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  1. Turned into a high quality day here. Sunny and 70 at work in the FiDi.
  2. At 3pm or so yesterday, was looking at 92. Today, 53. Just your typical -40 temp change...
  3. 73/68 on a late September night? Not cool. Bring on Friday already, and not just because of Game 1 of the ALDS...
  4. Blah, inland runner. Probably 1-2" then rain.
  5. 180, 185...semantics. Still a monster.
  6. The scary part involved in reading what's going on in the Bahamas is that this was only round 1.
  7. Disturbance fresh off West Africa up to 60% development odds in five days.
  8. Guess based off data for 8pm - 135/951.
  9. Guess we can't complain about the Park being too low anymore.
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