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  1. Newman

    October 2018 Discussion & Observations

    Got down to 40 here in Fleetwood.
  2. Brett and his crew got out and I think went into a building. The car is now a boat and floating down the road.
  3. https://livestormchasing.com/stream/brett.adair#comment-4138421465 Surge has risen rapidly. Their car is now floating in mexico Beach
  4. Adair's stream is like a horror movie. They might die.
  5. I think I just saw a Raw T# of 7.0
  6. Only "weak" part of the storm is the SE side but higher cloud tops are beginning to fire in the SE region. It's only a matter of time until the storm is CAT 4.
  7. I swear this dude downplays EVERY weather event. All of them. Apparently to him the storm has weakened today, contrary to the NHC.
  8. I've been saying this for awhile now but it really doesn't matter what the storm landfalls as. It could be a CAT 1 and still bring devastating flooding and surge. Even if it landfalls as a Cat 3, most of the wind damage will be right at the coast. For most areas the winds shouldn't be their biggest thing to worry about yet for some reason that is always what most people deem as the most valuable piece of information to rank a hurricane as. I know for me I'll be watching the heavy rainfall, possible tornado threat as there always is, and the storm surge. However, I don't want to dismiss the winds. Most inland areas could still see 40-60mph gusts and with saturated soil that will bring plenty of power outages.
  9. So far from recon, winds have gone down but pressures have dropped slightly. I wouldn't say Florence is weakening but might just be expanding its wind field/ beginning an ERC. Not to mention the strongest side at this moment is the NW side which hasn't been sampled yet.
  10. Could just be a temporary phase but is Florence trying to go annular?
  11. Florence is a beast. Definition of a perfect hurricane quite honestly.
  12. Newman

    2018 NBA Playoffs

    I used to be the biggest LeBron hater around until this year. Lebron has arguably his worst Finals team ever and has stepped up big time. I'm holding out hope the Cavs can pull out a miracle against the warriors.