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  1. Crazy how a few hundred feet in elevation makes a difference. My daughter works just 4 miles away probably about 200 feet higher elevation and about 4 miles due west from home. She text me a pic at 8:00 AM. All the cars were covered and the ground had a slushy accumulation. The pic is less than a mile from home and about 100 feet higher elevation from home. I leave Walmart go down the hill to home and the snow isn't anywhere near as bad as at Walmart a little less than a mile away. Rain mixed with snow. Go back to Walmart just out of curiosity and crazy hard snowing. Back down the hill home and again rain mixed with snow.


  2. Snowing up here in Rhode Island. Not where I am but only 5 or 6 miles away an inch on the grass and slush on the roads. Northwest corner of the state a few inches on the ground. This after 74 degrees last Saturday! 1.24 inches of rain so far. Another 1/2 to 3/4 expected. Last 3 rain events up here all around 2 inches or more. no April showers up here!

  3. Had 56 MPH wind gusts up here in RI. It was deafening even with the windows closed. Woke me up at just about midnight. Keep repeating myself when I say I just couldn't imagine what even a strong cat 1 cane would do up here with 90 MPH sustained and a few higher gusts. 56MPH and small branches and limbs all over the place. I watched a few videos on the IOWA Derecho on youtube. They had hurricane force sustained with gusts as high as 120. Trees down everywhere. UnExpletetivebelievable!!! Don't eff with mother nature!!!

  4. 2 hours ago, George said:

    I have no idea what happened. I thought we were supposed to get 12-18 in Boston, that’s what the NWS had. The ocean water was too warm I guess, global warming screwed us.

    Picked up an inch in the last 45 minutes. Snowing harder than it has all day! looked like dry slotting working in then radar started filling in. Don't know if it's snowing in south eastern MA but they've been under a serious death band for about 3 hours,

  5. Temps shot up fast up here in RI. Most of the snow has fallen at 32 to 33 degrees. The real heavy stuff sat at the coast and pretty much fizzled when it got up to my area. I border Providence to the southwest about 50 miles south/ southwest of Boston. About 5 inches. Can't complain. We've made out pretty good with snow when we were supposed to get little accumulation. I thought we were good for 10 to 12. Doubt we make it to that. More like 6 or 7 when all is said and done. Another very heavy band sitting at the southeast MA coast taking it's time and now looks to be breaking up as it pivots up my way.


  6. 6 hours ago, Webberweather said:

    Of the storms I showed in an animation yesterday, this is the most quintessential example of what many would deem a crappy/garbage N Pacific pattern coinciding w/ a historic east coast blizzard.


    Seems like I've been beating a dead horse here but, you'll virtually always have a legit chance to get a really big storm on the I-95 corridor when there's a giant west-based -NAO involved.





    No storm has come close to that storm up here in RI. I was 17. We had 3 feet of snow in the street. 20+ foot drifts all over the neighborhood. Even higher in downtown Providence around buildings. 4 days before they even began to clear the streets. We've had plenty of big storms QPF and wind wise but none have made anyone around here say that matched the blizzard of 78. Always it was a good one but didn't top 78 blizzard!!!

  7. 2 hours ago, Superstorm93 said:

    Not that bad of a comparison at this point...



    I was born February 4 1961. My mom said the ambulance had to lift her over a big snow pile to get her in the rescue. Probably why I like snow so much.

  8. I was thinking of getting the previous version a while ago. Air and sky. The rain measurements have been a constant problem. Reporting way more than what actually fell. Some people have had no problems with that what so ever but a lot of people have had very inaccurate rain fall totals. They incorporated a learning algorithm into the software but from what I've read on weather hardware forums it didn't help a lot. I don't see how this new tempest is going to be a heck of a lot better. Here is a link to a post in the WX forum asking for opinions about weather flow from the first version to the tempest version.


  9. 3.65 inches of rain total since the rain began yesterday. 2 to 4 inches of rain all over southern New England. Went to bed about 9:30 thinking it was over then a nasty squall line came through between 11:45 last night to 12:15 this morning. A lot of trees and branches down. Over a 100,000 without power in MA. Not to many here in RI. A little over 10,000. Highest wind was 65 here in RI and multiple reports of the same in southeast MA. Man I just couldn't imagine what a strong cat 1 would do damage wise up here. We've had multiple wind events of the magnitude we just experienced that caused a lot of damage in a short amount of time in the last 6 months. This last one was prolonged the others were 15 minutes to a half hour. 90+ mph sustained would do massive damage up here in a cat one. Used to say would be cool to experience that but after the last 6 months with just 60 to 65 mph wind no thanks.

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