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  1. I was just at a get together and this topic came up. Where are the days when we have a heat wave or warmer/humid period of weather washed away by a nice front. They seem to not exist anymore. These fronts get caught up and then move back as warm fronts and we’re left with crappy weather for days. I feel like this has happened countless times this summer. it’s so annoying!
  2. NY just keeps going up.. I wish we'd hit a peak.. ugh!
  3. F’in crazy. This shit is just nuts. Feel better, man!!
  4. Just curious - where do u think you may have picked the virus up (assuming the PCr confirms that you’re positive)
  5. They better approve the vaccine for kids.. B/c this looks awful.. https://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/delta-variant-more-dangerous-children-growing-number-kids-are-very-n1276035
  6. Obama canceled his party.. I knew the optics of it were awful.. Clearly someone has a brain over there. Ya, I'd be pissed if my 60th birthday party was cancelled too if it was going to be this big fanfare, but look, politics is politics.. You have to do the "right" thing sometimes.. lol https://www.businessinsider.com/obama-cancels-60th-birthday-party-over-coronavirus-criticism-2021-8
  7. When is the booster going to be available- I'll be in line...
  8. I’m generally the same way. I’m a lawyer - my job is to smell risk. I sense stupidity around me all the time. I generally know what a jury is going to do, most of the time - they represent the community we live in. when something sounds insane and out of the ordinary it’s usually wrong
  9. Look, ones bullshit detector is based on ones own life experiences. If you have a relatively well rounded understanding of the world and can see things based upon the generally accepted “reasonable standard” that is accepted throughout the civilized world - you’re usually in a pretty good position to spot “bullshit”
  10. The sad part is that the numbers last August at this time were a lot better - yes we were distancing and things weren't as open, but still it's a bit upsetting.. My biggest issue are kids at this point - we who are vaccinated can still give it to our kids unknowingly and who knows what the long term effects will be. There are just so many unknowns. And then - what's after Delta? Some other insanity?
  11. Look, there is no doubt you can find reputable information online. It's not some awful place, but you have to know where to look and you have to verify that it's from legit sources. Like RU said, make sure the information that you are reading is endorsed by the proper entities, etc, that have some credibility. The problem is that Joe Shmoe reads something on some weirdo website, googles the information he just read about and finds other bat-shit crazy shit that isn't authenticated by anyone with a brain or who has studied the subject matter with any degree of authority and then
  12. This... 100% Who the hell knows that "their" information is the correct information. It's a very sticky situation and now with computers, we as humans can be manipulated in ways nobody could have ever imagined. It's rather stunning and scary to be honest!
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