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  1. While January didn’t have any snow we were coming off a great pre Christmas storm which soothed the fears of the prior year. The entire month of January it was all about the block and how it would eventually pay off. We tracked that block for weeks and that in itself was like tracking a storms . It was an awesome three months of tracking.
  2. Absolutely. Same run over and over. I will take my 4 inch snow in four hours
  3. It looks like rates will be pretty solid. I could see an inch an hour if these models continue the same look. Even 32-34 degrees would cover the roads with that snow rate.
  4. Solid. Potential 6 inch event with some sleet/ice. Not bad
  5. Cold run but does lack a little qpf. Still a very satisfying run for my area in PA. Should spit out 6-8
  6. I hear ya. I love sun and heat but winter storms are so much fun to follow and track. It is my saving grace during this time of year. I think we can get another threat or two first 15 days of March. Then sun and warmth please
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