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  1. This run the trough gets stuck out west and it’s too positively tilted anyway. But looks like the ridge is gonna steer it close anyways
  2. It’s gonna drift around and wait for that trough. Ut oh
  3. Southern track is the way to go. Trough is no where near deep enough. Put Florida and the gulf coast on high alert
  4. Wow rgem just went best case scenario. March rules
  5. Trends were good today man. I’m eager to see the new euro, I’m expecting a south shift no doubt. I think I95 could be in a good spot. Nothing major but could be a solid snowstorm. Euro will be out in 20 mins
  6. Good stuff on the models today. This is what happens when a huge EPO and some nao help work in tandem. We got 2 threats. The 2nd wave looks to have the better airmass and higher ceiling although models are a bit flat right now. The first wave is just gonna depend where that gradient sets up. Both look good right now imo
  7. Its pretty simple. All guidance shows the EPO and the small -nao blip breaking down. Pacific breaking down will likely cutoff any snow threats and eventually introduce a sustained ridge in the east
  8. 3/5-3/7 looks good for any last hope at a good snowstorm for the area. After that the pattern flips.
  9. That was wild. This EPO looks like it’s gonna be on steroids
  10. Sounds like mr. masiello is thinking some good chances coming up but not something that would drop 2 feet from dc to Boston. Even without the slam dunk nao things are looking good next week
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