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  1. Parnas is irrelevant to any of this and lacks a shred of credibility
  2. i am right in that and its not snowing, stopped a half hour ago
  3. sun trying to poke out here in Belle Mead after about a half inch fell
  4. I am really sorry you are going through this @adamfitz1969
  5. they used a fake opp research intel by a foreign citizen paid for by Hillary to obtain a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign explain that,,i will be waiting
  6. um omfg you really are ignorant...did you read it, did you watch the Horowitz hearing or are you just regurgitating the msm headline the fisa warrant used fabricated evidence...it used the Steele dossier...that was it....and the dossier was never verified and then the subsource said it was phony....I mean i cannot take you seriously if you are going to sit here and say that this wasnt a sham
  7. oh and its great I didnt post here for awhile to watch all the fools fall into Tehran Nancys and the corrupt MSM lies and support for Iran and terrorism listen people wise up...stop buying the crap the msm are selling you. Trump did good with Iran and where is the world war 3 all the millenials were crying over...but they promised us
  8. Obviously you are trapped in your media bubble that told you Russian collusion was real The ig report was damning and you posted and troll oops Its obvious you didnt read any of it and folliwed the msm saying nothing here
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