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  1. Yes it helped a lot. I finally found out what it was because it was spelled out, but your response was much more in detail. Much appreciated. We had a squall line come through up here in RI as the storm was passing NYC. 20 minutes a few gusts to 60 or maybe a little over that and 156,000 without power in RI and another 200,000+ thousand in southeast ma. I just couldn't imagine even a cat 1 riding up the center of RI If a 20 minute squall line with 60 MPH winds did this much damage. Strong cat 2 and we're in a world of shit up here. Thanks again for the detailed response.
  2. Just had a squall line come through up here in RI. Had a gust that had to be at least 60 MPH that lasted about 15 seconds. Could here trees snapping in the woods. Very eerie sound. Something must have happened during the gust. Sirens going non stop off in the distance. I couldn't imagine minimum hurricane force sustained winds for even half hour. Let alone what the people down in the Bahamas went through with Dorian 160+ for more than 24 hours. Hope no one was hurt in the tornado's that went through the mid Atlantic.
  3. I'm following the Hurricane Isaias thread and cannot figure out or find what is meant by PRE. What is this referring to? Thank you in advance.
  4. Wasn't expecting this when I woke up!!! Was expecting a wet ground. Ended up with 2.75 total. Half gone already.
  5. Moderate snow up here in RI 33 degrees. Temp slowly dropping. Ground just wet.
  6. Blizzard of 78 up here. Nothing has come close to that since then. Had 3 feet of snow in the street. Took a 5 yard pay loader to clear the street and that was 4 days after the storm. It was pushing up 20 foot piles of snow before the tires started spinning. Backed up and laid on the gas smashing through the pile and dumping on front lawns. 20 + foot drift from roof to ground neighbors house across the street. Plenty of big storms since then but at most the worst made it to about 60% of the blizzard of 78.
  7. Last time I skied Killington lift tickets were $41.00. I must be old
  8. I did it once down here at Narragansett beach new years day. Air temp was 60 degrees. Water temp 42. Couldn't run in because there was far to many people in front of me. Had my 5 year old daughter with me. Made it up to my knees and started to seize. My daughter yelled daddy get me out of here. It wasn't cold it was painful!
  9. Just over 10 inches up here. Saw snow 3 straight days. 1/2 inch in 15 minutes with a heavy squall yesterday.
  10. 28.6/20 right now up here. Temp maxed out at 32.5 today. Precip not close.
  11. Left for the gym 2:30 this morning very light snow roads clear. Came out of gym at 4:40 to very heavy blowing and drifting snow and about 2 inches in a parking lot that was clear.
  12. Getting close to an inch. Temp keeps varying with intensity. Went as low as 29.8 now up to 30.2
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