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  1. Given the time of year it’s alittle easier to get something with minimal cold and the setup is there for a coastal transfer. I’m not going crazy but worth watching for sure
  2. looks good to me, 6z was alittle ridiculous but it’s hard to see this setup not producing..relax
  3. That run was literally insane, caught me completely off guard the euro is doubling down on a huge CCB this close in
  4. Love that lead wave suppressing heights at day 6. Let’s see if the trailing wave amplifies, def not cutting. I like the setup
  5. Gfs doesn’t look too bad at 180. The following 5 days is our window I guess
  6. dude don’t disrespect 3 of the greatest snowstorms in the area by calling them miller bs, that’s ridiculous
  7. looking at it now, PV dominating the nao region and lakes cutters galore. Ugly
  8. Trying to find something to get excited about and coming up empty. Oh well
  9. Is @antmasiello_HM gonna throw us a bone on this one? he’s been quiet
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