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  1. A Wawa has been temporary closed in Bethlehem PA because employee tested positive. Every time I drive by a Wawa they are jammed full of people grabbing (non essential) items. I have mentioned this a few times that most of these places should be closed. Gas can be pumped and paid at pump. Indoor sales should be eliminated
  2. Here is a chart from the 1998 Russian Contagion. Notice entering the contagion the lower highs. Then of course the capitulation. We had a nice pop and then the retest of the lows. Once we bounced off that retest it was off to the races. Not saying this is 100% how it will happens but this is the general theme of the markets. PB was watching the higher lows a few weeks ago when the market starting hemorrhaging. Markets tend to repeat themselves and that is how money can be made. This was United Technologies stock 1998 but picture the overall market similar.
  3. It has to retest the lows made a week or so ago. It is what the market does. Now we hope it holds or else there will be more room to fall. I think it will hold assuming everything is going forward with the worst being over by summer. That is when you enter the market. You could have made some quick money with that pop but I don’t have the balls for that anymore. I will wait for the retest and go from there.
  4. Thank you. My brother and I are the only two salaried employees. Everyone else is an hourly employee and we have maybe 5 guys that were working full time. The rest were 15-30 hour employees (High School or college kids). We were extrememly short handed the three months leading up to this pandemic. We normally carry 10-12 full time guys. I believe most of the hourly employees are collecting unemployment but nobody has been fired. Just kind of waiting for the green light to open.
  5. We should be open in 60 days. I hope. So if I continue a payroll during that time the loan will be forgiven? If I take out a $75000 loan but only use $40000 during the 60 days I would pay the $35000 back to the bank and the $40000 would be forgiven? I read what you said about the forbearance (I am in PA) and I don't like that idea.
  6. We will get through this. It is just an obstacle we must conquer. If I can get an SBA loan and perhaps have some portion forgiven I would be thrilled. It won’t be a huge loan but from multiple financial people I was told not to deplete more than a month or two of business cash. I have worked hard the past 4 years (since I bought business) and making sure I have a buffer in times of need.
  7. My business is closed but a loan to pay some bills would be nice and maintain staff. I think we will be closed through April at least.
  8. You always retest the lows made. Hopefully it holds then we should have our bottom. I have a conference call with a bank CEO in my county working on a small business loan. I will let you know the process and how easy or difficult it will be.
  9. I have a wife but she doesn’t get into photos anymore . This was Father’s Day so I got into the photo but usually we just take pics of the kiddos and sit our unfit bodies out.
  10. Rita’s Italian Water Ice was open . Just makes no sense what is allowed open.
  11. Soon enough this will be over and we will be looking for snow storms. Long way to go but we will get there. You guys are all my friends and hope everyone stays healthy
  12. Market has had a furious rally in three short days. I think most are happy about it . Now you need to watch for the market to test the lows we had earlier this week. If that’s holds that would usually be classified as “the bottom”. So for those of you watching the market and kicking yourself for not buying BA at $98 and now its at $188 there could be another chance. See how it goes for now
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