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  1. I'll start by saying I know this is too far out yet to have a solid prediction on if it will be a threat for the NJ area or not. I'm interested in what the level of confidence on the timing of it is? Would we be looking at next weekend give or take a day or three?
  2. How is this even possible!? How can this model be so cold biased at this point?
  3. It's funny, earlier this season I heard one of them bragging about how few people in the US had that certification. Gave the impression they're an elite group and it's extremely challenging to get.
  4. Don, regarding these 10 cases, I'm curious how much snowfall there was prior to March. Were they active seasons or less active like this year has been?
  5. V-blade was awesome last year. Between blasting through banks in the aprons and directing the slush where I want it I'd never want to go without again. As an hourly guy it may not have been the best move since I'm more efficient, but that also means better chance for sleep before returning to day job. Maybe next year will be better. What really kills me is I have bonus vacation week for my 25th year of service at work this year; was hoping to use it for a motorcycle road trip. No plowing money means no road trip though. But hey, I'm employed, got my health, etc... All in all can't complain, many others are much worse off.
  6. Yeah, I don't do salt application either. Good part is it doesn't eat up my truck, bad news less chance for hours. Could've been worse, last year was my first year with my new V-blade. I'd be losing my mind if I never used it the first year I had it.
  7. By the time I got out of my day job for the Nov storm it had started to switch over, between that and the warm-up I wasn't called out. The guy I help out has most of his accounts in Lakewood, Jackson and Toms River areas. If only one of the areas needs service he can knock it out himself, no need for me. The whole season has been like that.
  8. <Begin Rant> I've given up on any hope. For me personally, if there's not enough snow to get called out to plow, it should be 70 degrees and Sunny so I can enjoy my motorcycle. I'm still at 0 hours; the switch over to rain on this last storm killed me. I'm taking the ballast out of my truck bed this weekend. <End Rant>
  9. Started out looking promising. Switched to rain around 21:00.
  10. Precip started around 4 as light rain, turned to mix after about 20 min or so; mod snow for last 30-45 min. Minor slush on colder surfaces.
  11. No worries. I hadn't even considered it being taken the way you took it.
  12. Called out to plow. I make money, I make a donation. I'm still at 0 hours this winter.
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