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  1. Worry not. This winter will bring us wintry cold and precip for the age.
  2. Laplace, Louisiana....this camera was placed 10 feet above ground near the parking lot of Frenier Landing Restaurant & Oyster Bar.
  3. Winter truly is seen like a religion, it continually is misinterpreted and brings out the fanatics, whom often defy rationale.
  4. The wave behind it out west looks like it is pulling it back to the coast.
  5. Tarrytown, Lower Hudson Valley 10:00pm 15 inches, winds at 22mph, and very light snow falling. If it snows til tomorrow evening, aa depicted on the models, we could end up with 3-4 more inches. Close to 20 total. Magnificent storm, and thank you especially for the play by plays which were unrelenting and consistent. @brooklynwx99@PB GFI@earthlight@swamplover56@Armando S@33andrain@Jake Stofman@CooL@Snowman11@Jake302@Allsnow@DualJet@Analog96@NorEaster27@NJwxguy78@Thundersnow3765@dmillz25@Nick Psomaras Just incredible analysis leading up to the storm for last 6 days.
  6. Location: Tarrytown Event: Snowing quite moderately, winds at 23mph and we are at 14 inches
  7. Location: Tarrytown Event: near whiteout conditions, winds 21mph, 28 degrees with 12 inches on the ground
  8. Howard Beach, Queens reporting 2 feet of flooding
  9. Location: Tarrytown, Lower Hudson Valley. Currently snowing very moderately. Winds at 14mph, with sizeable flakes. 6.5 inches on the ground, and this is before the "real" show starts. Will post more later.
  10. We are in a very good spot for truly immense snow banding. Eclipsing 20 inches by 8pm. I have 5 up here myself already.
  11. With the snow totals that we are witnessing now, is it logical to assume that maybe the models are...dare i say it, underdoing it? And that the rates could very well be slightly higher?
  12. Tarrytown: 19 degrees, 10mph winds, about 1 inches on the ground (took these pics about an hour ago)
  13. Holy smokes you have 6 already....and the real stuff isnt til tomorrow for 11-12 hours? Precip totals undedone maybe?
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