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  1. Euro says the 25th is congrats to the same people getting buried today.
  2. Late January into mid February is prime climo for KU type storms, especially during El Niño winters.
  3. I guess it’s better but the risk of cutters is still there. Thats why I think a January 2016 or a February 1983 type event is more likely than an epic period. Still relying on perfect timing and placement. At some point you have to have good luck for at least one storm
  4. But you made my point. You posted the ensembles from early February and you yourself said more of the same. That would be after the 25th? Despite all the gloom I think we get one big one. I just don’t see weeks and weeks of cold and storms. Some winters Murphy’s Law wins
  5. That’s why I have said a few times I am hoping for a 1982-83 repeat at this point. Horrible winter but everything came together one time that winter.
  6. There really aren’t any to chase the next 10 days unless it’s more cutters and rain
  7. Yea sometimes it just don’t work out. Oh well, the weeklies look epic for December 2019!!!!!
  8. The strat doesn’t look to be doing anything different than what we have had. Cold spells. Cutters. One bitterly cold day. Warms up. Cutter. Wash rinse and repeat. The ensembles you posted would be exactly what we have had
  9. Isotherm nailed this storm. Kudos to him. He hasn’t posted much lately. I hope he still is thinking we do well after the 25th
  10. I am 54. I was a senior in high school that year and the storm occurred on my birthday. I followed accu weather with Elliot Ebrahms back then on my local am station. The started out calling for 4-8” then raised it to 8-16” then went all in with 12-24”. Like you ended up with 2 feet. Insane rates with thunder and lightning later that day.
  11. Spot on. This winter is a throw back to the 1980’s which the young ones on these boards never experienced. Of course we didn’t have these weather forums back then but if we did, it would have been hilarious. My hope is this winter ends up being 1982-83. Awful winter for cold and snow but for two days that winter everything came togthee perfectly for one of the great winter storms of my lifetime.
  12. Yea that had something like that. Interior is going to do well the next couple weeks as even the storms modeled now give them some snow, just like today’s storm. But us peeps just nw of the big cities and along the coast just have to keep waiting. They say patience is a virtue. We should all be experts on being virtuous by now.
  13. Yea I know. I was just hoping the gfs would be right just one time. It really looks like our winter is going to be a two to three week window for sustained cold and storm chances. Hopefully we make the most of it.
  14. Nothing really exciting coming up. Gfs joined the cutter crowd for the 25th. Looks cold and dry after that with lots of NW flow. Maybe Miller B’s for New England last week of January.
  15. The euro is one cutter after another. Big one at day 9.
  16. I imagine the weeklies will look epic tonight, but they have looked epic since Labor Day
  17. I am in the mindset now that just give me a February 11th 1983 or a January 2016 storm. Only one of the winter but memorable that made you forget how much the rest of the winter sucked. I don’t need a 45 day period of cold. Give me one big storm and call it a winter
  18. HM was having a discussion with someone on Twitter the other night that an early spring is possible. Nothing definite but some signs point to it. March could be like 2010 was after the big snowicane storm late February winter ended and right into spring.
  19. I meant snow or nothing at all. Lots of precip types this weekend.
  20. I think it’s pretty much a given that the system next week cuts and is a Midwest snowstorm. HM has been saying that for days. It’s seems the cold and all snow pattern is after the 25th, maybe even February 1st since it looks to me to be very cold but suppressed storm track last week of January
  21. Sounds good. At least with the trough there no cutters to worry about
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