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  1. Persistence, that’s the key word for the last two winters. Unfortunately that has meant an unfavorable storm track for the coast. It’s almost best to discount what the models are showing past 200 hours and revert to the mean. I wonder how much of what has been occurring in Australia is tied into all of this. I know there are favorable changes occurring there now, that could effect us positively down the road. Allot of this is uncharted waters and discounts past analogs. The main problem is, does this occur too late and we end up with a benchmark storm track in April and a bunch of cold rain.
  2. That was incredible on the uws! Heavy snow/grapul for a few minutes, coated the ground!
  3. I hate to keep saying we need a full scale reshuffle, but we really do. The predominant storm track has been remarkably consistent since last winter. Which has obviously been the main problem for the coast. I wonder if it would take something like a major SSA to get the job done. Or if it’s a much bigger deeper problem that could take years to resolve
  4. I have done some minor snow removal on the far uws. The climate up here north of the park is closer to the nearby suburbs then midtown. I would like to see the storm track change, along with an introduction of colder air before getting too excited. Last year we found ways to waste cold air with an unfavorable storm track.
  5. Still haven’t had any precip on the uws. Something interesting is happening out on central LI based on the radar, anyone out there reporting accumulating snow?
  6. 40/24 looks like just a general area of light snow for for the nyc area based on radar trends. While it’s not going to lead to much more then a coating on colder surfaces it will no be to see some more snow fall.
  7. It’s going to come down to who has the best rates at the coast. light snow and marginal air isn’t going to cut it. South jersey is going to pull a nice storm out of this as they wet bulb down to 32 with good rates.
  8. 1” on coldest surfaces on the uws. Had a brief break and now it’s snowing nicely again.
  9. You know what I mean, general public stuff. I doubt it’s more then a coating on car tops outside of 1000+ feet
  10. 53 in Pittsburgh at 5am on 12/27. Yerp, some warm gulf air surging up the west side of the mountains. 46 in wantagh with a nice spring like flow off the ocean.
  11. The repeating patterns of the 2010s are remarkable. You win some you loose some. It was only a matter of time until the coast paid for some of the epic earlier winters. I know the inland guys are thinking hey December wasn’t bad. It was pretty abysmal right on the coast. I bought my dad a snow blower for Xmas LAST Christmas and it still has not been used. It’s almost a safe bet to just take last winters playbook with some minor tweaks and call it a day.
  12. 37.8 for a low Merry Xmas everyone! At least it’s not 33 and rain!!!!
  13. A little late dude, we have been in the teens already. I am trying to not let the cooked first half of January ruin my Christmas but it’s hard. I get promoted to head of grounds (and snow removal) Jan 2nd. So I guess everyone can blame me for the bad luck...
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