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  1. 15065094-C3AD-40DE-B74F-EBE20CF1497A.MOV
  2. Before the power kicked out for almost a week...
  3. Streets covered now in summit, moderate to heavy snow. Noticeably drier which hopefully saves us from another extended power outage.
  4. Was tons of fun until the power went out and transformers started exploding on the boarder of summit/new providence. Guessing 18” at the very minimum but never measured. Took these while unsuccessfully trying to get the 4wd up the driveway. Likely added 2-3” after these were taken.
  5. Getting dangerous out there, just had a couple significant limbs drop while trying to save some small trees. DE9D954D-AB62-4B1C-AF2E-40B56F56B959.mov
  6. Heaviest snow of the day in summit, Nj. Some large branches starting to fail.
  7. Still pouring snow in summit NJ to the NE of the heaviest echos...
  8. Eyeballing 1.5” on colder surfaces in summit, nj as of 7am. Steady light to occasionally moderate snow.
  9. First post, Follower since November with a Montauk tag. Summit, NJ location at 375’ for this particular storm. God speed everyone.
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