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  1. While we are taking a walk down memory road 93 would undoubtedly have been #1 it it was 50 miles more east would have been widespread 30” plus for the metro. Hugged the coast just a bit too much
  2. Whoops yeah 3/7/18 that was the hardest I’ve ever seen it snow in nj the difference between the top of the hill up in bh compared to the 22 area was astounding. From 4-5 pm 5.2” you could hear the snow hitting the ground and the lines creaking and branches breaking. I was outside the entire time was surreal
  3. I was in berkley heights at the girlfriends had to be nearly 30”. If I rank my top 5 all time it would be Boxing Day, 96, 2016, 3/7/18 (18” in 6 hours berkley heights) 93
  4. I was living in Caldwell for bdb and got in that deform band also got 26” and extreme intense winds did well on 1/27/11 for the first half just missed the insane band for the second half and got 13”. I was the skywarn spotter for many years in Caldwell
  5. I moved here because I remembered all the @earthlight posts from ten years ago how scotch plains was the snow capital of the world. He must have moved to Monmouth county
  6. Couldn’t possibly be a jackpot for us and @33andrain doesn’t happen lol
  7. It’s actually kind of difficult to find as I was poking around also but 2 different sites list it as 14” and 15”. They probably got 12” in the 78 blizzard but it was difficult to measure. The largest storm I saw in 5 years was 7”. It’s just not a place to get big snows though for whatever reason
  8. I did my undergrad in Cincinnati from 99-02 what a snowhole that place is. They haven’t seen a foot plus in I believe nearly 100 years and they average something like 13” a year. We actually did decent most of the time I was there I think one year we hit the low 20’s. Anyway I like Ohio
  9. 1” and it was probably closer to .5”. Somehow scotch plains and berkley heights got 5” plus the snow hole of dunellen continues
  10. Kind of given up out here just drained really at this point never even got the ground completely white. 1” and that’s rounding up
  11. Love the area but coming from living in Caldwell and parsippany it’s not even close in marginal setups
  12. We’ve def been the snow hole in our area lol. I’ve realized that being in the bowl that is rt22 is not the greatest for snow
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