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  1. Actually looks a touch more robust for my area in PA. Give me an inch then ice I will take it
  2. There comes a time late every winter season when you realize it is over. Sometimes the last track is a hit like in 2018 with several late season nor’easters and an early April snow. Sometimes like last year it just kind of fizzles and you get nothing. We are in mid winter and have had some bad luck the past month. The good news is this week is not our last track of the season. We got a long way to go. Chin up and let’s get next weekends storm.
  3. If I am correct it was parts of Lancaster County that got hammered. It was an evening snow if I remember correctly
  4. -1 at warmest for me in Reading. Showed lots of mix but not a bad run overall.
  5. Northwest of Philly 50 miles or so. Do you lean towards us having some mixing issues. NWS likes turnpike (which I am north of but close to) as dividing line. I realize we are 4 days out but curious as to your thoughts. Not much elevation for me 400 ft
  6. We got some Big Dogs online. Let's see if the euro can bring in a good run and have some fun
  7. I continue to say we should rate winter by snow events vs snowfall totals.
  8. Shredding the storm would mean the block is still extremely strong? That would mean the possibility of the next wave or waves there after could give us a better chance as the block starts to weaken?
  9. Wow! If we can get the blocking to continue through February we are bound to start scoring some points.
  10. I am not saying a bust. I had low expectations and I worded my response with my thoughts on how winter would be a success. I think unless we get 50 inches weenies scream bust too much.
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