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  1. 96...heat index 112, had a brief shower this morning
  2. Are you kidding me? We have several summers way above normal for precip
  3. Not bad here .maybe 5 on grass but maybe 3 on paved surfaces. Right in line with the lesser amounts i predicted. Easy money..easy plowing...these 3 inchers are awesome..never need anymore snow than that
  4. not quite 5 inches on grassy surfaces.....just 3 inches on paved surfaces. I expect more as I head north to plow. Wet, heavy and compacting b the minute definitely fell in the line with the 4-6 I was expecting for my area, never bought into the higher totals
  5. snow picking up in intensity in Belle Mead..heaviest of the day....about a bit over 2 on grassy surfaces and about an inch or so on the pavement. i am waiting to hear those pingers though
  6. sticking has commenced n Belle Mead....33...we have had .13 of precip wasted as taint
  7. after a mix the past half hour, I have officially flipped to snow....and temp has dropped to 34. It was 41 when rain started at 3:30
  8. a few flakes mixing in with the rain in Belle Mead now....37
  9. what is your problem..its raining here. Im posting an observation every hour...huh?
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