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  1. Nasa Periscope video of Hurricane Dorian
  2. Good evening mbaer1970, would this lend us the cold air to make it all snow as well?
  3. We are up to 5 inches in Tarrytown with moderate snowfall. Flakes are of decent size.
  4. Tarrytown here, moderate snowfall, waves of heavy precipitation. 3 inches so far.
  5. they were talking about this probability last night as it was basically the only outlier.
  6. One day snow, one day rain (rinse,repeat). It is indeed rare to find all guidance agreeing. Volatile weather will change every second of every day....what we need to look for his consistency in an upcoming pattern, if you are riding the models at every run, you will be set up for disappointment in one way or another. The harrowing reality is that you know this much, and yet you continue to set yourselves up for such distress.
  7. Patience is the best of all virtues when it comes to meteorology. And now let us count all the "umpers" as they return to the ship they claimed was sinking fast.
  8. I believe most have, and if last year was any clue to how March can be a month for good wintry precip....i dont know how anyone can quit even before February had even started.
  9. Its because some have thrown in the towel, back in late January. Some even have resorted to the old adage "i'll believe it when i see it". For myself, i never gave up at any moment.
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