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  1. Canada and the higher latitudes are all blocked up. Once it ejects it would certainly roll under (maybe a bit too much, good for Carolinas though.) My worry would be the cold air available. This wouldn't be a setup where we have a trough merger and lots of cold northern air funnels in... this would be a setup where the ULL would dynamically deliver the cold. Offers more votality to cold air available (If I'm wrong someone correct me haha). However, it's December so it still should be cold enough. But alas, I'm picking at details at day 10 so all that matters is the storm signal.
  2. Yes it did, especially for those NW of I-95. Looking at Ray's Winter Storm Archive (Great website for anyone out there looking at past snow events, bookmark it), there was a January 25th event followed up by a January 30th event. Parts of NW Jersey, Eastern PA, and Southern NY got back to back 6-12"+ events.
  3. In that tweet thread he went on to say the years most closely resembling this one (cool ENSO's with plateauing heat flux) are 2011-12 and 1999-2000. The 500mb composite of those winters produces this: 1999-2000 produced 16" in NYC and 2011-2012 produced 7" (3 of those inches in October).
  4. Good catch, very similar look with higher heights in the east and low heights across the arctic. February produced 20" in NYC that winter with most coming in the 79' Presidents Day storm. That winter had a neutral ENSO regime however looking at ONI values.
  5. The first 15 days of November produced this look... not good for any wintry weather in the east as we all know. Need something to change up the pattern heading into December because obviously this won't cut it. We still have time, it's only mid November
  6. Just went to vote (first time voter here) and luckily the line was very short, only had to wait maybe 15 minutes. Sister had to wait 2 hours earlier today.
  7. Monday is going to feel like winter. Blustery with possible snow flurries/graupel in areas as the pressure gradient will be tight and the wind comes off the lakes.
  8. The gsdmsolutions site login and password changed a while back. I feel like a politician here lol, but I am once again asking for some support here. Can anyone lead me to a free site that provides plots of GLAAM, AAM, MT, etc? Thank you very much. It would be helpful in my prognostication towards the upcoming winter and the overall atmospheric regime...
  9. I haven't posted here since January haha, but storms the past 2 days here have been solid. We got rocked yesterday with trees down all over the area. June 3rd: June 4th:
  10. Been sleeting for awhile now. I measured 1.75" before the sleet arrived. Roads are icy and a mess. Storm should be through my area in the next couple hours.
  11. Started off with a little virga, but once into the heavy echoes it's straight dumping. Roads and everything already covered here in Fleetwood.
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