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  1. What a f***ing get. We needed this one. Knew cost would be high but that's what happens when you pursue an ace. Let's get 28.
  2. And a good chunk of that growth came from Obama too. You all just keep acting like 20 January 2017 hit and suddenly all was great.
  3. I haven't been impressed with this recovery under either president. Wage growth is still bad and the middle class has reaped little benefit while the rich have gotten richer.
  4. The economy was "humming along" from 2010 - 2016, and all the GOP could do was downplay it, talk about how it was a fake recovery, etc...yet now under Trump, it's because he's some economic titan who saved us from the abyss.
  5. Ownership has given the clear to give Cole what he wants. LET'S F***ING GO.
  6. Does anyone think any of these candidates will act on the same policies in office either? Look at Obama. He promised some progressive action and wound up being "deporter in chief", corporatist, torture-loving, and rights-stripping as Bush 43. I hope the next Dem isn't like that, but I highly doubt you see this far-left business actually take hold.
  7. Ah, so you're taking one bill/position and stretching it into a party-wide view. Cool.
  8. I'm in on Warren, but it would take the Dem candidate to somehow be worse than Trump for me to not vote for them.
  9. Which mainstream Dems support any of these? Names? Sources?
  10. Finally got accumulating snow...in exchange, the universe decided to take away my sleep that I need before work.
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