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  1. My thing is this. Taking into account the snow weenies that we all are, even this far out, if the GFS/Euro both showed 1-2 feet of snow for our area we'd likely be diving into a deep analysis because that's just in our nature. I'm perfectly comfortable with doing the same thing even though the OPs don't show much snow at all...Are they right? Who knows? Will we continue to post and elaborate on each run? Most definitely lol
  2. We need a squeeze play in between the GOM and Hudson Bay ridge...If they connect we're done for
  3. Hot dumpster fire hahah. Thankfully this isn't the 48 hour model output
  4. Yup. Pivotal did something weird. This thing's plowing through lol
  5. The transfer/miller b is key if the cutting scenario has any merit. We track
  6. GEFS members vs OP (pink x)...Redevelopment (Miller b) would be the wildcard, of course
  7. Overall though, this amped mean 8 days out is still very promising
  8. GFS does have some support from the 00z GEFS in terms of warm/cutting scenarios. Still a mixed bag but it's not like the GFS is a complete outlier in its family...More interested in how the euro/eps eact
  9. Seems like the GEFS are a bit slow to come in tonight. I'll make a call, should be up and running soon LOL
  10. We still need to analyze just as hard as we would if they were showing 2 feet of snow for our area.
  11. Yeah we need to understand this!! It's a downstream effect Pos. heights over Alaska dictates the neg heights over the west coast...The neg heights over the west coast dictates the pos. heights over the Eastern seaboard The intensity and placement of the isohypes will dictate where our surface low ends up tracking...The block isn't going anywhere and every model shows that
  12. We got 1 version of a model (GFS) curving a low into the UP of Michigan while another version (GFSv16) is struggling to get this north of Richmond. Yikes, this is gonna be long and painful headache trying to forecast
  13. It'll try to redevelop but being this far into the warm sector of a cutter, the chances of accumulating snow dwindles
  14. Not gonna produce the goods this run. Ridge is pumping way too hard over the east providing a pathway into the lakes
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