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  1. Yet again you are posting falsehoods, Soleimani didn't kill "thousands of people". A fairy tale you bought hook line and sinker from the Pentagon.
  2. Here is your Trump.. lying....but Soleimani is bad....yeah, right. "U.S Defense Secretary Mark Esper on Sunday said he did not see specific evidence from intelligence officials that Iran was planning to attack four U.S. embassies, an assertion made by President Donald Trump in justifying the killing of Iran’s top general."
  3. The only degree you possess in anything are 3rd degree burns on your body somewhere.
  4. You are looking for a back and forth i assume. Trump did good with Iran? Let's see... Pulls out of the United States withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action in May 8.2018. Trump, with Mike Pompeo, commits to economic sanctions on Iran September 2019. Approximately 12 billion which affected the oil, car industry of the country causing mass layoffs from the working class. Trump threatens any country from trading with Iran in November 2019, claiming that he will sanction any country in doing so. Trump assassinates Soleimani, January 3rd 2020. Trump announces new economic sanctions against Iran January 10th 2020. Corrupt MSM lies, yes, almost every single day there has been falsehoods reported by CNN, MSNBC and FOX. They include the following" Iran has nuclear missiles (false) Iran protests number in the millions approving of Soleimani death (false) Iran has armed killer Dolphins ready to attack the United States.....(false) Its almost embarrassing to even witness anyone approving of a conflict with Iran and have the unmitigated nerve to then say its because they are a "terrorist" supporting nation...when in fact the United States is in full and total support of a nation which not only has created Islamic fundamentalism, its entire country is based upon its principals of Mohammd ibn Abdul al-Wahab, the U.S is also a close ally of this country which also was an integral part of the September 11th attacks. In other words, these people are hypocrites for a hypocritical government.
  5. If you had any actual coherent counter-arguments to anything i said you would have posted it instead of making these short winded declarations.
  6. Oh look the daily mail, that will prove me wrong. the mere fact that you dont see any fault, in any extreme with our current government doesnt say anything about says more about you. Either you are trolling, or you are shamelessly ignorant. sometimes good is just good, and sometimes evil is just evil... in your black and white world, that is exactly the case, however the current reality is that this world is mainly grey, You are given the appearance that your worldview is good, and anyone contradicting it is evil. Is Trump evil? We cannot make any objectionable statement in doing so, we can however judge him by his actions. I dont believe he is evil, he is far too illiterate and stupid, i just think he is a clown. However there are people in his cabinet, much like Obama's, who are not evil...they are apathetic to human affairs, which is worse. I can however judge Obama as evil, his actions indeed merit such a charge. Soleimani is evil? Well if you are listening to the legacy media not only is he evil, he is also an indirect participant in the Sept 11th attacks by assassinating certain 9/11 hijackers. And why not link Iran to the 9/11 attacks, its Pentagon influence which dictate the media talking points in this regard. So what you "believe" what Soleimani is, is suspect at best considering the source. "When you do not stop the madness inside, you end up like this idiot professor, who basically thinks the same way as you do." Exactly the case in your regard. You are just basiclaly someone who set up this forum to hear like minded folk like you, an echo chamber of you will. Just dont subject blame to the person who will subject you to a historical reality you chose to ignore. But what the heck right? Just like you do in your weather "expertise" (which you are basically a speculator) you speculate also about geo-politics. You should stay asleep, you are already there.
  7. That is correct, shamefully most Americans are vastly ignorant about politics in general.
  8. Just to add, im not for any left side of politics, they are every bit as malicious and ignorant as those of the right.
  9. Thats all you are left with right, because if you could rationalize your position, you wouldn't be this adamantly ignorant.
  10. here is an even funnier statement....the United States is allied with Saudi Arabia, yet calls Iran a "terrorist supporting state".
  11. I expected far better than an ad hom, or maybe i gave you too much credit.
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