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  1. See you just hit the nail on the head. At the end of the day, I don't think much of this matters to most of us.. I'm not saying that certain things don't matter during a presidency, but like Patrick (i think) says often - local politics is SOOOO much more important to our every day lives than who holds the Presidency.
  2. If you read Sotomeyer's opinion she makes out the logical difference between these events and going to Home Depot. Im sorry if the conservative mind is too warped and unable to see the distinction and only care about themselves and not their fellow citizens...
  3. I think i saw this the other day- I thought what you were highlighting was an update to what he originally said.. In any event, yes, they do it for their bottom line. This is what trumpsters want to hear- the corporation knows it so they keep repeating it. It's as simple as that.
  4. This article is so on point, I think. It really describes what's occurred to many in this country especially those over 55.. I too can admit, I use the computer, and my phone too much, but i've been doing this since I was 14. (I'm 43 now).. I built my 2nd computer in 1992 and went to college with a computer and AOL.. (yea, I was that loser) - but have been on the world wide web since late 1994... I remember going to the first webpages in the fall of 1994 when I did a Meteorology internship on Long Island late in HS.. My boss showed me this cool program called Netscape - it was amazing. I
  5. WHO the F are these people? Where is the link to substantiate what this idiot is posting and IF true, who knows about the things that they may be finding that individuals such as this are are NOT posting. These tweets are complete idiocy and are told in a vacuum. It's utter nonsense!
  6. I watched Idiocracy last night. OMG - was that movie a foreshadowing of the near future.
  7. hahahaha. https://www.chron.com/news/article/Congressman-seeks-to-have-Rudy-Giuliani-disbarred-15750774.php
  8. Did anyone see the 51 second press conference today? Trump spoke about the 30k Dow and the advances on Vaccine, but nothing else. It literally was about a minute long or so.
  9. So with Rudy admitting last night that he was "exaggerating" a little bit about his fraud claims and now with this knucklehead clearly stating that what they are selling at Newsmax is just that- great for the bottom line (which we all knew) - when will Trumpster's come back down to this planet and admit they are EASILY persuaded and manipulated people? Trump can say WHATEVER the hell he wants and his followers will believe him. This is a CULT... There is no other way of putting it. https://www.businessinsider.com/newsmax-ceo-chris-ruddy-interview-great-for-news-2020-
  10. People think the "SUPREME COURT" is the 3rd part of the government. It's not.. It's PART of the JUDICIARY BRANCH. The laws are interpreted by the lower courts and the SC gets involved, if they feel it's necessary by granting "certiorari" giving it the power to review that low court's ruling. Why some (not necessarily you) think one's case always ends up being reviewed by the SC is laughable. The SC only reviews a very small percentage of cases. The lower courts work really well, generally speaking.
  11. Wait? Why- it seemed to work quite well. We have many outlets (in government) that said things went rather smoothly... Again, just because YOUR guy didn't win doesn't mean the process didn't work. Stop trying to latch onto whatever spin that's still left in an attempt to suggest the outcome was flawed... Really, dude, you sound unhinged...
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