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  1. Way too early to call it but sometimes we just don’t capitalize on our windows. That’s just the way it is
  2. Looked like some of those model runs from Jan 2016 that crushed DC
  3. Defintely a KU signal there. Could have been even bigger. Just some slight disorganization in the trough
  4. Closed 500mb trough over the OHIO valley. WOW
  5. This is gorgeous haha. That little sub PV in southeast Canada is gold
  6. Talk about everything clicking. Nice little sub PV in southeast Canada, significant phasing now over the south. PNA amplifying
  7. Hard to see this not producing. Beautiful look
  8. Euro has a “super” PV. Not much support for that right now. Most models have the PV unwraveling a bit
  9. Theres no trends lol this thing is still 200+ hours out
  10. EPS looks much better. I don't think anyone needs to worry about this cutting/rain. We just need all the pieces to click. It's all there for the taking
  11. The high slides offshore. Verbatim not a good solution
  12. Not post worthy but here’s a snapshot. Can’t have the PV wrapped up like that in C Canada. Need it to streeetch southeast. I’m not worried at all
  13. Haha. It’s still way out there. Verbatim not an ideal solution probably. Gfs has much better confluence but the euro trended that way