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  1. White rain for last two hours, nothing sticking here in Southern Nassau.
  2. From where we sit today, looking at the evolution towards the opportunity for the 12/17-18 event, what are our risks or what could go wrong between now and then? It’s great to see model consensus this far out, but with a week+ to go, I am trying to temper my excitement unless it truly becomes justified. I’m the boy who cried snow wolf in my family...
  3. First flakes have started mixing in with the rain at 36 degrees here in SW Nassau...FINALLY!!
  4. Just saw about 3-5 minutes of hail mixed in with the heavy rain band that just marched through Southern Nassau
  5. As a long time lurker of these boards, I feel obligated to contribute in dollars what I am unable to contribute in knowledge or meteorological insight. $10/inch in Rockville Centre, NY for Sun-Mon 3/3-3/4 event! Don't make me give only $5!
  6. Apologies if this might be banter. First time, long time I can’t seem to get a good idea on timing. I’m supposed to drive home to Long Island tomorrow late morning, from Hagerstown MD. Do I push it off a day or try to head out earlier? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Sleet with a few flakes in Roslyn, north shore of LI. Cars and grass out back are coated. Wasn't expecting it this early?
  8. Flying home from the West Coast and just hit crossing the western edge of the diving trough at the 4 Corners. The plane literally has been shaking hard for the last 5 minutes. Unreal. I promised my wife snow this coming weekend based on following you all the last week+. Thanks for not making a liar out of me! Keep up the great work, this place is amazing and so much fun to follow from the cheap seats.
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