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  1. What time are we thinking for arrival of rain tomorrow? (Work related question)
  2. 12-18" for LHV per Euro? Stay right there please lol
  3. I'm confused...everyone keeps saying tonight. This is literally for overnight tonight, separate from both the Saturday and Monday snows?
  4. Radar is blowing up over LHV...more yellow showing up every new frame that appears...gonna be nasty out there with temps in mid-20s and sleet/ZR falling:
  5. @snywx Looks live heavy echos over Middletown, what precip type are you seeing out of that?
  6. Confirmation that true sunny days actually do exist in New York these days!!!!
  7. Any chances for rain/showers lingering into the 8 to 10 am hours or is it gonna be dry skies at that point?
  8. My bosses boss lost part of his house....tornado went right through hos neighborhood...thankfully his wife who was home w the kids had them in the basement
  9. About 29k of 32k Nyseg customers out in Westchester.... 25k of 38k out in putnam
  10. Why are you still watching? The Yanks were out of it in chance to catch the Sox...just give up already man
  11. Guys...close this thread. Its still April and we are a full 2.5 games behind Boston. They cant be surpassed they are just too good.
  12. If only we had those .300 hitters...maybe we could be 0 in on base % instead of 1st!!!! Damn!!!!
  13. Man it is ballsy putting Betances in here in this spot, but could go a long way towards getting him back to what he was if he can pitch well here.
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