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  1. yep! funny how I made a post yesterday about playing this game before and most of us having to temper expectations. i went to look for the post this morning and it looks like it got deleted. but you want me to donate or subscribe to the forum...
  2. a little K/U action to break the season open first week of December! Thank You Maam! may I have another?!?
  3. Tmagan would post the old Rgem/ggem black and whites. And yes I think the upside down Korean...lol
  4. Im in Bloomfield and I dunno man...i gotta be up to 7-8..maybe more.. alot of fookin snow! About 12 miles west of NYC.
  5. Was just outside... its got that raw and chilly feeling.. Its gonna be a good one! I can smell it...
  6. Yep, just ran down Rt. 35. DOT is loaded with salt and idling at the Wawa in Cliffwood beach. About 10 more tandems in another lot in Laurence harbor. Its 38 and rain!
  7. GSP was late to the party also. Not treated. Took me 2 hours to go 30 miles. I left Bloomfield at 2PM and it progressively got worse as I headed south.
  8. I said it was possible yesterday and got hammered.. did you forget?
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