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  1. I think the wind event is interesting. Looks to be a prolonged period of strong winds.
  2. I know I am in the minority but freezing rain is just stunning. It has its place in winter
  3. This no image stuff is a tough pill to swallow
  4. A little love for your PA friends.
  5. Mt. Holly by 4pm for Berks is my guess. Maybe Lehigh too
  6. A nice steady run by the Euro. Nothing too crazy for the good or bad. I guess you would say it held serve for many
  7. I am very excited for a 3-6 inch hit then going over to sleet and ice. I am 75 miles NW of Philly and think we are in a good spot for now. Maybe there could be a few lollipops of 7-8 if the fronto band does its dirty work.
  8. Sorry. How bout around interstate 78 in Berks :). I made it to the 6 inch line at 0z.
  9. I am not going to ask . Well maybe one more time. How bout the NW burbs of Philly? I was at almost 4’last night from euro but a sharp cutoff to the north. Thanks Tim
  10. Oliviajames3

    Southwest Flow Event Potential 2-17/2-18

    Anything south of 78 in PA?
  11. Ensembles gfs still look at good for end of month into March as 12z?