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  1. I can’t believe how difficult it is to get everyone to wear a mask. It is a very easy thing to do that really doesn’t effect your lifestyle. I am 100% for schools and businesses to be open but we need some help with people following the rules. It isn’t difficult. I think the majority of people by now know someone who has been sick with the virus. Our lives in PA are 75% back to normal. All in all I am very pleased with that.
  2. Not my pictures. Got them from Mt Holly post
  3. Mesoscale Discussion already up for central south east PA swath. I think my area NW of Philly over performs today.
  4. I like it. HRRR has a nice little line segment nw of philly
  5. Pennsylvania is getting smoked by heavy flooding. It was Lancaster and Chester County’s turn. I got 1-2 inches in Berks for a total of over 12 inches since Sunday morning.
  6. Over 90% of my daughters school chose to do full time in school learning via the questionnaire sent out by the district.
  7. Keep these maps coming. I am in Reading and we are starting to get heavy rain. After 5 inches Sunday we are in the edge of more flooding.
  8. I am just west of Reading a few miles. We are in for quite a flooding event. This PRE is very expansive compared to what models are showing
  9. wider view and earlier frame for inland pa
  10. Keep those updates coming buddy
  11. Mike I got 5-6 inches of rain early this morning. I am west of Philly by 60 miles and another 3-6 inches is very possible. Do you think we have any chance of seeing gusty winds with imbedded bands this far inland?
  12. I like the summer and heat so no complaining on my part. Have a good weekend buddy
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