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  1. And today: Overall positivity: NYS 9.4%, NYC 11.3%, xNYC 7.8%. Today brings a tie for NYS' all-time low daily positive percentage since tracking began, and a fresh all-time low for NYC. The city also moving close again toward getting under 100 Covid ICU patients. Pretty much good news across the board for the state today, a couple exceptions in CNY/WNY. This week: NYC is officially cleared, sans indoor dining, for Phase 3 tomorrow. M-H/LI are scheduled for Phase 4 Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively. Friday will mark two weeks since the first five regions (CNY, FLs, MV, NC, ST) went to Phase 4. Recall that some aspects of reopening, such as gyms and movie theatres, were held back by Cuomo a couple weeks ago even with the move to Phase 4. Will there be a "Phase 5"? Watch this space, I suppose...
  2. As New York tries to declare independence from the Covid tyrant: Overall numbers: NYS 9.5%, NYC 11.5%, xNYC 7.9%. New all-time low for hospitalizations in the state and city alike. Rough ICU number for NYC, was hoping they could reach under 100 there today. But still a pretty good report today with the positive percentage coming back down - especially nice in the Mohawk Valley after days of well over 2%.
  3. NYS back down to 1.16% positives after a couple creep up days. Full data dump later this evening.
  4. https://covidly.com/graph?country=United States#growth-state I had emphasis on New York for that screen capture.
  5. FL, TX, and CA are all on pace to rip past NY's growth trajectory in the coming days.
  6. Today's report: Overall positive rates 9.6% NYS, 11.6% NYC, 8.0% xNYC. The increase in positive rates, albeit still subtle (1.2 to 1.3), is definitely concerning. Less tests and more positives and that's been a trend now. But hospitalizations still remain pretty low and ICUs down to their lowest numbers since tracking began.
  7. Today. Overall positives - 9.8% NYS, 11.8% NYC, 8.1% xNYC. The Mohawk Valley definitely seems to keep flaring and when looking at positive percentage, it's inflating the state a bit. A lot of regions were up today, but it could have been closer to 1.2 or 1.1 percent if not for the MV putting up another 2.0. ' On CovidActNow, not a good day for NY and NJ as they both lost their "on track to contain COVID" rating, downgrading to "Controlled disease growth" due to increasing Rts.
  8. The NYCDOH has still been reporting some pretty low daily admissions for ILI/C-19-like illnesses, usually in the 50-70 range, well below its 200 threshold. The uptick in total hosp/ICU could just be cyclical, as a lot of patients from weeks ago have been discharged. Remember, there were over 12,000 in city hospitals at one point with the virus. This isn't April.
  9. What percentage of all tests run have come back positive. For NYS as a whole, this is 394,079 positives on 3,971,648 tests run since the pandemic began.
  10. Today's information shows us still seeing a good amount of red: Overall - NYS 9.9%, NYC 12.0%, xNYC 8.2%. The long way down the mountain reaches another milestone with the overall state rate getting under 10%. What is notable here of course is seeing that more of these cases seem to be turning severe enough to the point of needing hospitalization, even though the testing and whatnot continues to paint an otherwise great picture for NYS' control of the virus. Also today, you have Governor Cuomo announcing that any New Yorker can get a test - BDB though can claim a win here as NYC has had this ability for four weeks.
  11. Thread from the chief of Medicine at UCSF with a cautionary tale about California. I feel like we're seeing some similarities here.
  12. Tri-state (+ Mass.) still in the lead... https://covidactnow.org/?s=60387
  13. Today...seeing a lot of red. Not good. Overall rates now 10.1% NYS, 12.2% NYC, 8.3% xNYC. While testing rates would indicate the virus remains pretty well-controlled, definitely seems like there's a bit of an uptick in some severity, or it could be a lag in reporting of discharges. Either way, step back for NYS on the data today for the first time in a long time.
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