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  1. Yeah. If it was May 7th it would be number 1 on the list
  2. It is the end of the run. You can see the wave developing south west of the area.
  3. Basically you need a snow storm. CMC has it. Euro gfs flurries or light snow.
  4. My area probably gets twelve inches of precip during the winter months. We average 30 inches of snow. That means 75% of winter is rain. We need to earn our white stuff.
  5. I believe the analog 13-14 has been thrown around quite a bit the past few weeks. If I remember correctly the Canadian model did awesome that winter nailing storms. Could it be happening again
  6. We hate them because they very seldom happen. I do remember a scenario in probably 2006 or 2007 when one did produce. It was a rainy day in Pennsylvania temps probably in the low 50's. You could watch the radar with the precip covering the entire state. You could see a rain/snow line marching across. Afternoon temps dropped quickly through the 40's and by evening heavy wet snow blanketed the area. We probably ended up with 3-5 inches of white stuff. That is still one of my favorite storms just because how rare that type of event was. I cannot remember what year it was but certainly around 2006
  7. Miller A at the end of GFS run. Woot woot. Keep the chances coming
  8. Miller B or anafronal set up? Keeping it active will help everyone cash in. So much better than last few Decembers
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