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  1. Hurricanes are impressive. I'm. not for the damage they do just marvel at the shear strength. I couldn't even begin to imagine what the people of Barbuda went through with 185mph sustained. I'm in RI and when we had the wind storm in early March winds were sustained at close to 60mph gusts close to hurricane force. Leaving work ot took 2 guy's to push the door open. Trees down everywhere. Even a strong cat one would be devastating up here in Southern New England.
  2. That doesn't always work. Cleared chrome cash along with cookies first time it happened. Still had the problem no matter what site I went to. Ended up factory resetting my phone.
  3. Just as I send my last reply I get both the youtube and Wal-Mart redirects. These people need to have their arms cut off. The people doing this not 33andrain.
  4. Not just weather forums. Has happened to me a few times. Had to clear chrome cash and then delete it. First time it happened factory reset my phone I was so pissed off. Running on the latest android with all updates applied. Google has been receiving a lot of complaints about chrome in this situation. Not sure what you're using for a browser. I only use chrome. Been a few months since I cleared the cash and deleted then reinstalled chrome. No problems since then.
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