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  1. Pajamas

    YTD Snow Totals 2018-19

    5.25" Sellersville, PA. The marathon begins...
  2. Pajamas

    Little Storm that could ( April 02 Threat)

    Probably the furthest north nam run yet here.
  3. My favorite memory was the March 2nd retrograding low. The days preceeding that storm, models were showing 1-2" of rain, followed by a general 2-10" (nam and hrdps showing the 6-10" totals). Whether or not the nam and hrdps were overdone on their snow outputs, I never took them seriously. So on March 1st, a monsoon hit (that's what I like to call it). The next day, I went to work and I remember it started to change, and then did change to snow... lightly. Obviously in the daytime, after a soaking rain, it was never going to stick, right? Lol. As I was working, I had my eyes glued to the radar, just watching the literal WALL of snow pushing NE to SW. I finished my work early and decided to go home, at 11am. My work is 5 miles west of Quakertown, PA, and by the time I reached Quakertown, I had gone from light white rain, to ACCUMULATING HEAVY SNOW. I couldn't believe it was accumulating, and doing so literally right away. When I got home about 20 minutes later, the roads were already getting white and I had a coating or so on the grass. I went to my friends house and we watched the storm, not knowing or ever imagining that'd we end up with a FOOT of snow. My favorite part of this storm was the fact that we got into a pretty narrow deformation band, and never went out of it for the entire duration of the storm. The same band from the beginning, had rotted over us in the end. We were also up to 3"/hour at one point Whiteout and WINDY AS HELL. Honestly just a sick and "surprising" storm.
  4. Pajamas

    Mid/Long Range Winter Pattern Discussion

    I've measured 51.8" neighbor! Nice to know that I don't slant stick. Or else we both do.
  5. 51.8" and 32" of it in March. Not quite sure what my average is but I believe I'm around double. Fantastic winter.
  6. Yes it is. 14" in NW Bucks in PA fits nicely. Not the 25-30" on your other map.
  7. What an amazing storm... for my back yard, but also as a whole. It's always such a great learning experience and to be here, learning from/with you guys, is an honor. I joined this group (recommended by Armando) halfway through this winter, and it has been a wonderful experience. Between the STELLAR knowledge of weather and limited banter, I will definitely be here for years to come. As for the storm, I recieved 14" in Sellersville, PA. I also surpassed the 40 AND 50" mark yesterday. Sitting at 51.8" on the year now. One of the best yearly totals of my lifetime (22 years)
  8. It couldn't be a more fitting day to ask for some luck. ☘
  9. Completely agree. I was more or less just validating the point of the -EPO and how it's handled on models.
  10. I remember you lead the way back in December or Jan when we had something like a -5 EPO, yet models were dumping a trough in the west. You kept preaching the models would correct... and they did. Granted, we aren't in a dominant -EPO pattern like that, but I have to agree with you about models underdoing the press.