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  1. Crazy hail storm just rolled thru Boonton. lots of lightning but didn’t hear thunder..why is that?
  2. Not doubting this. I’m assuming my forecast is unchanged. But is the storm here quicker than forecasted? If so, that means it ends quicker overnight?
  3. Is it beginning earlier then expected? id assume daylight hours will keep it from sticking until night time?? will this effect forecasted snow totals expected?
  4. 287 is literally my side yard. I’m in Boonton. like my chances here
  5. Sussex Morris Warren county upgraded to Winter Storm Warning. 4-7 inches of snow.
  6. That’s about right where the band set up in Nor’easter #2.
  7. Sorry, but rooting for a miss for this one. Yesterdays storm did too much of a mess. Stay east!!
  8. Damage up here in Morris County, at least in my neighborhood, very similar if not worse than damage after Sandy. Craziness
  9. Down street from me. Can confirm. Electrical fire in locker room.
  10. From a friend on Facebook, 30 inches in Kinnelon NJ...wowza. Who knows how accurate.
  11. Just mesured 19 inches in boonton. Just north of parsippany.
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