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  1. strongest winds will be from now through 2 ish for nyc metro. eye is hauling
  2. some damage in CNJ from that cell
  3. Haven't commented in a while but my opinion is corona is “over” when either we get a vaccine in 12-18 months Or 85% of all Americans have had it and still have antibodies. After 2 months we are at 1% to 3% in the most generous estimates based on serological blood tests. We can allow more people to get infected at once, if we can build more hospitals and make more PPE for doctors. Or We find a cure that can be mass manufactured and distributed in the billions of doses. Remdesivir is sounding like the best option but scaling production is really hard, they don’t expect to have millions of doses until sometime in 2021 and you need billions to reopen the world. Until then, you can count out mass events such as sports w/ fans, colleges in-person, etc unfortunately. Just my 2 cents.
  4. Right now, the CFR for COVID-19 in the USA is about 1.2%. Assuming for every positive test, there are 5 asymptomatic positives not being tested, that puts the CFR in the USA at .1% to .2%. Anyone agree?
  5. It's dead as ever here as well. Was on 280. Dead as a rock, mainly trucks.
  6. people are minimizing the economic effect of this as well. we need a balance.
  7. Thoughts? https://nypost.com/2020/03/22/florida-man-with-coronavirus-says-drug-touted-by-trump-saved-his-life/amp/
  8. The stimulus will mean nothing if businesses, both small, and large, are pulling in no revenue. Zilch.
  9. A lot of people do not understand it's a domino effect. The President, or someone with high authority/stance needs to start sending out warnings, otherwise there will be no economy to return to.
  10. There needs to be a better balance between health and economics. Right now, it's one-sided.
  11. The FED is already predicting 30% unemployment and a 50% reduction in America’s GDP. For perspective, the highest employment number in the US was 24.9% in 1933. Suicide rates in this situation would skyrocket. No doubt about it.
  12. There are millions of Americans whose livelihoods are currently being destroyed as we speak. If this goes on for several more weeks, there will be no economy to return back to. Flatten the curve not the economy.
  13. If the governor wants everyone to go out and get tested wouldn't that lead to more infections? More people out in a public spaces doesn't sound like a good formula to me, unless it's drive-thru testing. Also, if he does follow the South Korea model with mass testing the mortality rate will drop quite a bit.
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