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  1. sn0w

    August 2018 Discussion And Observation

    Confirmation that true sunny days actually do exist in New York these days!!!!
  2. sn0w

    7/21-7/22 Coastal Special

    Any chances for rain/showers lingering into the 8 to 10 am hours or is it gonna be dry skies at that point?
  3. sn0w

    2018 Severe Season Discussion

    My bosses boss lost part of his house....tornado went right through hos neighborhood...thankfully his wife who was home w the kids had them in the basement
  4. sn0w

    2018 Severe Season Discussion

    About 29k of 32k Nyseg customers out in Westchester.... 25k of 38k out in putnam
  5. sn0w

    May 2018 Observations & Discussion

    How's tomorrow morning looking?
  6. sn0w

    2018 New York Yankees

    Why are you still watching? The Yanks were out of it in chance to catch the Sox...just give up already man
  7. sn0w

    2018 New York Yankees

    Guys...close this thread. Its still April and we are a full 2.5 games behind Boston. They cant be surpassed they are just too good.
  8. sn0w

    2018 New York Yankees

    If only we had those .300 hitters...maybe we could be 0 in on base % instead of 1st!!!! Damn!!!!
  9. sn0w

    2018 New York Yankees

    Man it is ballsy putting Betances in here in this spot, but could go a long way towards getting him back to what he was if he can pitch well here.
  10. sn0w

    2018 New York Yankees

    Not even close. See PBs post.
  11. sn0w

    2018 New York Yankees

    Your posts are cringe-worthy. The 2001 Mariners, went on an 18 game stretch from games 60 through 77 of 9-9 ball...and ended up with the most regular season wins of all time. Historically great teams have stretches of .500 ball within their season. The fact that this is the beginning vs. happening in the middle means literally nothing. They aren't 3-13 or something. Same with people freaking out about Stanton hitting .200. I'll bet plenty of batting title winners have had stretches of 10-15 games of .200 hitting within their season. It happens every single season in some way, people freaking out about something based on a very small sample size.
  12. sn0w

    Mid/Long Range Winter Pattern Discussion

    I would pay for that to verify
  13. sn0w

    Mid/Long Range Winter Pattern Discussion

    Hope that is wrong,,,supposed to be golfing in OC Maryland.
  14. Just hit 4" here. After dealing with dry air and virga all day this is turning out to be OK...think there's a decent chance we hit 6