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  1. At over a week out? That's going to happen at least 10 more times
  2. 6z nam with a significant shift south. We'll have to see if this is a fluke (I'm not so sure it is, but I'll leave that to the smarter dudes). Added the last frame of the 3km as well. Very nice...
  3. If it helps anyone on here to know that I currently have steady light to possibly moderate snow right now in Northern Bucks County in PA, then there's that info for ya
  4. This is just a horrid winter. We simply can not win here. Highlight was an epic snow squall. I just had to bitch about this. I am just rooting for a fat ridge in the east now. I don't even want to see anymore snow this year (it's really that bad!). Please God, just bring Spring now.
  5. That snow squall was unreal. Got almost 2". Just wow.
  6. I literally live in a development at the bottom of the big hill (intersection of Ridge and Bethlehem Pike). Crazy.
  7. Wow man nice. The difference a few miles made around us. You with 4, me with roughly 2-3, and say, Hatfield with 0. Incredible.
  8. Rough estimate of 2-3" in Sellersville, PA (going to see if NWS text output has total for my location...) Very nice! Never did change to rain, while 5 miles south of me did. I literally juuust scaped by, and I loved it.
  9. Aye, nice. I know where I'm sleeping over during the next blizzard
  10. Just need a snowstorm now (although that isn't stopping me from diving in)
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