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  1. Yes. It is starting to heat up. Couple more weeks and it is go time
  2. December snows obviously have been lacking the past few years around the Mid Atlantic and would be welcome. The Plains have their hands full with this one. Thanks for dropping in the is morning and giving your thoughts.
  3. Did anyone ever ask DT to become a member? I know he is brash but does have knowledge
  4. 90 degrees at noon in Reading PA. Pretty amazing considering the sun doesn’t come up till 7am.
  5. I love weather extremes. It is what attracts me to weather and today certainly was special. I know not everyone enjoyed the sun and heat but sometimes you have to tip your cap to Mother Nature. Winter will get here but it isn’t time yet
  6. 92 degrees at 2pm. Curious to see if we can get another 90 degree day next week Tuesday Wednesday or Thursday? Big ole ridge
  7. Reading PA got to 90 degrees at 1pm. I know some are not fans of this warm weather but I will take sunshine at any cost after the 12 month stretch we just had from July-June
  8. Our Falls in the mid Atlantic into southern New England are amazing. Pattern while a little warm for some people looks dry and sunny for the next two weeks. I can bet a few crazies will mention “we could use some rain” by mid October. I won’t forget the 90 inches of rain the past 15 months or so
  9. I don’t do Met seasons. They are usually incorrect and make people think the weather is something it really isn’t. March is still cold. Not spring. September is still very warm. Not Fall. So a warm fall to me is October and November and lots of 70’s slowly transitioning to 60’s through November. That is in a perfect world for me. Then come second week of December the snows
  10. wasn’t really comparing years but only saying a certain cold/warm fall really has no bearing on what winter will bring. Personally I like a warm fall because that means lots of 70’s and sunshine.
  11. I also want to add to your thoughts. I believe 2015 had a very cool/cold October. Then it flipped to extreme warmth for December
  12. When do the 0z hurricane models come out?
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