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  1. Normally I wouldn’t agree, but with plants weeks ahead of schedule the last thing we need is a late season cold shot. Once spring has sprung let’s spring straight through. with offshore water temps being so warm, and potentially even warmer with a warm spring we could be looking at an active severe season right to the coast.
  2. Great article. Amazing that, that model once needed comps the size of a small building to run. Even with models running trillions of calculations we still have so far to go. I would think it would take something on par with quantum computing to truly model the atmosphere.
  3. I agree to a point, but I’m saying be careful throwing in the towel. People are too quick to jump ship. I’m talking 3 weeks away which is plenty of time for things to mix the pattern up. Call it a hunch but I think there’s one or two surprises down the road.
  4. I wouldn’t say that. The repeating pattern is so incredibly consistent. At this lead time (go back and look) at this time last year, would you have thought the snow blitz was coming in March? Probably not. I would keep one eye open even if the shades are closed. We may not “see” it yet.
  5. The two storms are so completely different. Personally being a Long Island guy 88 is the most intriguing storm of all (recorded) time. The amount of snow, measured using modern techniques most likely topped 40” on western LI. Throw in 80mph wind gusts and you have a whole other level storm. Plus the warm to extreme cold scenario. 93 was a pretty mehhh on the island with abo it 10”. I remember being extremely angry when it changed to rain.
  6. It’s even worse right on the coast. We largely missed the snow blitz last March. Something like 10” combined for both winters. Checks and balances are one thing, this is just an awful persistent pattern. Luckily in Vermont it’s a whole other world.
  7. Good news for the hurricane season. With all the warm water sitting off the east coast from the lack of arctic air, could be a season to watch locally for enchanted activity.
  8. Pretty much. “So your saying there’s a chance”.... if the Carolina Piedmont ends up with a foot of snow I’m calling this the “salt storm”. We tripped, fell and rolled down a concrete hill and waiting at the bottom was a guy with a bucket of salt...
  9. Agreed. We need something bigger and much stronger then a wave into 8 to fix the problem. By the way, nice call about ski country, Vermont is having a nice run. The lack of full scale cutters have meant what has fallen is sticking around for once.
  10. Agreed, we need An arctic air source at least near by if we are to get the goods once past late feb. if you look at the real true arctic air currently, it’s locked up way way up in the Canadian Arctic. Keeping an eye open for any possible SSW or it’s time to close the curtains with a AO +2 or greater
  11. Or you can just get out of NYC for a bit. My morning view.
  12. Colder, more of an inversion. I give it a 25% chance of exceeding HWW thresholds. Some run of the mill 50 mph gusts will blow stuff around though and at least make for a somewhat interesting weather day
  13. If this verifies it’s going to have implications for record sea surface temps over the summer. Assuming even normal temps and sun insulation afterwards. A very hot humid summer could be in the works.
  14. That says it all right there. Even 01/02 which everyone holds as the gold standard cold winter had a much colder, coldest 30 day period.
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