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  1. Uhoh...warning signs from the UK? Another surge en route?
  2. FDA meets this week for MRNA and JNJ booster discussion.
  3. I don't like taking victory laps, but this to me looks everything like a dissipating pandemic. Unless a vaccine-resistant strain pops, NYC seems like we can move on now. Statewide, the high vaccination rates NYC and downstate (along with potentially significant natural immunity) are making a clear difference as opposed to more rural upstate: This reflects in hospitalizations further. Of the 2,249 hospitalizations/510 ICU statewide, only 611/141 ICU are in NYC. At 27.2% of NYS patients hospitalized in the city, I believe that is the lowest share since
  4. This news + EUA vaccine for kids 5-11 soon might finally have the end of the pandemic in sight.
  5. Just saw the weekend forecast and I don't think I'm ready to give up the AC yet...
  6. Per CDC data, NYS has now crossed the 75% mark of all adults fully vaccinated. The one-dose number is at 84%.
  7. I'm done with this f***ing country. Only in this stupid a** country do we cater more to MUH FREEDUM than public health. Done.
  8. The difference between lashing out at vaccines and masks and encouraging them. Most deaths per capita since 6/1/21: Florida the most, Arkansas 3rd, Mississippi 4th. New Jersey 38th, Connecticut 48th, New York the least.
  9. Southern states starting to take the lead in deaths per capita after NY and NJ were tops in the country since pretty much the beginning. Sad that this is happening now. We were caught blind here. The surging deaths there now have literally no excuse.
  10. My case in point. This "religious exemption" crap is just more nonsense posturing for anti-vaxxers.
  11. This is so dumb. Aside from a few dumbf**k anti-vaxxers, we've been given vaccines for decades upon decades to protect against deadly illnesses, a number of them mandatory just to go to school, let alone get into certain fields. Why all of a sudden now is there so much b***hing and moaning over a vaccine and jumping through hoops just to avoid it? And don't even get me started on POSs like Ron DeathSentence and Greg "Lemme Sneak in These MABs and Third Dose" Abbott.
  12. Those are fairly spread out in the city. There's two around the 180th Street area in WH. A lot of them are partnered with NYC H+H.
  13. The more data that comes out, the more better I'm feeling about having gotten Moderna's vaccine. I'm basically back to living life as I had before. I went to a couple of bars to watch Penn State's and the Eagles' respective openers. The PSU bar was checking for vaxx and ID while the Eagles bar wasn't - apparently they'll start today since NYC is beginning enforcement. I'm also planning to go out to State College for a game. Honestly I'm rearing to move as long as I feel fine. I'm still wearing my mask in most indoor environments though.
  14. Interesting, I too would like to know what's being planned to net me that money!
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