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  1. And yet another week begins... The same echoes from NYC and NYS both today - get more vaccine and it's ready to roll. All while NYS now monitors a couple more areas of concern. Praise from the governor to the Biden admin for putting forth a more serious effort than its predecessors. Good news is Rt < 1 again.
  2. Watching at home while stadiums sit empty again, yay!
  3. Sunday, headed to a new week: The good declines continue for NYS and NYC both as we start to see daily and 7-day rates both head in the right direction and hosp/ICU slowly but surely responding. Unfortunately, some bad personal news I must report: I have been exposed to a Covid-positive case through my work. As a result, I am commencing a quarantine period. No symptoms at this point, but I will have to get tested in the next few days. I'll keep you all posted.
  4. How many more weekends will we need for this? The good declines continue...but how long will they hang on for as other strains try to make their way in? Vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate... (EDIT 14:56) Big news from Dr. Fauci during his appearance on MSNBC's Rachel Maddow program regarding a critical vaxx:
  5. Would it kill the state to actually update their vaxx data at the same time they do the case/hospital data... From Cuomo: praises Biden admin's push for more vaccines in shorter time, notes NYS is about out of its initial allocation and going week-to-week at this point - warns providers to not schedule what they don't have. Says even the Biden goal of 1M/day for the 100M/100 days would leave NYS with 420K/week and that would still take several months to get the 1A/1B group. Big focus is on finishing hospital workers before too many of them get sick and thus contribute to strain
  6. There's no definite answer on transmission yet, one way or the other. Dr. Fauci addressed the new strains yesterday in the WH briefing and said that all available evidence indicates that the vaccines will do the job against the known strains even if slightly less effective - he discussed a "cushion" that the vaccines have that give it more room to be effective even if the new strains cause a reduction in the overall efficacy. Covid may become endemic but it is possible it takes a route like other coronaviruses do and becomes no worse than a common cold or seasonal flu.
  7. One last personal thought from me this evening - I feel in much better hands after watching the Biden administration at work today. It certainly feels like science is back at the forefront along with a sense of urgency, but also plenty of time and effort being put in to construct a coherent, organized response.
  8. New dataset dropping. NYS vaccine data has not updated as of publishing time - once it is, this post will be amended. EDIT 16:47: NYS vaccine data updated. One of the better days across the board in a while, despite continuing elevated positive rates and numbers. Pretty much everyone recording drops in their hospitalized population. Meanwhile, here's a link I'm glad to be able to drop - the Biden administration has released its national plan to combat the pandemic. https://www.whitehouse.gov/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/National-Strategy-for-the-COVID-19-Respons
  9. Sooo...how much mileage are we going to get out of this this winter?
  10. Awaiting state numbers...meantime, the status of vaccines is the same echo today from Cuomo and BDB - vaccine supplies are running out. They both say doses are needed or distributors will run out and sites will close. Meantime, the city will make more push to vaccinate in public housing.
  11. Now on the eve of new leadership in DC... With Cuomo talking budget today, let's go to City Hall. BDB says NYC can vaccinate 300,000 this week, but only IF more supplies come from the feds. Otherwise, the city will run out of vaccines by Friday and thus could have to close distribution sites (would be just my luck, I'm scheduled for Friday...). But, if more supplies should come, more 24/7 sites will be coming later this month, including both Yankee Stadium and Citi Field. All eyes shift to DC...
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