definitely compacting a bit, it’s straight concrete, but 3.3” on the board.
  8. If what isotherm said happens mix line getting to New Brunswick then we could see double digits should be prolific rates just north of that line
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