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  1. Wow! Interior PA gets rocked per that euro run.
  2. Thanks Don. Latter part of next weeks look like some potential big heat. See if it comes together but the euro ens have a strong ridge over us
  3. We had a lot of people on the streets during the late May early June period. If colleges go back to school it will continue to spike. I think they can manage K-12 grades but the freedom of 18-22 years olds away from home will be difficult to keep under control
  4. No parades and no fireworks . Glad we are not going this year but feel bad for folks that are going for the first time.
  5. As we get into June 60’s for highs will be hard to come by here in PA. Closer to the marine influence will struggle because of the awfully chilly water. I remember growing up in the 1980’s and hitting the Jersey shore and the water was always cold. Past several summer water extremely warm.
  6. That would be good for the beaches to get ready for the holiday
  7. I think severe is possible. I wouldn’t say definite either way
  8. Actually I would probably give them hazard pay but I doubt that would happen.
  9. It wasn’t directed to anyone in this site. More of my local friends.
  10. Trust me I was ripping the hillbillies protesting. It isn’t easy for people to sit at home and be closed while other businesses are allowed open. People have to understand that and understand where the small business owner is coming from. I have teacher friends that are beyond annoying on the other side. Not saying I would want anyone to lose their job.
  11. Just stating a fact that once the money isn’t coming in the thought process changes. Everyone is ripping the small business owner who is closed and most of those doing the ripping are still receiving a salary sitting at home. It is what it is.
  12. Maybe it would change my teacher friends tune and their negative talk about small business owners wanting to open up. Once the paychecks stop coming feelings change
  13. You responded very well. I don’t take it in a negative way. I was all for the closure to do what we wanted to do. I am for opening small business May 1st under safety measures. I am not for pro sports concerts and large gatherings. The hand picking of who can be open is what has angered me. You may be open but you may not. That is what has made me a little annoyed
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