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  1. Tuesday: So...what now? BDB urges more testing as nine zip codes dominate NYC's recent surge in positivity rates and pushes for stricter enforcement. He also revealed more plans for school testing, including frequency and consent information. On the state side, Cuomo seeks to meet with Orthodox Jewish communities, where BK/Rockland/Orange outbreaks are centered - one Orange zip code is at 18% positive. Rapid testing will be headed to those communities where the outbreaks are at their largest. Numbers are broken down via general state data and the "hotspots". 20 zip c
  2. Manic Monday arrives: Ugly, ugly, ugly, especially in NYC as hospitalizations continue to increase. Rockland County isn't looking too pretty in the Mid-Hudson region with positive rates surging over 10.00%. Broome County at about 5.00% is leading the Southern Tier up.
  3. State data still not up. In the meantime, Cuomo had two teleconferences today. I'm linking the second one, which has more specific information on NYC's and other clusters:
  4. Great ICU number today for NYC there, but other than that, a whole lot of blah.
  5. Saturday: And yet another day of NYC seeing large increases in hospitals and ICUs, with ICUs having now nearly doubled since hitting a low of 47 five weeks ago. Also, the clusters in Brooklyn and Queens are getting bigger and starting to spread elsewhere. I'd start bracing for a reversal of reopening.
  6. Delete if too political, but crap like this, six months later, is absolutely infuriating.
  7. Friday: NYC, for whatever reason, just continues to see the biggest increases in hospital and ICU populations. Was under 200/50 not that long ago, now you've got 250+/80. That's a not-exactly-subtle increase. The city needs to watch its back. Would love to see if the Ocean Parkway cluster is contributing to that, but it's a bit aggravating that more city residents are winding up in the hospital as opposed to other regions that have seen hotspots.
  8. NYC has added a panel for recent data - stretching every four weeks - to its Covid page where you can now see the uptick in the Ocean Parkway cluster. This area is seeing positivity rates come up to nearly 5.00% even as the city again hovers on either side of 1.00% overall. For comparison, my zip code up here in WH checked in at a rate of 1.00% flat for the four weeks ending 19 September. https://www1.nyc.gov/site/doh/covid/covid-19-data-recent.page
  9. Wednesday: NYC has a lot on its plate in neighborhoods while the overall city continues to hover a few points on either side of a 1.00% positive rate. It can be unnerving, but my hope is that we can take comfort at this point that preparation is so much better now than it was six months ago, at least as far as state and city are concerned. Many a hot spot have been snuffed out, including in other city neighborhoods, so let's see what happens here. Dr. Mitch Katz, head of H+H, appears today. Important time to remind readers - the data I post here daily is reported by
  10. Johnson and Johnson going to phase 3 with 60,000 volunteers. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/09/23/coronavirus-vaccine-johnson-johnson-begins-late-stage-covid-19-trial-.html
  11. Let's try Tuesday: A lot of talk about hyperlocal responses today from City Hall. Some concerning neighborhoods popping up, particularly in Queens and Brooklyn with upticks in cases/positive rates. Among practices will be reminders of the "core four": SD, masks, hand-washing, and staying home when sick, joining with increased testing.
  12. And it's a new week everyone: Manhattan joins the million test club, and NYS as a whole will top 10 million tomorrow barring something unforeseen. BDB and Chancellor Carranza seemed enthused as they visited a school in Elmhurst as the DOE welcomed back 3K, PK, Kindergarten, and D75 students today, with upper grades to follow next week. Compliance with safety measures seemed to be well observed. But we'll see what's to come.
  13. Sunday: Another day of six-digit tests reported in NYS. Closing in on 10M tests for the whole state with the equivalent of being able to have tested every other resident. Manhattan looks likely to top a million tests tomorrow on a cumulative basis. Schools undoubtedly to headline the week ahead.
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