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  1. The changes aloft look, good.. NO? The ridge is better, the trough is even more neutral, than slightly positive? I think....
  2. As per radar the rain shield seems rather far north and west. Rain looks likely in nyc by 11-12, if not a bit earlier?, no? Maybe it's not hitting the ground on the northern echos. I dunno. perhaps the nam had some sort of a clue?
  3. I meant I would like to see this look by early December instead of now
  4. Yea beautiful, if one were to put any stock in a 366 hour gfs map- besides this look seems premature to me.. if this were coming up for early December I'd begin to get excited..
  5. Yep- seems like this happens almost every year - a brief cool snap and then boom - we spike to warmer than normal weather for an extended amount of time. The one good thing about this September, it doesn't seem like it's been as humid as previous September's in the recent past. Hopefully we can get a good step down to mid 60's to lower 70's and some cooler days mixed in there by mid October.
  6. Jerry looks like he's lost some of him strength, based on that satellite depiction..
  7. That's right up there as one of the most insane things i've ever seen... I mean, wtf? the water was already in the cab when the video started, but he kept going? hmmmm
  8. Seems to be albeit very very slowly- maybe NW?
  9. Based upon what I just saw on satellite - he appears to have taken a jog to the west and on the last frame dare I say it a smidge to the south..
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