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  2. The lowered pressure over the tops of the roof vent stacks pulls the water out of all the p-traps, basically exposing all the waste lines to the air. That's why they whistle. I've seen this before.
  3. Almost as interesting / scary as the core presentation of this storm is the major convection in the outer bands. There could be widespread tornado threats as Michael moves onshore. Hopefully folks in FL and GA are paying attention to that, even if they're not inside the cone.
  4. Current recon getting a run of 107 kt (123 mph) flight level winds southeast of the eye.
  5. Epic. Anderson Cooper was doing the fake flailing thing on CNN this morning. It was pretty lame.
  6. I'm saddened to report that the Frying Pan Shoal webcam is down. The feed is showing archive footage. The closest buoy to Frying Pan Shoal is probably Diamond Shoal, which last night was loggging sustained winds of 42+ kts with gusts in the 60 kt range. Peak wave heights reached 27 feet, which is reasonably consistent with what we were seeing on the video before it went dark.
  7. Okay, clearly not low-light enough. Too bad, it was looking really awesome there.
  8. Looks to be a low-light camera. You can definitely tell that it's dark, the resolution is degraded - it really just makes it all that much more freaky.
  9. The sea state out at Frying Pan Shoals suggests about Force 8 on the Beaufort Scale - maybe borderline Force 9. As Bill Murray would say, "I don't think the heavy stuff's gonna come down for quite a while."
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