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  1. LongBeachSurfFreak

    Southwest Flow Event Potential 2-17/2-18

    Strange temp distribution, since you guys had more afternoon sun. Temps should be more in line with what you would expect when precip arrives and everyone wet bulbs.
  2. LongBeachSurfFreak

    Southwest Flow Event Potential 2-17/2-18

    32 currently in wantagh right on the bay. Colder then I was expecting intitially. So snow may be more evenly distributed east to west across the nyc met. Expecting a coating to an inch home, 1-2” at work on the uws where I’ll be doing snow removal and posting obs from later. We still have great dews to work with so I think allot of people expecting nothing are in for a surprise
  3. LongBeachSurfFreak

    Southwest Flow Event Potential 2-17/2-18

    The down stream radar is looking fairly weak. Rates should be fairly underwhelming. We do have night in our favor for accumulations as well as relatively cold ground temps from last night. So there are some favorable indications going against the bad. Lets see if we can keep dews nice and low as we head through the afternoon. That has been our savior as far as getting frozen precip this winter.
  4. The fact that it’s showing coastal development is what has my interest. We have seen a complete lack of bench mark type tracks this winter. The general public is going to hate hate getting their biggest snows of the winter in March. Most people are already on to spring.
  5. LongBeachSurfFreak

    Southwest Flow Event Potential 2-17/2-18

    I have also seen numerous marginal temp events where midtown struggles to accumulate and we do just fine Nw of the Park. Being surrounded by parks and on a college campus with tons of green space it’s more like the suburbs in that regard. I’ll take pics and post them tonight of my accumulations, 9/10 times they beat what ever the park records
  6. LongBeachSurfFreak

    Southwest Flow Event Potential 2-17/2-18

    I’m about as far NW as you can get in the city and have seen multiple snow events where it rained at home the last few years. I think this is one of those events. Once NW of CPK begins the more inland type climate. But I agree for most of NYC this is a white rain event. Obviously we would have wanted this to start this morning rather then evening.
  7. LongBeachSurfFreak

    Southwest Flow Event Potential 2-17/2-18

    Thanks. Could be the type of situation where I see a couple inches at work at 120th and broadway and nothing at home on the bay. Dews are nice and cold again so we should wet bulb nicely once precip moves in so the big prohibiting factor is the wind direction.
  8. LongBeachSurfFreak

    Southwest Flow Event Potential 2-17/2-18

    What are you guys thinking for a start time in NYC. Ground temps are cold from last night so any snow will stick to colder surfaces.
  9. More like holy -PNA. That’s one of the craziest -EPO block setups I have seen.
  10. It’s inherently pretty hard to have a snowy March with above average temps. It would be nice to see the pattern shuffle by then to a bench mark type track. You really need some good strong storm with good CAA to have it snow to the coast especially later in the month. The ultimate irony would be if we have our biggest snowfall of the season after the equinox. I think we see something bigger before that however
  11. I think the big take away right now is that those that threw in the towel did so prematurely. If I had to bet the farm we see our biggest snow event along I95 from PHL-BOS between now and 3/10.
  12. Same. We loose the EPO and the SE ridge goes to town it could be another 80s stretch in March. Similar to 2012. Not saying that’s set in stone but it could easily play out that way.
  13. LongBeachSurfFreak

    Rant N' Rave (Banter) Thread

    If we can hang on to the current pattern it will be a fairly nice spring. But man would that be the ultimate kick while down if we see blocking really actually develope in April and we get a string of benchmark nor’easters.
  14. Even still there would be mixing issues for the coast. The low tracks overall aren’t especially conducive. What I would give for just one benchmark track this winter
  15. LongBeachSurfFreak

    Rant N' Rave (Banter) Thread

    There are plenty of places with that climate and you have 20 year retirement. I wouldn’t hold yourself back from living the dream. What are you other requirements? Maybe we can come up with a list of places