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  1. Well that is something i won't contest. I think the problems this country faces are twofold. One is the multi-facted government which serves against us, second is the horrifying reality of a growing "willfully" ignorant public which wishes for this institution to continue governing them lending us a generational cancer which has no pause.
  2. It hasnt been this way always obviously. The problems stem from the last 115 years, but the bigger problem stem from the fact that we have a growing illiterate and ignorant citizenry who continually vote for people who have no connection or wish to service its populace.
  3. It's basically a "pipe dream", the American citizenry aren't ready for such a dramatic change, and secondly they are too divided in regards to the human constructs (religion, racism, politics) to make any real change which requires unified public.
  4. Tarrytown, getting very good snow depth now. 2 inches it seems on the roads, heavy flakes and coming down pretty good.
  5. A little about myself. I am a 9/11 and geo-political student of Middle East and U.S Intelligence affairs since 2006. I do not vote as i dont participate in divisive politics (nor should you). I dont cater to any religious worldview. I think Trump is merely a "symptom" he is not the disease. In essence we need a completely new form of government, one in which doesnt cater to the Foreign Lobbys, Corporate Lobbys and the affluent.
  6. Something tells me this storm will perform better than what the Euro shows here for the boros.
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