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  1. Neither of you are feeling good vibes for the period around the week of the 15th?
  2. And if you become a Subscriber, you gain access to the VIP Group, where @33andrain and @NJwxguy78 are legally obligated to listen to your opinions and suggestions. True story, I just did it!
  3. Workload prevented be from monitoring the site most of the day. I will admit to not reading the 100 +/- pages I missed. Looking at the most recent, it appears there is still a (albeit low) chance for Monmouth and Northern Ocean Counties to get accumulation? Am I reading that correctly?
  4. Roads were getting slick going from Southern Middlesex to Western Monmouth Counties, even though truck was reading air temp of 35 and it was raining. I could feel my truck would've easily broken traction if I was too aggressive. Also had to take two detours due to closures. I'm glad I kept my expectations low for this storm, they weren't low enough though. Glad for those that did cash in, hope everyone stays safe.
  5. NJTP Exit 8A: flipped to snow 2-3 hours ago. Only sticking so far is some slush on the cars.
  6. 40 new pages in the Obsv thread in the 15hrs I was away. Yeah, I missed stuff.
  7. Rain since about 0930. Hoping/waiting for the changeover tomorrow.
  8. Anyone have the graphics (or can direct me where to find) that shows each ensemble output in graph format?
  9. That was my point. I was seeing high numbers from the NAM.
  10. I forgot about that page. How do you get there from the home page? I can't find it as a link. I'd like to see a 101 on reading the most used graphics.
  11. You think 6+" along I-195 is a legit possibility?
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