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  1. The HIRES nam is a tad cooler, a tad south it looks like but a little less on the snowfall.
  2. It looks like the trends, from what I can see currently, is a strong piece of energy that is more SW, but these are just trends from what I can tell. Correct me if I am wrong.
  3. The HRRR continues to show what could be a possible elongated, but very powerful squall line come near NNJ, the Lower Hudson Valley & Western CT. I would not be surprised if this occurs, since the HRRR was basically spot on with last Thursday's wintry event.
  4. Many of the shorter range-models,show a general 3-5 across NENJ! Do people agree that 3-5 is possible across NENJ?
  5. I feel like my forecast will verify nicely! Only changed this forecast map 1 other time!
  6. Well, seemed that was a long wobble. A sign of things to come? Or not?
  7. We will see some very cold air dip into the Northern Great Planes, as we head into the latter half of the Christmas weekend. Christmas Eve Morning will feature sub zero temps across much of Eastern North Dakota and Northern Minnesota
  8. The latest HRRR is better for the CT! Shows mostly snow instead of a thin coating of ice! But NENJ, NYC and Long Island may see a thin layer of ice, if this run verifies.
  9. Winter Weather advisory's are up for the NYC metro area, NENJ and parts of CT. Here is the HRRR's progression of the freezing rain event tomorrow morning.
  10. Agreed. We will have to closely watch how this plays out.
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