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  1. Kevin49068487

    Suggestions for a personal weather station

    My original intent was to attach it to the top of a roughly 10' old wooden post (former clothes line post). That option requires no additional construction and gives the most clearance from objects; but will be more challenging to access for maintenance. My other thought is to use the 4x6" post that I have setup for an outdoor movie screen. That is closer to 12' high and was designed to cantilever down; making maintenance easier. The downside to that location however is its proximity to a very large and tall tree. This tree would prevent any accurate wind readings coming from ENE.
  2. Kevin49068487

    Suggestions for a personal weather station

    Further research shows even solar powered units require battery backup. They also require routine cleaning, both complicating my mounting plan. I will need to balance ease of access for maintenance vs ideal location (height and clearance from trees, etc...). I'm currently leaning towards an Ambient Weather WS-2902a.
  3. I'm thinking about getting a personal weather station. Figured this group would be the best to seek input from, however I was unable to locate discussions on them, if one exists. I would like one that is solar powered so no need for wiring or batteries (indoor unit can be AC or battery powered). I'd like wind, barometric pressure and rain gauge along with standard temp/hum. Wi-fi connection and historical capabilities a plus. Budget mid $100 to low $200. Any other features I should consider? Brands that stand above the rest or ones to avoid? Thanks in advance Kevin
  4. Too early for an idea on the winds we might get? Not looking forward to high winds with the ground so saturated already and more rain coming.
  5. That explains it. When I saw how calm it was I thought it was in the eye. Then the cam rotated and I saw the new flag, thought someone was out there!
  6. What causes the stall? Something blocking it I assume. How do we know (if it can be known) how long it will stay stalled?
  7. What are roads and parking lots like there?
  8. Sleet started in Cream Ridge around 7 am. Maybe an hour of that, then mixing. All snow of varying intensity since around 10 am. Maybe 2" on colder surfaces (deck/pavers/grass) most blacktop is wet/minor slush with typical shaded areas having maybe an inch of slush.
  9. Kevin49068487

    Vendor / Enthusiast Forecasts and Discussion

    Mt Holly not giving up!
  10. Kevin49068487

    The Banter Thread

    New Jersey State Police Issues Commercial Travel Ban West Trenton, N.J. – Colonel Patrick J. Callahan has announced a commercial vehicle travel ban due to the anticipated severity of the impending nor’easter. Effective tonight, Tuesday, March 20, at 8:00 p.m., there will be a commercial vehicle travel ban for the entire length of following roadways: · I-78 · I-80 · I-280 · I-287 The commercial vehicle travel ban applies to: · All tractor-trailers · Empty straight CDL-weighted trucks · Passenger vehicles pulling trailers · Recreational vehicles · Motorcycles Trucks already in New Jersey are encouraged to use truck stops or rest areas during the ban. In order for road crews to effectively plow, drivers should not park on shoulders. Residents and motorists should avoid driving unless you are an essential employee needed for emergency response. If you do not have to be on the roads during the storm, please stay home. If you must go out, drive slowly, fill your gas tank, charge your phone, pack blankets, water and non-perishable food items. # # # Follow the New Jersey State Police online at Twitter , Facebook and Instagram . The social media links provided are for reference only. The New Jersey State Police do not endorse any non-governmental websites, companies or applications. For additional information visit our website at www.njsp.org.
  11. Kevin49068487

    The Banter Thread

    ^^THIS^^ NWS doesn't worry about ratings or ad revenue or public appearances etc.... NWS lives weather 24/7 and present what they think is the most likely outcome in the name of public safety. (Pretty much the same as the people here)
  12. Kevin49068487

    The Banter Thread

    Thank you
  13. Kevin49068487

    The Banter Thread

    No. That is why I asked the question. Is there a direct relation to this map and surface?
  14. Kevin49068487

    The Banter Thread

    I saw this is the storm thread, but figured this was the correct place for my question.... How do I read this? This can't be calling for 100+ mph wind speeds at the surface.
  15. Kevin49068487

    March 20-22 Winter Storm Threat Part I

    No worries. I see and appreciate this is not only a labor of love, but a major investment in time and funds. I for one appreciate it and will be sending some more minor assistance once I'm able. Thank you!