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  1. Temp down to 31. Started off as sleet but mostly light freezing drizzle here. Roads are wet but cars are starting to get glazed with ice.
  2. Euro looks like a big thump early Wednesday with plenty of interior icing lasting into Thursday.
  3. I get more pumped about severe weather events than snow, even though the disappointment is almost always higher in a severe weather situation. I love watching the CAPE, shear, lapse rates, lifted index, helicity, etc. sky rocket in a summer afternoon. The buildup to an approaching bow echo or the sudden fear that washes over you when a tornado warning is signaled can't be matched from a snow storm IMO.
  4. Yeah that snow squall is nice. Quick coating and strong winds in it.
  5. Temp never made it above freezing overnight. Car, trees, and roads are caked in ice. Final sleet and snow accumulation from yesterday was 1.75". Yearly total nearly up to 19".
  6. My temp is spiking here. Jumped from 27 to 29 in 30 minutes.
  7. It's a complete sleet storm right now here in the Lehigh Valley. Very, very minimal freezing rain accumulation at the moment. Temp is locked in at 26F.
  8. HRRR freezing rain accumulation through 6pm fwiw:
  9. I've had sleet and freezing rain here all morning, no snow to speak of. Temp and Dews right around 26F. Measured about 1.25" of snow/sleet on the board this morning from last night. That'll probably be the final measurement.
  10. I just started lightly snowing here as well. Dry air is strong, it took awhile to fully saturate.
  11. The 12z NAM had 1.0" of qpf into NYC by 3z Wednesday. The 18z NAM now only has 0.5" of qpf into NYC by 3z Wednesday.
  12. 1.0" overnight in Fleetwood.