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  1. Still fairly calm on the uws. Precip shield seems a little disjointed. Anyone have thoughts on when the highest winds will arrive?
  2. That’s exactly it. Early on, as I was commuting through the city I thought to myself, this is a nightmare waiting to happen. A packed one train during rush hour means being on top of people. No way to stop a contagious pathogen from spreading under those circumstances. The good news is, the numbers of people that may have already unknowingly had corona and have already built an immunity is also likely high.
  3. Big snow flakes on the uws currently. I was not expecting this at all
  4. Had a decent little coating of sleet on the uws. Now a sleet rain mix
  5. Light snow and 37 on the uws. All snow as far as I can tell
  6. Fantastic, plan for the worst and hope for the best. With proper treatment we can help people. A doctor should never have to choose who gets a ventilator and who doesn’t. Those docs in Italy are going to suffer for life having made those types of decisions
  7. Congress is always going to take care of the hand that feeds them. I just drove In to NYC for work, and it’s scary. A line about a half mile long in front of A supermarket, garbage blowing in the wind. It’s really starting to feel apocalyptic
  8. I have generalized anxiety disorder. I think being intelligent, as we all are (understanding meteorology is a complex undertaking) makes us over think life. We are all grasping for straws trying to figure this all out. I find myself overthinking what are the outcomes for our economy. So many people, are going to suffer. A million small business’s may not exist after this crisis. Was it all worth it? My mind races over this. And then my mom, with lung cancer and on chemo... very very very hard time
  9. Just found out I have a coworker who’s roommate teated positive. My mother has lung cancer and is undergoing chemo. I may not be able to see my family for a while. This is getting too real now
  10. Good friend of mine, NYPD said there is talk of shutting the LIRR next week. For me that would be devastating. I need to get to work as I am in charge of horticulture for the college I work at. (Which has canceled classes for the semester and sent everyone home). Plants will continue to grow and require maintenance
  11. Had slight dusting on the uws early this morning. So technically February wasn’t a shut out
  12. Looks like one of the best lake bands of all time. Perfect wind direction over the entire fetch of Ontario. Going on 24 hours aimed right at the Tug. Add some some lift and your talking epic numbers. Too bad hardly anyone lives there to measure. Somewhere in the forrest has had 60+ inches
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