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  1. Manic Monday is upon us again. Overall: 8.5% NYS, 10.3% NYC, 7.0% xNYC. Today, Cuomo announced detailed guidance for schools: Region in question must be in Phase 4, have a 14-day average infection rate under 5.0% come 01 August, and cannot exceed a 7-day average of 9.0% following 01 August. Right now, all regions meet these criteria, except for NYC which still needs to attain Phase 4, and hopefully should do that next Monday. No indications from either BDB or AC in their respective announcements today, but based on where the data stands, I don't see why it wouldn't move forward right now. The age group to watch atm is 20-29, which has recorded increasing rates of infection, as per BDB this morning.
  2. And on the other side of the coin, NYCDOH officials reporting zero C19 deaths for 11 July. Preliminary and subject to change, but this is the most significant milestone yet.
  3. Florida apparently though reported 120,000 tests so it's a reduced positivity rate from earlier in the week, about 12%. But yeah, bad no matter what way you spin it.
  4. Sunday funday: Overall positive results: 8.6% NYS, 10.4% NYC, 7.1% xNYC. So a real mixed bag with some jumps in positive test rate here, especially in the city but most notably up in the Capital Region. NYC can at least hang its hat on a sizable drop in the ICU population to just one off the lowest tracking level hit earlier this week. Can we hold it there? Watch this week's numbers carefully as NYC heads to its second half of Phase 3 and we start to maybe see announcements for Phase 4, which could be just eight days off.
  5. And today: Positive rates overall at 8.7% NYS, 10.5% NYC, 7.2% xNYC. A new all-time low for the state in hospitalization numbers since tracking began, along with NYC. Hopefully those trends continue. At least we can try to keep things right while the rest of the country isn't.
  6. Your Friday Fayday report: Overall rates: 8.8% NYS, 10.7% NYC, 7.3% xNYC. Today, NYC had a better day with the hospital report while upstate kind of took a beating with some higher-skewing positive rates and hospital count increases. Nice to see the state popping another 70K+ test day and continuing to roam the 1% positive line on the whole. NYC on pace to be under 10% total positive tests within the next few days, likely no later than this time next week. Meantime, the rest of the US is getting clocked with over 65,000 new cases today as of this writing.
  7. Well it looks every bit the part of a tropical storm now. Can't do it justice.
  8. Thunder and lightning have entered the chat.
  9. Pretty heavy bands about to rotate into NYC.
  10. Here, today's report: Overall: 8.9% NYS, 10.8% NYC, 7.4% xNYC. A great testing day across the board for the state with mixed hospital results. Unfortunately, for a second straight day, NYC going significantly the wrong way in the latter category. Hopefully this is not an indicator of a trend.
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