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  1. Seems to be albeit very very slowly- maybe NW?
  2. Based upon what I just saw on satellite - he appears to have taken a jog to the west and on the last frame dare I say it a smidge to the south..
  3. The damage looks really bad - high end cat 3/cat 4 damage. I have yet to see Michael sort of damage though and that could because it's too early and/or their building codes were better. I know most places where Michael hit had 1950's building codes.
  4. I think Dorian looks better than Hurricane Mitch from 1998..
  5. Exactly.... seems like easy as pie nowadays
  6. That has to be one of the best looking hurricanes ever.. Looks like many of the classics... wow!
  7. I mean this isn't a cat 1 or 2 sitting 240 miles to FL's coast and heading west- it's a cat 5. I guess they are super confident it will make that turn..
  8. That's what I'm thinking. The NHC is gonna score a victory or go down in flames...
  9. My fear is that forecast as depicted by the euro above has to be right in the 36-48 hour period. If the model isn't picking up the strength of the ridge to the North as someone had said was a possibility at least on the GFS - Florida would have a major problem, no?
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