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  1. All too quiet. Crazy good run.
  2. Pajamas

    Rant N' Rave (Banter) Thread

    Aye, nice. I know where I'm sleeping over during the next blizzard
  3. Pajamas

    Rant N' Rave (Banter) Thread

    Just need a snowstorm now (although that isn't stopping me from diving in)
  4. Cold a$$ miserable rain to maybe a surprise?
  5. Nice disco in here today. Also, Monday?
  6. Also, the RGEM is getting very interesting for our DC friends.
  7. Snow shower here in Sellersville. I will take it. A full trace! I feel like a drug addict who just needed a little taste of the goods. Haha
  8. Lol, yup. Snow loving Virginiaianers (that's a word) are going crazy right now.
  9. Pajamas

    Rant N' Rave (Banter) Thread

    I will donate $1 for every inch of snow I get IMBY for the year (including the 5.25" that fell in November). Might do this every year.
  10. Pajamas

    Rant N' Rave (Banter) Thread

    Saw this on Facebook, lol.
  11. Looks like you've already gotten some responses, but I was gonna say... I believe they're all about the same in terms of verification anymore.
  12. You must be a northerner. Haha