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  1. Looks like that band is stalled over our corridor. Might get an extra inch,
  2. Dumping, right on that line between sleet/snow. Golf ball sized flakes falling.
  3. Yep! Right on que, just checked outside big flakes falling. Funny enough EWR is only reporting 3.5 got a feeling they're under-reporting.
  4. Glad I visited my hometown growing up for this storm. Looks to be winding down now. Trees are caked and it looks lovely. Sleet doesn't want to go away. Should end with around 5-6".
  5. Are you mixing? It's actually a rain/sleet mix here about 10 minutes to your north. Not one model had that.
  6. same here in Union Twp. Was just north of the line the whole night, did not expect to switch this late, well over 5". Solid storm here.
  7. Another band heading in! Just measured 5" here. Should eclipse 7" easily -UC
  8. Back to all snow, probably a sneaky layer I'm guessing. It's absolutely PUKING now, huge flakes.
  9. I'm in Union Twp for this one and we definitely have more than half an inch. Somewhere around 2-3" eyeballing, however I'm beginning to hear pings.
  10. Ratios will be better for them so I'd expect a 10.
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