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  1. The difference is all in the upper level jets. You dig that vort max more meridionally downstream of the ridge out west and you'll kick up the jet out east putting many in a favorable position in the right entrance region. The GFS is much more progressive with this. Is it showing it's bias? Or is the typically amped CMC showing it's bias? Both suites have seen upgrades in the past year. Let's see which one turns out more correct. I'd be willing to bet a compromise at this point -> Last night's 0z Euro. #Wetrack.
  2. 18z Navy is a crush job for the city(links aren't working).
  3. Ukie is Eastern PA's best case scenario. CCB parks itself right overhead.
  4. I think many here would take this and run with it.
  5. FYI, Pivotal Weather now has free Hi-res ECWMF maps! It also goes in 6 hour intervals, not 24 hours like the free maps we're used to. Snowfall, Precip type and all other different maps
  6. Was just looking at the QBO data and noticed the similarities. The QBO progression in 1995-96 seemed to be most similar earlier this fall, but this year is descending much slower. 2002-03 or 2004-05 now seem to be close matches.
  7. Winds aloft will be howling later on with the passage of the QLCS. Winds will likely be mixed down to severe levels in some places. Latest NAM:
  8. Lol that's hilarious didn't know there was other MU met students on this board. Nope not in MetLab right now. Bet Sikora is getting giddy.
  9. Those are absurd probabilities for Halloween in the latest Tor watch. Probably going to get hammered here in Lancaster later.
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