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  1. Slate gray sky’s on the uws on the wrong side of the boundary. Even a little bit raw. Bring on the rain as the irrigation is off on the terraces I maintain here on campus. The never ending project
  2. I agree, November and April are my least favorite months
  3. Very memorable backdoor. Major temp drop in seconds. It’s amazing how these events occur without any storms. All the cool air must be so low and stable.
  4. Just had some monster sleet pellets on the uws. They seemed especially big. Not enough for a coating.
  5. I went to college right outside Baltimore and the springs there were incredible. Lots and lots of sunny and low 70s in April. I would go home for a weekend leaving fully leafed out trees to stick season on Long Island. They also do well with severe weather, some of the best thunderstorms I have wintnessed were in the 4 years I lived down there. I happened to catch the biggest single snow event I have every witnessed there as well, 33” during PD2. Overall I find the weather more interesting on Long Island with a higher frequency of larger coastals. MD misses the goods allot in Miller Bs. A classic example was Jan 01 with flurries in MD and 20” at home.
  6. 30 for a low in wantagh but 27 near by at KFRG. It’s harder to get the wind to go calm closer to the water. I left kale outside last night and it seems fine. The snow in north and South Carolina this morning shows what could have been if this storm were closer
  7. Relatively warm in wantagh at 58 considering the strong onshore flow. Headed to the N.Y. botanical gardens to enjoy warmer weather
  8. It’s actually warmer today than yesterday on the south shore as the flow is offshore now. Living right by the water means raw early springs. Meanwhile in Vermont the snow pack at my house (share house) isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. 6” this weekend on top of 12” of the densest glacier I have ever experienced. It’s been wall to wall snow pack since November so all the winter rain was absorbed.
  9. Snow has tapered down to pixie dust. After about 4” here at 1400’. I’m not in a good upslope location. Higher up and closer to the west slopes there is at least 10”.
  10. Only at 2,000’ in the greens can you pull .5”/hr rates with the sun showing weather tourist
  11. Full on rippage now at 1900’ finally in the ccb about 6” and counting
  12. Woke up to a winter wonderland and that’s the exact reason I came up here. It switched to snow about 2am and I have about 3” so far. The biggest Inhibiting factor is the lack of precip. Waiting for the ccb to move east a bit
  13. Well I found 33 AND RAIN! Really, it’s 33 and raining here at 1400’ in southern Vermont. So so so close as the rain snow line is at 1800’ right now and 2,000’ for accumulations on roads. I checked out all different elevations on the way in. Radar looks crappy for me right now but I should wake up to rippage around sunrise
  14. Heading up to Vermont now. Obs to come from the southern greens at 1400’. Not expecting much on the front end at the house. Should do well on the backside upslope
  15. Absolutely. I’ll post some pics too. Expecting around a foot
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