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  1. All joking aside what a thump coming to western areas
  2. Indeed feel like some are sleeping on how hard it’s going to rip for a bit. This isn’t mid March. We got to 38 today locally and didn’t melt much under clear skies. Tomorrow surprises
  3. Your micro elevation helps so much. My ex lived in bh. Good local snow climate. 3/7/18 is real close to personal top 5. Could def see you getting 5” if everything breaks right. Darn cold
  4. Finally being a bit more west may actually come in handy. Should be a very nice daytime event in western nj and eastern pa would be a great day to be in doylestown or Easton pa. Both great places
  5. Another day time snow. Unreal. Gotta be the 5th or 6th. Spoiled we are
  6. I created a new thread. Mods if it’s cool by you please link and pin. THANK YOU
  7. Looks like just north and west of the city could see a real nice thump tomorrow. Hrrr has nearly 5” 20 miles west of nyc let’s go!!!!
  8. I think snow accumulates on the idea streets by us. I’m at 24 right now not that it means much but everything is rock solid solid
  9. Can we start a thread dedicated to tomorrow’s storm
  10. You think we see a couple of inches in these parts?
  11. 5.2” storm total in dunellen. 46.3” season. Be shocked if I don’t hit 50. By far my biggest winter in 4 years living here now.
  12. Still think a ku may be in the cards first 10 days in March. We’ve been so close the last 5 years.
  13. 3.7” on the board only .5” last hour. I’m not really sure what’s falling but it’s pretty light despite radar saying otherwise
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