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  1. To everyone who has viewed these posts, whether or not you've voiced your support, thank you. Thank you for following along over the course of one of the longest, most difficult periods that the world and this country have been through. Even if you don't live in NYS, I hoped you found these posts informative and, whether you liked/commented or not, I'm glad you continued to track with me along the way. If I didn't have an audience, I wouldn't have pushed on. Life is now returning to normal for most of us, and for me, that means hopefully now separating from tracking Covid data and
  2. With the news today, I announce that the final daily update of NYS Covid data will be given this Friday, 6/18, just before I head to PA for my first gathering with my Dad's family since Christmas 2019. Intermittent updates (possibly weekly) will continue until no longer truly needed.
  3. It's a new week and it really looks like I'm all that remains ITT. Percentage of NYS adults at least partially vaccinated: 69.9% (Goal: 70%)
  4. Your Sunday report...unlock week is likely ahead. Percentage of NYS adults at least partially vaccinated: 69.7% (Goal: 70%)
  5. And now into the weekend: NYS adults with at least one dose of vaccine: 69.5% (Goal: 70%)
  6. And finally Friday: NYS adults with at least one dose of vaccine: 69.2% (Goal: 70%)
  7. Thursday: NYS adults with at least one dose of vaccine: 69.2% (Goal: 70%)
  8. Wednesday: Current partial vaccination rate in NYS for adults: 69.1% (Goal: 70%)
  9. Today's update. Remember Tuesdays are...meh: Per the CDC/Cuomo's office, NYS is now at 68.9% of adults at least partially vaccinated. 1.1% to go to unlock.
  10. Today's report...scroll down for a key milestone to watch and the potential future of the data reports. A big announcement by Governor Cuomo today - NYS reaching 70% of all adults at least partially vaccinated will trigger the end of most restrictions, aside from those prescribed by the feds/CDC. Assuming the Delta (B1617.2) variant does not become a threat to NY, this will likely be a trigger date for me to stop posting these data reports. We'll see how things go.
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