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  1. Can I ask a rather stupid question. I am for wearing a mask but want to be clear about something. When I bike ride, or go outside (not near people) I don't wear a mask. I went to a small beach (Our East on LI) which was moderately pack and never walked w/in 6 feet of anyone - was there for 2 hours and didn't wear a mask. I was also at Crab Meadow and kept my distance from people and didn't wear a mask. These places I've been to have only been with my immediate family. We did meet people (only 4-5 people at Crab Meadow and kept our distance 5-10 feet all the time). However, any time I go to some sort of establishment which I have to go inside- I obviously wear a mask. This only happens every 4-8 days. The only places I've been to are Costco, BJ's a super market once in a blue moon and a few take out joints. Oh and Home Depot. Normally, I simply work from home, as my work won't be opening up until September. (This applies for everyone in my family) Nobody visits except my in-laws who stay outside at a distance who incidentally have been tested recently. (Both negative). So my question is- am I not wearing this mask in accordance to the guidelines?
  2. I agree..100%. If phase 2 doesn't begin in some upstate areas, something would appear out of wack. The idea was always to FLATTEN THE CURVE.. We've clearly done that in NY and other surrounding states. The people who are getting upset over how this has progressed from Flattening the Curve to something else raise some very GOOD points.. People should be able to go to stores, in a limited way, and everyone should be required to wear masks inside establishments, and in large groups outside. My wife was asking about a library - why can't they open? How many people go to libraries??? My kids want to check out some other ACTUAL books, instead of online books.. Sometimes it's good to HOLD a book. 12 people go to our library a day. If 300 people can stand in line at a Costco in masks- reasonable solutions can be created for all sorts of commerce and other establishments. We have to be REASONABLE here.....
  3. How many tests are being done on a national basis, daily now?
  4. My concern with this outline is that from my understanding it's way to early to make these leaps. Many places have only been open for 2-3 weeks. With an incubation period of up to what? 14 days - we won't really know whether this is all true for several more weeks or longer, no?
  5. any commentary on this? https://techstartups.com/2020/05/20/coronavirus-infection-rates-declined-not-increased-states-lockdowns-ended-jp-morgan-study-shows/
  6. I guess we're fu*cked... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8340325/5million-Americans-infected-COVID-19-July-model-shows.html
  7. Whether he's actually taking it or not - while important- the fact that he SAYS he's taking it will validate it's use and more Americans will inevitably take it, possibly endangering lives. It's really a sick trick.
  8. "Neil Cavuto is a traitor - a CNBC mole - who moved to Fox Business. He is not a doctor and should not be trusted. Besides, Trump talked to the best doctors in the world who told him it was safe to take. I trust those Doctors - not the phony ones on CNN and Dr. Fake Neil Cavuto." - words from a Trump Friend..
  9. Whenever you think we've reached bottom in this country - something else happens that questions the laws of sanity. Our President is either the dumbest person on earth, or truly, as he states the greatest genius to have ever lived..
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