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  1. I haven't posted here since January haha, but storms the past 2 days here have been solid. We got rocked yesterday with trees down all over the area. June 3rd: June 4th:
  2. Been sleeting for awhile now. I measured 1.75" before the sleet arrived. Roads are icy and a mess. Storm should be through my area in the next couple hours.
  3. Started off with a little virga, but once into the heavy echoes it's straight dumping. Roads and everything already covered here in Fleetwood.
  4. That final backside band had the goods. Final total of 2.5", season tally up to 4.8".
  5. Wow congrats! Looks like the LSV area will be the big winners across PA.
  6. Legit moderate snow in Fleetwood, a heavy coating has formed on grass and cars. High temp of 43 has dropped to 35 with the snow.
  7. A little over a half inch here. 2nd biggest snowfall of the winter. Puts me a little over a whopping 2" on the season.
  8. Blizzard of 2016 tops the list, but I will forever remember October 2011. Such an incredible early season storm. When I hear "heavy wet snow", that storm is what defines that. Trees and power lines could not withstand the 10" of heavy paste that had fallen. Power and school was out for days. Not the most snow I've ever seen, but the most destruction I've ever seen come from a snowstorm.
  9. Exactly, and I'm not willing to say the QBO will be a defining factor for February and March this winter. If we see another slow down of the descent that would further limit any possible impacts. But we look towards the QBO being in an easterly phase to get positive results for east coast cold/snow. It's not bad by any means, at least I wouldn't think it would, to have at least a weak easterly QBO. Bottom line from me, I don't think we would see any noticeable impacts to our weather from the QBO until later this winter, maybe March for example, when we might be deeper into the easterly phase and SSW impacts would possibly begin to manifest.
  10. I'm not sure if posted already, but December QBO data is in. We dropped from 5.07 -> 1.66: should be in the easterly phase come end of January. Will the QBO have much of an impact on our large scale weather come the end of this winter? Possibly, it can't hurt us that's for sure like last years transition from easterly to westerly. 2019 9.02 9.25 11.82 13.36 14.59 14.36 10.96 9.97 8.25 7.27 5.07 1.66
  11. The difference is all in the upper level jets. You dig that vort max more meridionally downstream of the ridge out west and you'll kick up the jet out east putting many in a favorable position in the right entrance region. The GFS is much more progressive with this. Is it showing it's bias? Or is the typically amped CMC showing it's bias? Both suites have seen upgrades in the past year. Let's see which one turns out more correct. I'd be willing to bet a compromise at this point -> Last night's 0z Euro. #Wetrack.
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