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  1. What are the odds of a washout Friday for southern PA? Looks like Euro and CMC are wetter than GFS.
  2. Tuesday could be one of those days with high and mid level cloudy days with little in the way of relief in temp.
  3. Excessive Heat Advisories and Warnings very possible for parts of southeast PA next week. Looks toasty
  4. Looks like some of the heavy rain comes after dark. Always tough with heavy rain and flash flooding when the sun goes down
  5. Heat starting to show up on the long range :). I will take a late season heat wave to finish the summer. Don has been on that wagon for 3 months
  6. Nw of Philly got hammered in May and early June. Lots of new roofs including mine. Jersey and NYC suburbs have had it good since then. I have done well with storms but not as good as early season
  7. NAM and HRRR clobber me in Pennsylvania. Several rounds of storms on the NAM
  8. No. It is a model I can’t get on tidbits. It is used in short range and not one on tidbits. No big deal.
  9. There is a model I cannot find that is pretty popular for the big dogs on this page. I think it might be the HRWF? Does anyone have it for tomorrow around 4-8pm? Thanks fellas. I also want to mention for people to check out the thread from Analog on forecasting two summers out. Brilliant stuff and great dialog
  10. Isolated discrete cells mid afternoon and then perhaps a congealed line during the evening. Winds obviously an issue with the line
  11. Meh. Armando you know I like the heat in the summer. I guess I will have to deal with some low to mid 80’s for a bit before the EPO goes positive mid month or just after.
  12. I am actually quite surprised with the amount of cumulus clouds development in my area right now. All within the past 30 minutes.
  13. Went outside to play some soccer with my 7 year old daughter. Some tall dark clouds around but nothing of significance. A breeze developed and got quite gusty with the sun still shining. As we played a storm popped up directly over my house. Pretty awesome stuff. You can actually see it on the radar 33 posted a few posts up on this thread. I am NW of Philly about 75 miles. There is nothing like an intensifying storm
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