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  1. 16 degrees up here. down 3 from yesterday at this time.
  2. Finished with 14" up here in Cranston, RI. Most of it fell between 1 and 5 this morning. Insane rates. This was taken on top of my Rav.
  3. Henry, 7" down here in Cranston RI. Under a 40 to 45 DBZ band right now. easily over 2" an hour rate. Started as snow right from the beginning 9:00 last night. Plow came by 2:30 already 3" back on the street.
  4. Started at 4:00 up here in central RI. Temp was 31.6 at the start. Now down to 29.5 and half inch on the ground. Heavy snow now falling.
  5. 4 inches up here in Cranston RI before the change over then 1.5 inches of rain so far. Temp never went above 35 degrees.
  6. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Don't post much. Just a lurker and enjoy the information and deep dissection of the weather. 12 degrees to start the day. went to the gym in shorts and sweat shirt. A balmy 16.2 now. Impatiently waiting for the first good storm to play with my new toy. Cub Cadet 3X 26 357CC. Depending on what you read anywhere from 10 to 12 HP. Retiring my Toro 7/24. Served me well for 38 years but tired of man handling it at my age. Most of the new machines have power steering along with heated grips. Vinny in little Rhode Island
  7. I watched that hurricane charlie video a dozen times. absolutely incredible. The amount of destruction in a short time. Don't know how his car never flipped over. People don't realize that those powerfull winds when the eye wall comes ashore only last 5 to 10 minutes. I went to Disney 3 months after Charlie. All you can see from the plane landing in Orlando was blue tarp covered roof tops.
  8. Hurricanes are impressive. I'm. not for the damage they do just marvel at the shear strength. I couldn't even begin to imagine what the people of Barbuda went through with 185mph sustained. I'm in RI and when we had the wind storm in early March winds were sustained at close to 60mph gusts close to hurricane force. Leaving work ot took 2 guy's to push the door open. Trees down everywhere. Even a strong cat one would be devastating up here in Southern New England.
  9. That doesn't always work. Cleared chrome cash along with cookies first time it happened. Still had the problem no matter what site I went to. Ended up factory resetting my phone.
  10. Just as I send my last reply I get both the youtube and Wal-Mart redirects. These people need to have their arms cut off. The people doing this not 33andrain.
  11. Not just weather forums. Has happened to me a few times. Had to clear chrome cash and then delete it. First time it happened factory reset my phone I was so pissed off. Running on the latest android with all updates applied. Google has been receiving a lot of complaints about chrome in this situation. Not sure what you're using for a browser. I only use chrome. Been a few months since I cleared the cash and deleted then reinstalled chrome. No problems since then.
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