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  1. I just want a big ole juicy ridge setting up shop for the next 60 days.
  2. Is there lightening in the cluster of storms southwest of Harrisburg?
  3. In PA lots of fog (stratus) but a few breaks already. I think it clears in enough time for us
  4. I live in Sinking Spring (Reading) and we got between 4-5 inches last night. A series of slow moving storms with loud thunder continued off and on most of the night.
  5. A large amount of thunderheads near Reading PA. See what becomes of it
  6. Hrrr is similar with the tornado parameter but maybe a touch west. If I could ever figure out how to post a picture
  7. I am in southern Berks County and we are just missing those cells. Any lightening?
  8. SPC has upgraded to a slight risk for a large area of epa and nj
  9. Thursday looks like the best chance for widespread severe weather. Let’s see how it comes together.
  10. Gfs is starting to show the warmth towards the last week of June. I am going to Avalon for the 4th so I want the heat
  11. Definitely too far north for today. Still it is just isolated storms not a cluster or an MCS. Oh well.
  12. Way too quick to pull the trigger on Flood Watches and Severe Thunderstorm Watches. Flash Flood Watch all day for glorified sprinkles. The Watch is still out till 6am
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