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  1. Maybe the SPC should change the shape of the enhanced just a bit .
  2. Over an inch of rain last night with another heavy round Sunday night. We had a little dry stretch but it looks like we are back into the inches of rain at a shot again. Incredible amount of rain since last July.
  3. Spring is terrible almost every year. Not cold enough to snow and not warm enough to do anything outside. The worst temperature range is 40-50 degrees.
  4. I don’t have Uncles fact sheets but I would think there are decades of little to no -NAO’s and decades where there were more -NAO periods. There has to be a reason we have been in such a drought regarding this telleconnection. Is it cyclical? I would think at some point it will go into our favor again.
  5. I say it every year. This is the worst time of year in terms of weather the next 4-6 weeks. Raw chilly breezy days. Not cold enough to really snow and not warm enough to do anything outside. Warmth will eventually get here, it always does
  6. While it will be cold it is March and the sun will still melt this stuff.
  7. I am southwest of that map. I think this is Uptons map and can’t see my area. Thank though
  8. Beautiful picture. Had my 4 year old buddy out with me about the same time. He was scootering through slush puddles
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