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  1. Has anyone here ever attended a Skywarn training session? I'm planning on going to one this weekend.
  2. Another thunderstorm rolling through. 40mph gusts and pea sized hail.
  3. Thunderstorm just rolled through. Like we need the rain.
  4. For March, this is some skin-numbing cold. Flizzards here all day.
  5. 35.4" for the winter. Using ABE average snowfall, I am a couple inches above normal.
  6. 7.5" final here. Seasonal snowfall up to 35.4" and past normal! Bring on spring.
  7. 7" on the dot but the backside is quickly approaching. Maybe .5-1" left here.
  8. Scattered power outages becoming more numerous out this way. My power flickered on and off twice now.
  9. 6" on the dot and still dumping. It's been 1" hour rates almost the entire storm. Trees are getting weighed down.
  10. 1.25" on the measuring board here. Just slushy accumulations on pavement. Temp is 32.
  11. My temp has dropped to 34 since beginning at 38F. Snow is coming down nice but unfortunately still no accumulation.
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