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  1. Look, maybe i'm late to the game... But i'm really curious what to do here.. I have been to Costco and BJ's and Shop Rite maybe - 5-6 times (Total) over the past 3 weeks and a few take out orders.. (And this has probably been too much) I don't really want to go ANYWHERE anymore but i'm not sure where to get the food we need and/or want. While I buy a zillion things online, i've never been one to buy food. I've checked instacart and other sites and it feels like there are no delivery options or they're 3+ weeks in the future. Just curious what options people are using to avoid Warehouses/grocery stores... Thanks!
  2. WTF... seriously- these stories are just unreal.. It just seems like way more people are dying from this than we are being lead to believe... It's just crazy!
  3. Could be a very WIDE "U" - as in I I I I I I I I I__________________________I
  4. omg............ thanks for clearing that up for me.... Can they test you for antibodies, eventually to confirm you had it?
  5. i'm sort of confused..that recount was yours Patrick from back in in December? Were you in China back then? You clearly had this virus, no? Was that from a friend? Sorry, i am a bit confused.
  6. Is 3M a completely American company? From what I am reading here - The 3M Company is an "American multinational conglomerate corporation". What effect does this have on how they distribute their products?
  7. This... I said this weeks ago (as you and other probably did too) In fact, I think this is worse. I'm not diminishing 9/11 in any way, but besides the amount of people that are going to die from this - it's hit the nation and the world- as Drudge had a story today - half of HUMANITY is in isolation. This situation is absolutely surreal! I can't see how the markets have fully grasped how messed up the economy is going to be as we head into the 2nd half of the year, especially if things don't slowly go back to normal in the next month or so. And if there is a 2nd wave this fall... I can't even imagine....
  8. After we reach this peak - there is no guarantee that our numbers decrease substantially very quickly. It could linger for weeks and then slower go down (new cases), right?
  9. I can't do this anymore.. I have people who i "know" (haven't spoken to them in 20 years) - that still think this is still all a Deep-State conspiracy to imprison us all.... I can't take these people anymore... Time to defriend......
  10. That's the next show coming up - after the Tiger Man - Joe Exotic show slows down!
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