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  1. this is going to suck if all we have to do is some salting for this system and a one sidewalk to be swept...ugh lost $$$ potential and a huge bust since they called for 5-8 inches in my area the HRRR and Nam were right
  2. snow has ended here completely in Belle Mead NJ...34 degrees, maybe got 1.5 inches on grass tough to measure because alot of melting, everything melting now everywhere
  3. i am calling bust for my area, lots of melting very light snow and now the sun is out...wow
  4. it picked up a bit the last few minutes here but its melting on pavement after the plow scraped the inch or so off in the past hour. Hard to actually say how much we have had because of the melting
  5. we shall see, not sure my area is going to get this, right now the snow is light and its melting on paved surfaces after it had been pretty moderate all morning
  6. current radar seems to have the heavier bands outside of Somerset County to the east in Middlesex and Union. If so that will be close to what the HRRR has been saying all morning and leave my area out of the big amounts. As I said snow intensity has slackened the past half hour and its definitely effecting the accumulation process on paved surfaces
  7. snow has ticked down in intenstiy in my backyard the last 20 minutes or so
  8. its snowing moderate in Belle Mead.....34 degrees..maybe 1/4 on pavement, half inch grass
  9. because the libs and tds infected go to their usual racist and deplorable arguments....because they have nothing
  10. Agree unfortunately my area Somerset County in nj went from red to blue and i dont like it
  11. Rolling my eyes...show your receipts...ano dont bring up Charlottesville without full quotes
  12. Too bad lib...he is your president and he will be for 4 more years
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