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  1. I know the 18z GFS didn’t give us the triple phase but the run looked pretty solid. Lots of chances per that run
  2. Aren’t we getting a quick spike in the PNA which gives us a small window for that storm?
  3. Our friend (Tom) is still fairly confident as we get into later February into early March things shouldn’t become less hostile. As much as we don’t want to hear late February or early March it is better than nothing. At some point we will look back on the winters of 19 and 20 and laugh saying how bad they were. Right now it isn’t funny
  4. Is most of the snow south of Poconos on ensembles from the back of the storm?
  5. I am northwest of Philly about 75 miles. I am not a coastal guy but I certainly not an elevation guy either. I think I am like 415 feet above sea level. Obviously rain is the solution most probable at this time for me. Would a rain to snow solution be a likely outcome for me?
  6. Don has there ever been a winter where January and February torched? Talking both months 7-10 degrees average above norm
  7. Dumb question? I got an inch at 930am this morning in initial batch. Is this euro run additional to that band this morning? Can’t remember if there is a lag on a euro model run. I would assume a 12z run would be starting 7am
  8. Pivotal snow maps are terrible. Goes from 5 inches to 0 in like two miles.
  9. That initial band is heavy snow. Don’t think it is all virga my Jersey friends
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