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  1. DP last night was -7 and is now -3. 13 degrees. Coldddd! Bring it on!!
  2. I’ve been here reading since beginning of season. Lol. Hoping for a good 4 inches here in NY.
  3. Highland Mills NY. Orange County. Took this around 345pm. Didn’t go out to measure. Too comfy inside today. Lol
  4. I’m in Highland Mills and it was hitting the windows hard last night.
  5. Riverdale NJ. It’s puking snow on Hamburg Turnpike
  6. Hi my friend! Next town in which direction? Lol I’m hoping to get some good stuff here soon
  7. Man I hope so. I woke up to 12-18 from NWS only to be cutdown as the day went on. But I’ll be happy with what I get here anyway.
  8. @CCB! a little yes. Moderate but no death bands to be seen.
  9. What does that mean? I responded to my brothers post cause I know his sarcasm
  10. I’m under that heavy band however there’s nothing heavy about it here. Light snow. Slowly getting bummed out here in Bloomfield. Lol
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