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  1. This is what Mt. Holly put in their Weather Briefing. Not the first time I've seen them release different maps at the same time.
  2. Black sky, moderate wind, no precip. NJTP Exit 8A. Hearing what could be thunder, could be truck traffic on the NJTP?
  3. I was bored enough to look. I smell an insanity plea.
  4. Hector Juan Padilla, 28, of Bound Brook, was charged with second-degree aggravated arson and third-degree hindering in connection to the massive and devastating fire in the borough's downtown. Additional charges may be coming, Somerset County Prosecutor Michael Robertson said Tuesday afternoon during a news conference. Source: https://nj1015.com/bound-brook-man-charged-with-arson-in-massive-downtown-fire/
  5. I'm looking for a new book to read, I like to get e-books from my library, they have "The Weather Machine, A Journey Inside the Forecast" by Andrew Blum available. Any thoughts on it?
  6. First and foremost, THANK YOU. First Responders are the True Heroes and should be celebrated as such; not athletes or celebrities. With that said: " The Chimney Rock Inn - just over the Bound Brook border on Thompson Avenue in Bridgewater - says it will provide pizza as a thank you to first responders on Monday until it closes at 10 p.m. " Source: https://www.nj.com/somerset/2020/01/bound-brook-fire-restaurant-offers-free-pizza-to-thank-first-responders-who-battled-7-alarm-blaze.html
  7. NWS for Imlaystown, NJ. Couple degrees either way could have big impact. Edited since I cropped the Legend (for people like me that still need that): Red=Temp; Green=Dewpoint; Blue=Windchill.
  8. Interesting. My wife watches one of the NY TV "news" shows in the morning; couldn't tell you which one, I mostly filter it out. I did pay some attention to the weather. She claimed zero precip in NJ at all until 8pm-ish. Then rain flipping to snow around 11pm. Rain/Snow transition line was SE of I95 I believe. My main point is the major difference in timing. If Mt Holly is right and it hits during evening commute a lot of people likely will not be expecting it.
  9. The ones of my youth; being pulled on a sled by Fluff (our St. Bernard) and snowmobile riding on 537; back before traffic was anything like it is now.
  10. No mention of the mid-week chance. I haven't caught back up here too see if that is off the table now too. Top image is 1/10-1/14; bottom 1/12-1/18.
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