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  2. Yep, the next 6-10 days are zonal, mild. Nothing changes until the PAC alters. What I got out of his comments is there's too much heat stuck in the West/Central Pac. that will only change when the Hadley Cell calms down or something moves it along like a -MT or next AAM cycle?
  3. It's been fairly consistent with a more robust solution too.
  4. This was a great post! Couldn't agree more. Volatility has persisted, as has been stated continuously. Some agreement is starting to occur with the 5th-6th threat, but it's not a done deal. With this volatility, I usually look at one storm at a time. Just the way I see things; others may not. Everyone has their own way of doing things and different perspective.
  5. 0z 3km Nam 500 mb vort- Watch the kicker out in the Upper Midwest exert pressure on the ULL. It will weaken it and open it up so it goes just a little more NE. Personally, I am hoping for less interaction so the ULL can travel more E than NE ( I am 50 miles NW of Philly). But, you guys should do well with this in the morning hours.
  6. This is awesome griteater! Can I send this to my brother? He lives in Charlotte.
  7. Oh sure. I was responding to rb924119 a little further up in the feed on the Tues-Wed storm event. He mentioned that latent heat release would win out and thunderstorms would occur in the SE. I was just wondering if there would be thundersnow (since the GOM has warm SSTs) depending on the track. However, it looks like it won't be a coastal and the trough looks to break off in the GOM. Sorry for the confusion. I'm not sure how the comment got here.
  8. Gulf is definitely in good shape. Depending on track, wonder if there's thundersnow?
  9. 12z ukmet showed something like this at the end of its run.
  10. Might this trough trend deeper with the Pacific and Atlantic blocking? Cold source seems to be better than March.
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